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In Singapore and looking for a studio where you can simply…jam? Guess what? We got you! Choose the perfect place from our listings of Singapore's amazing jamming studios. The city-state is full of spaces that are fully-equipped and won’t break the bank! From stages and music studios to play with your band to piano rooms for classical music rehearsals. You name it and we’ve got it! So without further delay, hop on the Tagvenue platform and check out our recommendations for the best choice for your next jam.

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Jamming Studios Rental Guide

Hiring a jamming studio is a convenient way of polishing your skills before your next performance, or maybe just to have some fun and unwind! Singapore is a place full of music lovers and excellent performers, as well as venues that are perfect for rehearsals. Find the studio you like fast and easy and get ready to show off your skills.

You can find jamming studios all over Singapore. Start your search in the heart of the city around Hill Street and Victoria Street. You will find rehearsal rooms and music studios there.  Don’t stop your search there though, make sure to check the offers among the music studios right next to Fort Canning Park, the National Library or Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple.

Well-known industrial estate Kampong Ubi, also offers an abundance of different types, shapes and sizes of music friendly spaces. Including a studio highly rated by our customers - The Haste Studio at Renticulous, which they praise for its affordable rate, good communication and helpful attitude.

If you are looking for something in the North Region of Singapore, look around for options in  Sembawang, Woodlands and Yishun where you can find plenty of reasonable offers. Sembawang offers rehearsal rooms and jamming studios at prices from S$40 to S$150 per hour. In the more residential area of Woodlands, you can find locations from S$40 per hour. If you happen to be in Yishun and want to explore options there, expect to pay from S$30 to S$150 per hour for a good studio. (All data according to Tagvenue.com)

Types of Jamming Studios in Singapore:

Basic Piano Rooms

Need a place to tickle the ivories and explore the pleasures of the piano? A basic piano room is the perfect option for you. These spaces come in different sizes and include different equipment. For this reason, the price will differ depending on the standard of a studio. Prices for basic piano room hire range from S$25 to S$160 per hour. (All data according to Tagvenue.com)

One of our favourites piano rooms is Grand Piano Studio at Avocado Piano Studio Fort Canning, located on River Valley Road, a few steps away from Fort Canning Park. This room boasts an enviable location: situated a mere 300 meters from Fort Canning MRT Station, it's one of the easiest to be accessed. Notably, a striking YAMAHA grand piano graces this well-lit and refined studio, offering an exceptional playing experience.

Stage and music studios

Are you planning to record a cover for your YouTube channel or maybe broadcast it? Why not do it in a place with a unique atmosphere? Stage and music studios not only provide you with proper equipment but also scenery, which are perfect for the videos. Prices for stage and music studios differ depending on many aspects such as location, equipment and size of the studio. Average cost for stage and music studio hire in Singapore ranges from S$50 to S$200 per hour.

Jamming studios

Jamming studios are perfect for a YouTube channel cover or live, as well. With their professional instruments, sound equipment and unique design you will be well prepared for an amazing session. Prices for hiring these studios in Singapore range from S$15 to S$150 per hour.

How to choose the best jamming studio for your needs?

Where is your jamming studio located?

Don’t jam alone. But don’t make your friends journey hundreds of kilometers to join you either. Compromise is the key here. Choose the location that fits all of you and offers good accessibility. 

Do you have the equipment?

Are your instruments in good order? Or maybe you don’t have instruments at all and have to hire them? Don't worry. You can choose a jamming studio that offers a wide range of instruments to use for you and your jamming friends. We always recommend that you contact the studio’s manager for equipment rental details.

Check the space.

Before you go to a rehearsal, make sure the studio will fit everything you need. Ask studio manager for a tour. Check out their social media and photos they post to see what the studio looks like, how big it is and whether it meets your expectations.

Take care of the acoustics.

There is no good music without good acoustics. From the room's size to the amps, every little detail matters. You should never have to worry about barely hearing your instrument. Ensure that any windows are closer to your listening area or that the studio doesn’t have them at all. Why? Sound waves will bounce off of a glass surface because it is highly reflective.

Have you checked the reviews?

Imagine going to a jamming studio that looked perfect in the pictures and was supposed to have all the equipment you needed. You booked a date, went to there and discovered that it  had almost nothing in common with what was shown and described. You wouldn’t be satisfied, would you? To avoid such a disappointment, check the reviews before booking a place. Find out what others found appealing, or not, about the place. Contact the studio’s manager to check whether the information about the equipment and facilities is up to date.

Jamming Studios in Singapore FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a jamming studio in Singapore?

As jamming studios vary in size and shape, their rental prices also fluctuate accordingly. It depends on you whether you pick a smaller sized venue, which can range between S$10 and S$30 per hour or a larger one which may cost from S$35 to S$150 per hour. Some studios charge a fee of around S$1 per instrument, but it is not a general rule. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Which areas of Singapore have the best jamming studios?

The city-state is home to many professional jamming studios, especially in the Central Region. Orchard is an area of Singapore that can offer several cool music venues for you to choose from, including Decibel Studios or Plugged Studios. You can also check out the Music Parlour, which is around the area of City Hall, or the Basement Studio in Kallang. Rochor is another location worth considering, as Music Ensemble and Lithe House studios along with many more can be found there. The Woodlands and the Tanjong Pagar areas are also both worth checking out.

Which district offers the widest range of jamming studios to choose from?

There are plenty of affordable, good quality jamming studios in Civic District, Chinatown and Little India Rochor. Beloved by customers for the set up, affordable rate, location within walking distance of bus stops and great communication with the manager. You can type in those locations on our platform while searching for your perfect jamming studio. It will help you narrow down the possibilities to choose from. 

What should I expect when I hire a jamming studio?

You should base your hire decision on the space you need. Jamming with your friends will require you to rent a jamming room with chairs, musical instruments, music stands, mics, amps, and cabling. However, if you need a piano practice room, a piano and a piano chair should be enough.

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