Outdoor Venues for Rent in Denver, CO

Outdoor Venues for Rent in Denver, CO

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Top Outdoor Venues in Denver, CO

Denver is the perfect city for outdoor celebrations! Whether you're planning a family gathering, a corporate event, or a wedding, Denver offers a wide variety of beautiful outdoor venues that will leave you and your guests awestruck. Imagine exchanging vows with stunning mountain views at Red Rocks Amphitheatre or raising a toast to a milestone birthday in front of the city skyline at City Park. Denver provides the ideal setting for any outdoor event with its many parks, gardens, and rooftop spaces. Let Tagvenue help you find the perfect outdoor venue to make your celebration unforgettable.

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FAQs about Outdoor Venues in Denver, CO

What is the best time of year for an outdoor event in Denver?

The optimal time for hosting an outdoor event in Denver is usually during late spring, summer, or early fall. From May to September, Denver usually has mild to warm weather with plenty of sunshine, making it a perfect time for outdoor gatherings. June, July, and August are especially popular because rain and cold temperatures are less frequent. Denver's stunning parks, picturesque landscapes, and outdoor venues are all great during these months, providing pleasant conditions for festivals, concerts, weddings, and other outdoor activities. However, it's crucial to remember that Denver can experience sudden weather changes even during these months. Therefore, event planners must always make alternate plans in case of unexpected rain or temperature fluctuations.

Can I have live music or entertainment at my outdoor event in Denver?

Of course! You can definitely have live music and other types of entertainment at your outdoor event in Denver. The city boasts diverse entertainment options, making it an ideal location for hosting unforgettable outdoor gatherings. Denver offers a variety of choices, from live bands and DJs to acoustic performances and cultural displays, to suit the atmosphere of your event. However, it's crucial to be mindful of noise regulations and permit requirements, especially if you plan to use amplified sound. Each venue will have specific guidelines, so communicating your entertainment plans with the venue management and ensuring compliance with local regulations will help you create a successful and enjoyable event for your guests.

What are some popular outdoor event venues in Denver?

Looking for a great venue for private events? Starkey Mansion on Logan Street is a perfect choice, with a seating capacity of up to 90 guests. It offers a beautiful outdoor space and is wheelchair accessible. You can bring your own music or DJ; external catering is allowed. It can be rented for  $300 per hour

Highlands Event Center is another great option with a maximum capacity of up to 200 guests in the Front Lawn Area. You can rent it for as low as $200 per hour; external catering is allowed. You can also bring your own alcohol. 

For a more intimate setting, Root Down on West 33rd Avenue can accommodate up to 20 people. It offers a unique dining experience with a spoonful of nostalgia that will whet your appetite. The price for its unique event packages starts at around $75 per person.

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