Private Dining Rooms in London Bridge

Private Dining Rooms in London Bridge

The best spaces for a private meal, south of the Thames

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Top Private Dining Rooms in London Bridge

On the lookout for private dining rooms near London Bridge? Need to find something that can seat a few people for an intimate evening with a view? Well, have no fear! We’ve put together a very thorough list of the best private dining restaurants in London Bridge that will knock your socks off. From elegant and classy to more laid-back and casual, you’ll definitely find one that matches your needs and vision. So why not pop on our platform and start browsing now? You’ll be booking a fab space in no time! 

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London Bridge Venues Hire Guide

So what kind of private dining venues can you expect to find near London Bridge? Well, you’ve got a fairly decent selection. Classy wine bars dot the area, starting from the banks of the Thames all the way towards the Borough tube station. These spaces boast a decent range of decor and seating arrangements for your guests, from modern Scandinavian-inspired places (think airy with lots of glass) to those that are more into the feel of leather and rich mahogany furnishings. If something more unique is in order, your options will include venues such as the repurposed library in the Southwark Cathedral, as well as stylish bars with shiny tiles and golden chandeliers.

FAQs about Private Dining Rooms in London Bridge

How much does it cost to hire a private dining room in London Bridge?

You'll find restaurants offering per-person packages for as low as £50. But most base their fees on minimum spend which ranges between £500 up to £4000+. Hourly rental fees start from as low as £90. Full buyouts cost between £350 to £1000+. Just keep in mind these are the general prices, so it’s best to ask the venue manager for an individual offer. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to negotiate, especially if you’re planning an event for a bigger group. (All data from

Can you recommend some private dining rooms near London Bridge?

With pleasure. Here are some of our favourite options that are definitely worth considering!

Dining Room at The Market Porter - It’s a light and airy private dining space for 20-40 guests located on Stoney Street. Your guests will definitely be delighted with its classy wooden decor and lavish menu. It is ready to host a wide range of events - from birthday celebrations to baby showers and anniversaries. 

Fruit & Veg private room at Arthur Hooper's - A cosy and classy private dining restaurant for 10-18 guests on Stoney Street that will charm you with stunning views overlooking the market. It’s a great option for intimate events like a baby shower, an engagement party, or a birthday celebration.

Private Dining Room at Gaucho Tower Bridge - If you’re looking for an upscale private dining room for 20-30 guests, perfect for exclusive celebrations, this venue can be your match! It offers a warm and modern interior and beautiful views of the Tower Bridge.

Boardroom at Davy's at Plantation Place: Step back in time and indulge in the nostalgic charm of this vintage parlour, perfect for intimate gatherings. With its antique furnishings, retro decor, and old-world ambience, this cosy private dining room for 2-12 people sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Any tips for hiring a private dining room?

Sure! Here are some top tips that you should know before hiring a private dining room in London Bridge!

Set a budget - To quickly find a dining room that fits your price range, make sure to decide how much you can pay for the whole event. Setting a budget and sticking to it can also help you make more reasonable decisions and avoid overspending. 

Make a guestlist - Private dining rooms usually have a fixed capacity. To choose the best space possible that will accommodate all of your guests and be comfortable, make sure to know how many people you’re planning to invite. Otherwise, you may wind up hiring a room that is too small!

Decide on the menu - Would you like to spoil your guests with a luscious dinner? Perhaps you’re thinking of something more casual? Knowing what type of food you’d like to serve will make it easier to find a space that will serve you a menu that caters to your needs.

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