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Looking for a party venue in Brisbane? Why not hire a bar? With great service and low up front fees, bars are a great choice for any event. And the hunt for the perfect locale for your next function doesn't have to be a hard one, either. With offers from Milton to Fortitude Valley and from South Brisbane to the M3, Tagvenue will make your search an easy one! Get started today!

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Private Bars Hire Guide

Bars, like liquor, come in all flavours, there are cocktail bars, wine bars, gine bars or even regular old fashioned neighborhood tap rooms. Whatever your desire, Brisbane is sure to have it. Once you decide on the kind of bar you want, you should determine your choice based on location, their offer and any fees they may charge. 

If you want a seperate space, many venues offer function rooms, or even the ability to isolate a part of their main room, just check with the manager. When deciding on costs, take a look at minimum spend - essentially a free venue hire this allows you to agree on a preset spend amount. Your only job is to convince your guests buy enough food and drink to cover it. If it is a venue that features specialty alcohol, consider organising a tasting. Or, if you are offering a limited open bar, make sure that any sponsored drinks stay within your budget. 

Costs in Brisbane vary depending on the location, but minimum spend can start at around $250 per session and range upwards to $3500. Another option is a per person fee which can start at $55 and reach $65 or more. 

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