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Are you looking for recording studios for rent in Singapore? This city-state hosts some of the greatest creative minds from all over Southeast Asia, and you can be one of them! Whether you are on a hunt for a space for demo recording, voice acting or a podcast show, you will definitely find what you need with Tagvenue. Search, browse, and book anything from a small recording booth, to a world class recording studio fit for the most ambitious of projects!

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Recording Studios Rental Guide

Singapore is a wonderful choice for carrying out all sorts of artistic endeavours. It has heaps of potential when it comes to great musicians and hosts, but also great creative spaces and recording studios. We’re excited to help you with your latest project, whether it be creating your own podcast, studio album, or an audiobook. With our vast selection of recording studios for podcasts, bands, and voice actors, you will definitely find something that fits your needs. We’ve made a list of main differences between all these studios and included helpful tips to make this process way smoother. Here are all the things to consider when renting a recording studio in Singapore:

  • The location - When you start your search for your ultimate recording studio in Singapore, you will be able to choose which part of the city-state you want to work in. If you’re a band member or work with multiple people, you may as well put some thought into the location of your studio of choice. For example, if you intend to work with people or host guests from another country, you can opt for a location in the eastern parts of the city-state, closer to the Changi Airport. Otherwise, you can go with one of the many studios in the downtown area. If you want to utilise Singapore's public transport system, look for a recording studio in close proximity to a metro or tram station.
  • The studio gear - A good set of studio equipment will be very important for making a quality recording. Whether you’re trying for a voice acting role, recording a demo, or working on your podcast, you will need some recording gear to make it happen. Obviously, all the recording studios will have the basic gear you’re going to need, such as microphones, cables, amps, and some sort of a digital audio workstation (or DAW). A DAW usually consists of one or more audio mixers, and a computer with special software that can run them. You can check out the details on the studio’s equipment either in the venue description or by asking the venue manager.
  • The cost - When renting your own recording studio, remember that local venues charge either by hour or by a 12 hour day session. It’s good to have a predetermined budget, but we also have some tips on how to save some money on a rental. First, make sure you will be using your time efficiently. Choose your goal for the rec session, whether it’s recording one podcast episode, recording five tracks for your band’s demo, or just rehearsing all your material for a live performance. Then, plan out all the specific actions necessary to carry out your session goal. If you want to know more about the specifics of working in your recording studio of choice, feel free to ask your venue manager for details, or even a meeting in the studio so that you can see it for yourself before signing off your rental.
  • The instruments - While you will definitely be allowed to bring your own instruments, it may be quite difficult to carry a large case through the busy streets of Singapore. Luckily, many of the recording studios in the area have lots of different instruments available on-site, so that you can borrow them with the price of the venue or rent it for a small fee.
  • The amenities - During the lengthy studio sessions, it’s always good to take a little break in order to stay focused in the long run. Some of the studios will include some sort of breakout area or lounge room with the rental, where you will be able to kick back and rest for a while. If you’re going for a full day session, it’s also good to check for the basic amenities, such as a bathroom or kitchenette. In case you and your associates get hungry, checking out takeout or catering options in the area is also a smart idea.

4 types of recording studios to look out for in Singapore:

Podcast studios. These studios usually differ from conventional recording studios by an addition of some large table or couch set, making it viable for both video and audio recordings. They will usually have multiple mics already set up and ready for hosting you and your incredible podcast guests.

Sound booths. If you’re a voice actor or voice-over artist, a sound booth will give you the best bang for your buck. It is a well soundproofed space with a top-notch studio microphone that will ensure your voice sounds clear, deep and smooth all throughout your studio time.

Recording studios for bands. These recording studios will have a large sound booth or recording space to accommodate a large number of performers at the same time. Some studios will even offer sound engineers that will handle mixing and mastering for you so that you and your band can simply focus on your art.

Creative spaces. These types of studios are very abundant in Singapore and can serve multiple different purposes, depending on the setups available in the specific studios. Regardless of what you’re recording, it’s always a good idea to check out some of these spaces, as you could find some good recording spaces for a great value.

Recording Studios in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a recording studio in Singapore?

The rates for recording studios vary around Singapore, according to their equipment and what is included in the price. The usual cost per an hour of recording in a studio goes from $17 up to $40. In some studios, this price includes a sound engineer, but it is not the general rule. On the higher end, some producers can charge per song, which can cost from $400 to $1000. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Where in Singapore can I find the best recording studios?

Singapore has a wide variety of recording studios for you to choose from. The Music Parlour is one of the most famous ones in the area and is located quite centrally by the City Hall. The Kallang district is also home to several professional recording studios, including the Basement Studio or the Sonic Studio. Rochor is another area rich in hip studios, so if you are looking for something there, check out the Lithe House studio.

What equipment should a recording studio have?

Nowadays, almost anyone can turn their bedroom into a recording studio, however, nothing beats a fully-equipped dedicated space with professionals operating it. A recording studio that you consider renting in Singapore should have isolated walls for quality sound, as well as software for recording and post-production and editing, including a DAW and a mixing board. Other essential equipment includes microphones, headphones and pop filters. Some studios offer the services of an audio engineer with the rental, who can help you achieve the best results.

How to rent instruments from recording studios in Singapore?

Many of the music recording studios in the city-state have amassed lots of different instruments for you to pick and choose from. In some studios, they will just lay or hang around so that you can try them all out and be creative during your session. Some of them will provide you with appropriate instruments if you need them - remember to ask your venue manager about the possible options, even if you don’t have anything particular in mind.

Guests Reviews of Recording Studios on Tagvenue

Dempster Lee
Booked Recording Room at dojo studios
The staff are very friendly and professional at what they do. They went through the audio engineering process with me and went along with the pace I'm comfortable with so that I don't feel too stressed out when recording. The studio itself is cosy and has great acoustics too. Will definitely come back again!
Ilhana Vis
Booked Podcast Studio at The Hive Studios
Very smooth recording process with privacy and a comfortable space to work in. Friendly welcome staff too and all equipment quite easy to figure out.
Adeline Chan
Booked Hybrid Studio at Jimmusic Productions
Jimmy was very friendly and patient with us during our recording session! :) He's also very responsive to our enquiries and was able to turnaround our recording in a short period of time as per our urgent request. Highly recommend Jimmy !
Misa Miyagawa
Booked Podcast Studio at The Hive Studios
Perfect studio! The staffs were very friendly and helpful. The location was close to MRT and very accessible too.
Gerardine Pang
Booked Podcast Studio at The Hive Studios
I liked how Satish handled a booking issue that was not his fault. Very professional. It was not his fault but he did not waste time pointing fingers or avoiding blame. Instead he offered workable solutions which I appreciated. I have booked further slots at the Podcast Studio.

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