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Top Wedding Venues in North Sydney

On the hunt for some of the top wedding reception venues in North Sydney but having a hard time finding something that’s perfect for you? Well, look no further. Tagvenue is your one-stop-shop for finding your dream wedding location in North Sydney, regardless if you’re looking for a small intimate ceremony for a few friends and family or something large enough to invite all of the in-laws.

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North Sydney Venues Hire Guide

North Sydney is a thriving district that is home to a wide variety of offices, shops and restaurants all nestled an area that is brimming with natural beauty and some of the best views to be had in the city such as Blues Point Reserve. Sydney Harbour Bridge serves as a backdrop for the art deco North Sydney Olympic Pool and the many attractions of Luna Park, all of which are matched with an incredibly wide variety of markets, restaurants and bars. Green spaces and beachfront areas dot the district, providing locals and visitors alike with an area that can cater to any needs.

Wedding venues in North Sydney are generally more reasonably priced than those in the city centre while still offering high-class spaces with charming ambience in a convenient location. Here are some averages to keep in mind as you search for the perfect spot:

  • Many wedding venues in on the north shore of Sydney operate on a minimum spend model, meaning you pay nothing to hire the venue but agree to spend a set amount on food/drinks/etc. Prices vary between $1500-7000.
  • Other places have a flat hire fee (starting at around $350), with other items added to the bill as per usual.
  • Finally, many wedding venues around North Sydney opt for a per person spend model, usually charging between $30-50 per guest.

Too many beautiful locations to choose from? Here are some of the most popular ones that can spark your interest:

When you think weddings in North and Northwest Sydney, one of the best areas to start is around St Leonards Park, which not only features beautiful scenery for your special day but also has a venue from our list smack in the middle of it (The Greens North Sydney). You can also explore the area around Luna Park, east of Lavender Bay, as the area is positively swimming in top wedding venues in North Sydney.

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