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Are you looking for party venues in The Hills District, Sydney? Is it your kids’ birthday party, or maybe you’re organising a celebration for your newlywed friends? Whatever you need, there are plenty of spaces in The Hills District to choose from. Tagvenue created a handy list of party venues in The Hills District so you have a much easier time picking the right one for you. See for yourself!

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Hills District Venues Hire Guide

Most Aussies don’t even know what to expect on "the other side of the bridge", but residents of The Hills District know better. There are party venues in The Hills District that are so stunning you’d expect the rest of Sydney to know about, but often they don’t. The Hills District is known for its reserves, national parks and natural environments that make it the ideal spot for recreational activities for families. Furthermore, there are historical sightings that date back to the very first settlements in the area. Summed up, Sydney’s Hills District is an area of various natural beauty spots combined with historical signs of settlement. This combination makes a pretty exciting backdrop for special occasions! If you want reliability, we recommend you go by car (although that means a minimum driving time of 60 minutes).

That's it for the introduction. Now, how much does it cost to hire a party venue in The Hills District? We've had a closer look and listed all the price ranges below:

  • Hire fee – For your private parties, venues in The Hills District with a specific price are the best options. Fees start at $250 per day (up to 80 guests) and go up to $15,000 per session (up to 100 guests).
  • Minimum spend – If you’re hosting a casual party with your mates, there are party venues in The Hills District that allow you to get the place for free as long as you spend some bucks at the bar. These spending amounts range from $500 per evening (for 120 guests this is $4.16 per person) to $10,000 (for 260 guests this is $38.46).
  • Package per person – Planning a huge birthday party? Many venues in The Hills District allow you to pay per person which means you’ll only pay for the people who really show up. Packages start at $14 per session (up to 45 guests) and go up to a rate of $170 per person per day (up to 98 guests).

So, which part of the area will make the best fit? Our favourite party locations in The Hills District include:

  • Castle Hill – Castle Hill is a place where you can relax in the small and authentic restaurants (with a cocktail if you like). It’s also the perfect place for your kids’ birthday party because most venues in The Hills District are located in more crowded areas.
  • Cattai National Park – Just outside of the park you can find a couple of the most attractive party venues from The Hills District, available to you. With a great view of the park, you can have a beautiful and peaceful stroll at the end of the night. If you’re after something truly romantic, the best place to find charming engagement party venues in The Hills District is around the Cattai National Park.

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