Conference Venues for Rent in Toronto, ON

Conference Venues for Rent in Toronto, ON

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Top Conference Venues in Toronto, ON

Toronto is a world-class conference destination, with the conference centres and iconic event venues to prove it. Modern trade show venues and other large-sized spaces also set this city apart. The city’s boutique neighbourhoods also offer an unforgettable and safe experience for visitors. An easy jaunt from the large markets of the US and abroad, Toronto is a great place to plan your next conference event. Check out Tagvenue’s venue finder and scroll through the exciting spaces on offer. Let us help you find great conference venues today!

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Conference Venues Booking Guide

Toronto is a great place for conference organisers to run some amazing events, and the venues on offer are world-class. There is a wide selection of hotels available, always a great choice for multi-day conferences with attendees from out of town. These are located all across the metropolitan area, giving you a chance to find your best price and location. With Toronto International Airport an easy half-hour from the centre and ample train service as well, this is a city that is more than prepared to welcome conference attendees from across the globe. There are even several hotel conference venues right at the airport so if ease of arrival is key for your international attendees, you are set. 

Hunting for a large-sized conference centre instead? There are numerous dedicated conference centres right in the downtown area, particularly around Harbord Village, Chinatown and Church and Wellesley. Especially take note of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, a convention complex located right on Front St, right in the beating heart of the city, offering easy access to the city’s dining and dancing scene, just in case. The Scotiabank Arena is another large-sized venue available for rent and suitable for large crowds.

When investigating a conference venue, be sure to keep in mind four key non-negotiables: 

  • Is the area easily accessible and does it possess sufficient parking? If it is hard to reach, your event may start off on the wrong foot, and this could affect attendance. Make sure your guests are aware of any restrictions well before the event.
  • Is the venue the right size for the crowd you expect? Does it have sufficient breakaway rooms for panels and other meetings? If the venue is too small there will be unpleasant crowding. This may also restrict your attendance capability if there are official restrictions on the number of people who can fit in one space.
  • Are you clear on the availability of professional staff and catering options? This can be added costs, so make sure you are clear on these issues from the start and get everything in writing.
  • Will the venue provide adequate and up to date equipment? Your attendees will come expecting to have access to modern technologies. Microphones and AV equipment, screens, WiFi, and online access to conference information. Make sure that the venue you rent can help you satisfy these requirements, otherwise you will need to bring in outside vendors.

Once you get your priorities straight and in order, you can start checking out the different types of venues we have on board. Let’s check out the different types of venues, and what you can expect to find with Tagvenue.


Types of conference venues to rent in Toronto

Training Rooms

Training rooms are tailored perfectly to your needs, from whiteboards and flip charts to screens and comfortable chairs which you can sit in for hours (if that’s how long it takes!). Check out training rooms on our site, and book the ideal location for meetings, trainings and any other corporate events.

Small meeting rooms

In comparison to training rooms, small meeting rooms are ideal for gatherings of up to 15 people. Inside you can find enough space for all your attendees, as well as professional equipment which will be tailored to your meeting needs. A similar concept to training rooms — here you can find boards, charts, monitors, and hopefully expect some coffee and AC. To find small meeting rooms, make sure to filter the amount of guests you’re planning to invite. 

Function spaces

Check out the different function spaces available on Tagvenue. Function spaces can look differently since they are made specifically for different types of events. But thanks to the fact that they are so universal, you can guess that they are less formal and more laid-back. If you plan to have a more chilled out meeting with a bigger team, grab a beer and maybe do some networking, then we recommend you take a look at Tagvenue’s awesome selection. 


Galleries are specific places. They are not considered the typical meeting or conference venue. But if you’re hosting an art event or a creative show, then booking a gallery might be the option for you. Renting this space can also put a fun spin on the typical meeting. If your attendees tend to be on the more artistic side, then renting a gallery might just be the quirky space you need, even for a serious meet up. 


Suites are a little like meeting rooms, but more personal and home-like. What’s the difference? In suites you can find a fridge and a microwave, couches, a couple of work stations, and maybe even a TV! It’s a great space if you’re working as a team, and you don’t get distracted too easily. Perhaps you’re working on an important project together, but can also use some time to relax? 

Large event spaces

Large event spaces can be both – perfect for huge gatherings and ideal for intimate meetings all at the same time. You can expect to find venues which will be perfect for events that are open to many different organisations and people, but you can also find large rooms which are great for a company gathering, where you don’t want any outsiders joining. These spaces are usually filled with adequate equipment, as well as a bar or even a kitchen if you want to add some pizzazz to the event. With Tagvenue you’ll be able to find the ideal space for your event! 

Ready to book the perfect conference venue in Toronto? Make sure not to miss out on any great locales, and if you still have any more questions then head to our FAQ section below!

FAQs about Conference Venues in Toronto, ON

What are some unique conference venues in Toronto?

You might find this idea a little peculiar, but how about renting a boat for your upcoming conference? Toronto offers a nice selection of boats, which are perfect for conferences of even up to 250 people. It may not be the usual way to host meetings or events, but it will certainly make it something to remember. Another great option is renting a comfortable industrial loft or hosting your conference at a brewery!

How much do conference venues in Toronto cost?

You can find conference venues in Toronto for as little as C$30 per hour. There are many affordable options which are great if you’re looking for something on a budget. However, you will also find locales which fall under much higher prices and can go even as far as C$1500 per hour! Check your budget and plan accordingly. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How many people can I invite to conference venues in Toronto?

Check out a range of sizes, starting from around 10 people, and ending at even 600 people standing. With such a big range you have no excuses why you can’t rent a fab conference venue!

Which areas of Toronto have the most conference venues?

Check out the areas of Harbourfront and keep heading up to North York to check out the best venues available. There are also quite a few locales near The Junction and if you head to Wexford you should find some small meeting rooms as well!

Guests Reviews of Conference Venues on Tagvenue

Erica L.
Booked Club Venue at Club 693
Rebecca was kind and catering, extremely helpful whenever I had inquiries or questions. Fast responses, and the space was large and clean. I had an amazing time, and it was an amazing cost for what I was provided!
Zerina S.
Booked Studio 74 at Contemporary and Modern Studio
This space was perfect for my babyshower! It fit the right amount of people. The place was clean, and the communication between staff was amazing! I will book again!
J. J.
Booked Entire Studio at Leaside Studio
This venue was absolutely perfect and everyone not only had a great time but commented on how well Ania did in preparation for our event. We loved our time and were so lucky to have this venue available to us.
Booked Entire Studio at Leaside Studio
Loved the venue ! It was a perfect size with ample seating . The decor was my style . Everything was beautiful ! I will definitely use this venue again in the future .
Ediri O.
Booked Bright & Airy Downtown Loft at Nosso Loft
I loved that it matched the pictures and there was help when I needed it. Also I could play my music as loud as wanted
Nathalie N.
Booked Loft-Style Photo Studio at Neighbourhood Creative
We had an amazing experience at the studio. Conversation with the owner was really easy. The place was great.
Deana W.
Booked Versatile Event Space at Startuptive
Jas and Jasmine were both very kind and extremely flexible when working with my team. The entire booking process was very smooth, and the venue fit our every needs. I would highly recommend Startuptive to anyone who is looking to host an event!

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