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While London can certainly be a picturesque city, it can be a bit of a challenge to plan a photo shoot in the brief flashes of sunlight between bouts of clouds. Luckily, East London (and the areas around Hackney in particular) is swimming in high quality photo studio spaces for even the most ambitious photo sessions.

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Hackney Venues Hire Guide

The area has a well-deserved reputation as one of London’s premier artistic centres so it should be no surprise that Hackney, Shoreditch, Hoxton, Lower Clapton, Kingsland and Hackney Wick form a discrete area with some of the best photo studio spaces to be found in London. Take, for example, Hackney Studios, with their pure white infinity coves, victorian brick walls and soundproofed studios or the massive Cr8 Studio (4000+ square feet gives you a lot to work with) with their facilities for both daylight and blackout shooting and awesome cyclorama. Both serve as prime examples of the type of studio spaces you can expect to find in and around Hackney, so regardless of your needs something should jump out at you. The majority of spaces will also offer in-house space for makeup and wardrobe, or have trusted recommendations if necessary so have a look and see which of Hackney’s many studios is perfect for your upcoming photo sessions.

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