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Is your best mate getting married? Is it up to you to organize a buck night the groom will never forget? A buck party cruise in Sydney Harbour is the perfect event to celebrate your friend’s initiation into marriage. After all, this could be the future groom’s last night of “freedom” before he says “I do,” so you’ll want to make it an epic one. If you don’t know where to start, Tagvenue has you covered, because organising a buck night party isn’t something you want to mess up. With our selected boats, the groom will be sure to have the ultimate night to remember.

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Bucks Cruises Hire Guide

Use our list below to make sure you have everything in order before you book your buck night cruise in Sydney.

  • Features – Make sure you know if you’re allowed to bring your own (BYO) alcohol or if they can provide it for you. Other features to check to include TV, sleeping accommodations or a projector.
  • Alcohol licence – A buck night is nothing without alcohol. Most boats have an alcohol licence, but be aware of the allowable time limits for drinking, which can vary between 3:00 am and 5:00 am.
  • Onboard entertainment – What are you going to do when you’re on the boat? Music, movies, watching funny videos from the past or everything together? Some ships offer equipment for music and videos, but you will probably want to arrange some things yourself.

You love being the best mate (or the one who organises everything), but you also need to consider costs. Is the groom going to pay for everything, or will everyone pay their own part? The following pricing methods are available for a buck night cruise in Sydney:

  • Hire fee – The hire fee for a buck night party cruise in Sydney varies from $750 per hour to $11,000 per evening (plus a minimum spend rate of $10,000). It all depends on the size of the party. With $750 an hour, you’re looking at a party for 135 people while you can go up to 250 people with $10,000.
  • Minimum spend – If you only want to work with a minimum spend pricing model without all the other hassle, you’re looking at a minimum spend rate of $5,400 per evening (for 47 guests). This comes down to an average of $114.89 per person.
  • Package per mate – You want to have a free-for-all party? No problem, some venues offer a price per person ranging from $79 per session (plus a hire fee of $55) to $170 per day.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding party boat hire in Sydney:

Is it possible to sleep on the boat after the bucks night?
Yes! Some venues include on-site sleeping accommodations, which means you can go right to sleep after a full night of partying.

Can you arrange a DJ for us?
Yes, in collaboration with some venues, we can hire a popular DJ who can spice up your party!

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