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Top After Work Drinks in New York City

New York City, bustling with life day and night, invites you for relaxing after work drinks! From high-rise lounges overlooking the cityscape to intimate speakeasies nestled in the heart of NYC, you’ll find various spaces for your post-work party. Go all-out during cocktail happy hours, sip on a craft brew in a beer garden, and raise your glass to New York! At Tagvenue, we’ve collected all the bars you can rent to relax after a long day in the office. So with just a few clicks on our platform, the city’s best after work drinks venues will be ready and waiting.

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After Work Drinks Rental Guide

After Work Drinks in New York City FAQ

How much does it cost to rent an after work drinks venue in New York City?

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly happy hour or a fancy cocktail evening, we've got a myriad of options for your after work drinks! In NYC, most venues for after work drinks offer per person packages, which are a popular choice because of their convenience! These packages usually include both drinks and food, and can range from as little as $10 to a lavish $250 per head, and everything in-between. If you're looking for more flexibility, many venues also offer minimum spend. This pricing model means you're not paying for using the venue per se but rather committing to spend a pre-agreed amount during your party. The minimum spend for after work drinks bars and pubs in NYC typically falls between $750 and $5,000. You can find some venues with straight rental fees, which start at about $45 per hour or $100 per day and can reach up to $15,000 per day for more exclusive venues. Keep in mind that these rates don’t include the drinks part of after work drinks, so budget accordingly! (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas of NYC are best for after work drinks?

If you’re planning after work drinks in New York City, Manhattan is likely the first place you should check. The whole borough is filled with a range of spaces available for rent, from the Financial District all the way up to Central Park. You’ll find the many venues nestled around Delancey Street in the East Side, in the bustling Koreatown, and scattered between Hell’s Kitchen and the Diamond District. In Brooklyn, look around the vibrant and hip Williamsburg for the greatest selection of venues for after work fun! If Queens is your neighborhood of choice, definitely check out the bars in Long Island City and Sunnyside for fantastic value-for-money options.

Remember to pick the location that’s the most convenient for you! If you’ll be going there straight from the office, it’s best to rent a bar nearby or consider the fastest public transport routes. You can zoom into your area of choice and check subway stations on the map on Tagvenue!

What kinds of venues can I book for after work drinks in New York City?

New York City boasts a wide variety of venues perfect for after work drinks with your colleagues. The city's vibrant bars are the most popular choice, offering an array of rental options. Depending on your needs, you can book an entire bar for yourselves, or secure a semi-private area, a private function room or a lounge. One of the top-rated NYC bars on our platform is Velvet Brooklyn near Marcy Avenue Station, with spaces for all group sizes! If you're seeking a twist on the traditional, why not consider the city's lively nightclubs or karaoke bars? For pub lovers, NYC offers a great selection of local drinking dens, such as Slattery’s Mid Town Pub, that are  ready to host your unwinding session! Or for anyone who wants to take in the NYC atmosphere, nothing beats an outdoor venue! Explore the charming beer gardens and scenic patios to make the buzz of the city a backdrop for your after work gathering. New York is a city of opportunity, but it’s also a city of celebrations, so discover the best places to grab drinks after work!

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