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Top Private Dining Rooms in Southwark

Thinking of a private dining event in Southwark? You’re in luck! Southwark has many amazing venues for hire, and we’re ready to help you find them. It doesn’t matter if you want quirky or traditional, high end or shabby chic, Tagvenue has just what you are looking for. Hop on our platform today and check out your options!

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Southwark Venues Hire Guide

How much does it cost to hire a private dining room in Southwark?

Minimum spend for a private dining venue in Southwark can cost as little as £300 and reach as high as £1200. Hire fee can start as low £300. Prices for venues will vary widely depending on standard and duration of your private dining event. (All data from platform.)


What are the best private dining restaurants in Southwark?

According to our guest reviews, these are the best places for private dining in the area:

The Horniman at Hays, historic pub with a unique character, guest rating: 5/5
Southwark Cathedral, versatile and unusual event space for private events, guest rating: 4.7/5
The Market Porter, private dining space in an atmospheric public house, guest rating: 5/5
Upper Arch at SAMA Bankside, semi-private area that seats 20 for dinner, guest rating: 4.6/5


Which Southwark districts are best for hiring a private dining room?

Most of the private dining venues in Southwark are to be found somewhere between the London Bridge and Borough underground stations. Look towards the South Bank for a huge range of venues, especially from Potters Field along the area around London Bridge and Southwark Bridge. It’s an easy jaunt here from anywhere in London, and with easy pedestrian access and stunning views of the North Bank, this is a highly popular area for restaurants and pubs.

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