Private Dining Rooms in London Bridge

The best spaces for a private meal, south of the Thames

Top Private Dining Rooms in London Bridge

Are you on the lookout for some of the better private dining options near London Bridge? Need to find something that can seat a few people for an intimate evening with a view? Well, have no fear! We’ve put together a very thorough list of the best private dining restaurants in the London Bridge and Southwark area. Pop on over to the London Bridge or Monument tube stops and see what you can find!

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London Bridge Venues Hire Guide

So what kind of private dining venues can you expect to find near London Bridge? Well, you’ve got a fairly decent selection. Classy wine bars dot the area, starting from the banks of the Thames all the way towards the Borough tube station. These spaces boast a decent range of decor and seating arrangements for your guests, from modern Scandinavian inspired places (think airy with lots of glass) to those that are more into the feel of leather and rich mahogany furnishings. If something more unique is in order, your options will include venues such as the repurposed library in the Southwark Cathedral, as well as stylish bars with shiny tiles and golden chandeliers.

As you might imagine, the price range for these places tends to vary, but here are a few baseline prices to get you thinking:

  • Some of the most interesting options operate on a minimum spend model, paying nothing for the room but spending a set amount on food and drinks. Unless you’re looking for something particularly huge, expect to spend around £500 to £2000 total.
  • If you’re more interested in a flat hire fee, many places average between £500 - £1000, with food and drinks added separately.
  • Finally, some private dining rooms around London Bridge use a per person spend model, with many charging around £30-50 per person - a good option if you’re not sure how many guests are coming.

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