Film Studios for Hire in Melbourne

Film Studios for Hire in Melbourne

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Melbourne, with its great film scene and rich arts culture, has quickly become a prime location for filmmakers and production houses. Whether you're crafting an indie film, shooting a commercial, or creating a music video, the city has a rich selection of studios for your production. But where to begin in this cinematic paradise? Dive into Tagvenue's carefully curated list to discover film studios for hire in Melbourne. We've got everything you need, from small spaces for quick shoots to expansive studios for grand productions. Delve into the heart of Melbourne's film culture and find the perfect space to bring your vision to life.

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FAQs about Film Studios in Melbourne

What amenities are typically found in film studios in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s film studios are well-equipped to cater to both local and international productions. When it comes to the amenities typically found in these studios, you can expect:

  • Soundproofed Stages: Given Melbourne's bustling city vibe, most professional studios are soundproofed to ensure pristine audio capture.
  • Green Screens: Essential for VFX work, many studios in Melbourne offer top-tier green screen facilities.
  • High-Quality Lighting Rigs: Given the city's variable weather, indoor lighting is crucial. Many studios have state-of-the-art lighting setups suitable for all kinds of shoots.
  • Dressing and Makeup Rooms: These spaces are tailored for actors and talent to prep.
  • Post-production Suites: Melbourne's tech-savvy environment means that many studios are equipped with editing bays and sound mixing rooms.
  • Equipment Rental: From cameras to cranes, studios often have in-house or partnered rental services, ensuring productions have access to the best gear.
  • Wi-Fi and Tech Support: Being a tech-forward city, studios often provide high-speed internet and on-site technical assistance.
  • Flexible Studio Spaces: Melbourne's diverse film needs mean that studios often offer adjustable sets and props, catering to various genres and shoot requirements.

What are some centrally located film studios in Melbourne?

Video & Photography Studios at We Make Online Videos - Located in the heart of the city at 49 Tope Street, this venue offers dual studio spaces perfect for creative endeavours. Its spacious 10x10m white cyclorama studio suits a myriad of projects, with the added versatility of a ceiling-high black curtain that can reveal a colour paper roll. Furthermore, the 6x4 m green screen studio stands ready to whisk your content into imaginative realms, making it a top pick for those desiring both practicality and magic.

Studio F Australia - Situated on the bustling Lonsdale Street's ground floor, Studio F boasts an array of amenities ensuring a seamless production experience. With a generous 6.5M x 4.5M green screen cyclorama and diverse backdrop choices, this studio is ready for action. Additional perks include free Wi-Fi, makeup rooms, and a welcoming foyer for your team! 

The Chiron Room - A stone's throw away from the CBD in Carlton, this venue at 159 Pelham Street offers a well-equipped cyclorama studio for all your shooting needs. Whether you're filming short clips for social media or a longer video, The Chiron Room stands out with its adaptable space and top-notch gear, including versatile lighting features. You'll also find a dedicated area for makeup, changing, and other amenities to make the production go comfortably. 

What are the starting prices for hiring a film studio in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, the rates for hiring film studios vary based on the facilities and level of professionalism they offer. For budding filmmakers or those on a budget, venues like the Main Studio at Love to Dance Studios offer a very affordable rate, starting as low as $40 per hour. However, for those in need of a high-end, professional setting, Live Stream Studio FILM STUDIO at Live Stream Studio is an excellent choice, though it comes with a bit higher price tag of $99 per hour. Alternatively, if you're more interested in booking by the session rather than hourly, Sound Studio 6x7m at Monster & Bear Studios is available, with prices starting from $300 per session. This is particularly useful for projects that require longer shooting durations without the constraints of hourly billing. (All data from Tagvenue.)

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