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Top Photo Studios in Liverpool

Hiring a photo studio is a great way to discover a whole new angle for your pictures. The professional-grade lighting and backdrops can upgrade your shoot and bring you some fantastic images —but it’s not always easy to know where to start. Whether you are looking for a studio with basic setups like backdrops and lighting equipment or a creative space with furniture and props, you can find what you need in Liverpool. Discover your options for the best photo studios and book your next shoot on Tagvenue today!

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Photo Studios Hire Guide

Take your photoshoot to a whole new level with a studio offering professional lights, various equipment, and everything you need to capture fantastic images in a dedicated space. Liverpool has an excellent range of studios for your needs; creative blank canvas spaces and professional studios. Start planning your next shoot today.

Photo Studios in Liverpool FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a photo studio in Liverpool?

Hire for a photo studio in Liverpool is charged on either a per-hour or session rate basis. Expect costs to start around £30 to £50 per hour and £600 for a session. Rates differ according to the standard of the studio and what is included in their offer. (All data from Tagvenue.)

In which Liverpool districts can I find the best photo studios?

You will find plenty of choices for photo studios around the Liverpool Central railway station. From Libre on Maryland St to Xposure on Wood St, you will have plenty of options in this area. Other options are available between Strand Street and the Moorfields Rail Station. Moving away from the city centre, discover great opportunities in outlying areas such as Scale on Kempston St and Acme Studio on Edge Hill.

What is the essential equipment a photo studio should have?

Professional photo studios will provide a list of all included equipment with their offer. Any extra equipment is usually available for flat hire from the studio itself, or else they will likely have favoured vendors with whom they are used to working. You should expect to find lights included with your offer, whether on a rig or on stands. Reflectors are another essential item, as are softboxes, which will help smooth out the light for things such as portrait sessions. A basic background could be made available with the hire, but check with the studio if you need a specific tone or colour. For larger-sized shoots, you may want to confirm the backdrop's size with the studio ahead of time. 

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