Affordable Wedding Venues for Rent in Toronto, ON

Affordable Wedding Venues for Rent in Toronto, ON

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Top Affordable Wedding Venues in Toronto, ON

Looking for the finest affordable wedding venues in Toronto? Don't let your special day overly impact your budget. Explore our curated listings for the  best bridal spaces on a budget in the capital of Ontario! Whether you are looking for a community hall in Yorktown for a do-it-yourself wedding or a ballroom in Regent Park for an intimate ceremony with your family and friends, we can help you narrow down your choices and match your cost estimates! Check out our platform today and find the city's top inexpensive wedding venues!

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Affordable Wedding Venues Rental Guide

Hiring a venue for weddings can put a strain on any budget, and increasingly, couples are turning to more creative and inexpensive solutions to this problem. 

  • Smaller wedding spaces and shorter guest lists are an immediate and easy way to save money. When browsing cost-effective wedding spaces, the first rule is to consider the size of the venue you will need. 
  • Cafes are definitely a great option for affordable wedding venue rental. They have the added benefit of already being decorated and offer on-site catering. Toronto has great cafes and smaller venues scattered throughout the city. The Old Toronto district is a great place to start your search with jazz cafes, hotel cafes, and patisseries. You can also look for a popular wedding venue on a budget in Balzac’s Distillery District.
  • Restaurants or pubs are also a great inexpensive space if you are seeking a slightly larger venue. Check out the range of venues available in Old Toronto and up towards East York. These have the benefit of being available in a range of sizes, from micro wedding venues to large event spaces, so you can choose a venue that will suit your wedding party comfortably. 
  • Minimum spend venues can help you avoid expensive hire fees. Minimum spend is an agreed-upon minimum payment for the use of the venue. Minimum spend is usually accounted for by the catering and beverages that are consumed during the event.
  • Community halls and Community Centres can be transformed into charming wedding halls if you can rent external vendors or organise the other details yourself. Available in a variety of sizes but with a price generally lower than average, these venues can even allow you to expand your guest list if you so choose. 
  • BYO (Bring Your Own) venues are another option for inexpensive venue hire. These venues allow you to provide your own alcohol or food for your event, which is always the least expensive option.

FAQs about Affordable Wedding Venues in Toronto, ON

What are the cheapest wedding venue rental options in Toronto?

You can actually find free wedding venues in Toronto. The catch? You need to spend a minimum amount on catering and alcohol using the venue’s in-house services or preferred external vendors. The lowest price range we found was C$250-C$500 per session. This is a good price for couples who want to do their own decorating and have some wiggle room in their budget. You can get away with spending less at affordable wedding venues in this range, but, remember, you will need to pay extra for amenities such as photo booths, DJs or decorations. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What kinds of affordable wedding venues can I find in Toronto?

Toronto is a big city, and there are lots of inexpensive wedding spaces to choose from. If you're on a strict budget and looking for marriage locations that are not going to break the bank, here are some places you can consider:

  • Restaurants. Restaurants can be fantastic cozy wedding venues if you don't want to worry about decorating, setting up tables and chairs, or cleaning up afterward. They can also be very affordable compared to other venues! The downside is that restaurants often don't allow external catering, so if you want to accommodate it yourself, this might not be an option for you.
  • Galleries. If you're looking for something unique, galleries are the perfect affordable wedding venues! They tend to be smaller spaces, so it’s ideal for intimate wedding ceremonies. They also have some amazing lighting options that make them look beautiful on film (if you plan on having a wedding recording). Galleries also typically have access to other related businesses in the area, like restaurants — so there's no need to worry about catering.
  • Churches. Churches are a great option for weddings! They have beautiful architecture and are often large enough to accommodate your guest count. Wedding chapels can be expensive, but if you search for one that's not as popular, it might be a little more affordable. When you use one of Toronto's churches as your wedding site, there can be some restrictions, so it's important to make sure you're on the same page as the venue before booking.
  • Community Halls. These are generally large event spaces that can be rented out for reasonably priced wedding venues. They're usually attached to community centers or churches, so they offer a lot of additional amenities. This makes them great if you have a large group of people and want to have more control over the venue setup.

What month is the least expensive for renting affordable wedding venues in Toronto?

If you're looking for the cheapest wedding in Toronto, you need to get married in January. Well, maybe not the absolute cheapest — but it's definitely the least expensive month of the year for weddings. Now, we're not saying that you shouldn't get married any other time of year — we're just saying that if money is tight and you want to save as much as possible on your big day, renting a Toronto venue to get married during January and other quiet months like February or March might be more helpful for keeping down costs than peak months for weddings.

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