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Top Filming Locations in Liverpool

Get ready for a fantastic shoot with unique exterior locations and lovely interior options. We have curated an amazing list with locations such as the Edwardian glamour of Water Street to the Birkenhead Tunnel's industrial chic, Liverpool offers a rich selection of locations for any cinematographer's eye. For interior locations, check out the iconic neighbourhoods and vintage urban districts for choices. Browse through some of Liverpool’s finest filming locations all in one convenient place right here on Tagvenue. Get your hunt started with us and book today!

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Filming Locations Hire Guide

Start your search for your location shoot by choosing the type of city setting your shoot will require. Whether you need a gritty 19th-century dock or a smart city home, Liverpool is a favourite for filmmakers for a good reason. Do your research, and you will find the best that the city has to offer. With a cooperative film office in the city government that prioritises helping productions get off the ground, you will find Liverpool to be a fantastic place for your next production.

Filming Locations in Liverpool FAQ

Which locations in Liverpool are the best for filming?

If you are searching for fantastic exterior locations, check out Crosby and Formby Beach for fantastic ocean views and lots of lovely sandy beaches for beautiful panoramic views. Liverpool Town Hall and Water Street are rich in striking urban architecture. For great interiors, check out the excellent locations for hire around Ropewalks and the Queensway Tunnel. Centrally located, the Liverpool Conference Centre has wonderful atmospheric spaces that are sure to inspire. 

How much does it cost to hire a filming location in Liverpool?

When shooting on location, you must apply for a permit from the film council. Application fees can range from £50 for a crew of up to 10 and reach £1000 for a crew of 150 or more. You will also be required to cover extra costs related to insurance and any additional needs for your shoot, such as parking or equipment such as a cherry picker, etc. For private locations, prices will vary depending on the size and location quality, you can expect to pay within the range of £40 to £150 per hour and £600 to £1200 per day.

How do I hire a filming location in Liverpool?

Hiring a filming location will require that you apply for a permit from the Liverpool Film Office. The office will require that you submit a plan for your production and pay for the use of city facilities, buildings, and any street that is the property of the council. You will need to pay separately for any costs related to waivers for parking or street closure. If you are hiring a private location, you will need to find a location on a venue platform and negotiate separately with the property owner. Expect extra costs related to liability insurance.

Which are the best film locations in Liverpool?

There are plenty of amazing options as far as filming locations go in Liverpool. Here are a few of our favourites:

Liverpool Studios This is a capable professional space that is perfect for your next shoot if you plan on needing controlled lighting and a variety of backgrounds or even a greenscreen. Liverpool studios is one of the best studios in the city as far as visual arts go, and it will certainly help elevate your next creative project.

Oak Study – This is a quaint and quiet room that is perfect if you need a preconstructed set of a library or classroom. Enjoy the timeless set up in a setting that saves you time and effort with set construction.

Craft Playroom – Take a trip back in time with the Vintage Playroom. This is a perfect space for a retro shoot with lighting and colours that look warm, a

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