Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in San Diego, CA

Thanksgiving Restaurants for Rent in San Diego, CA

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Top Thanksgiving Restaurants in San Diego, CA

Thanksgiving is getting closer and closer, and we’re all on the edge of our seats to go and feast on delicious turkey, cranberries and potatoes. Pumpkin pies are getting ready to be baked, and the only thing that’s missing is peace of mind before the huge family dinner. Well, have you thought about renting a Thanksgiving restaurant instead of dining at home this year? It would be a great way to celebrate without all the unnecessary tension and mess that the cooking process brings. If that sounds like a dinner experience you’d like to pursue, then keep scrolling for a fab list of San Diego’s best Thanksgiving restaurants!

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Thanksgiving Restaurants Rental Guide

We hope you had a chance to check out some of the lovely venues we found. San Diego has an extensive list of restaurants that are ideal for Thanksgiving dinners (and not only them!). Unfortunately, we know that this time can be stressful for a lot of us due to the crazy amounts of turkeys which are being bought out, and the stress brought on by family members who need us to prepare perfectly cooked Thanksgiving dishes. And if you’re a person who celebrates every year (and by chance also happens to be the main cook) you might be feeling a little fed up. So right now is a great time to choose a venue which will take your troubles away, and do all the Thanksgiving preparation for you. No more fighting over who has to clean the dirty plates. Isn’t it just a perfect Thanksgiving vision?

If we have you convinced, then make sure to check out our venue renting guide, a very informative FAQ section (some of the best venues are listed below!), and some additional thoughts which might make the whole process that much more easier and enjoyable. Behold:

The best Thanksgiving restaurants rental guide!

So what should you look for when renting a venue? Let’s dive right into the venue rental process with step number one.

  1. Deciding on a budget. Easily set a target budget for your Thanksgiving dinner by checking out the filters on Tagvenue’s search engine. If the venue offers package deals with prices per person, you can be sure that it’s probably the best option for smaller gatherings. If you’re planning to invite around 10 people, you should be able to pay around $1000 for the whole evening. However, if your Thanksgiving dinner involves some extended family members, or you’re planning to throw a cool dinner party for employees, or you just have a lot of friends, then we recommend checking out the deals which already offer prices for the whole evening. In the latter option, you won’t have to worry too much if someone doesn’t show up (although we do recommend getting everyone to RSVP), and the price will probably be on the more affordable side than a per-person fee. If you want to keep the event even less expensive, then we recommend checking with the host if a BYOB option is available, giving you the chance to save some bucks on alcohol.
  2. Checking out the restaurant's reviews. Want to double-check if the place you’re after has had good opinions in the past? Thankfully, a lot of the places on our list are quite popular, and people have definitely left reviews on these lovely locations. Checking out reviews is a good way to feel more certain about the space you’re booking, so take a look at some of the opinions of guests who have gone before. But remember, if the restaurant doesn’t have many reviews, you might have just found one of those hidden gems which no one else really wants to share, and that’s a good thing too!
  3. Contact the manager about the menu options. This is probably going to be the most crucial part. After all, everyone is coming mainly for the food. Decide on either traditional cuisine, or something completely new for this holiday. Perhaps a modern approach to Thanksgiving dinners is something you’d like to try? Have a chat with the host about which options are available, and if you can customize the menu in any way. Ask your guests what their preferences are.
  4. Consider if you wish to have privacy. Perhaps you’d like a more private location for your Thanksgiving dinner? A restaurant with a private room (link to article) perhaps? Get away from the holiday’s busy places. A private room might be the ideal location to spend this time with family or friends in peace and quiet (and feel a little VIP-ish). Who said you couldn’t get even more fancy for this time of the year?
  5. Decide what type of restaurant you wish to rent. Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, and perhaps a traditional restaurant is not something that you have in mind. In San Diego you can also get cozy lounges and cool bars, some indoor spaces as well as outdoor. Expect some patios, gardens and terraces. There are also some unique spaces, just waiting to be found. Have you seen them on our list already?
  6. Set the perfect date. Although Thanksgiving has one official date, you might want to have the actual dinner on a different day. Especially if this is going to be one of the many Thanksgiving dinners you’ll be planning to attend. We recommend sticking to the general rule of renting holiday spaces no more than 2 weeks beforehand (otherwise isn’t it just a dinner, rather than a Thanksgiving dinner?). If you can allow it, you can also try to book the space on a weekday rather than a weekend for the more affordable prices that will likely be on offer. If the plan is to have just a couple of guests, perhaps set the date with them, so that everyone can make it.

FAQs about Thanksgiving Restaurants in San Diego, CA

How far in advance should I book a Thanksgiving restaurant in San Diego?

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the USA, so we recommend booking a space quite some time in advance. Try booking at least 8 weeks before the planned event, but if you want to be on the safe side, then we recommend renting the space even as far ahead as 3 months in advance. The time frame also depends on the number of guests you’re planning to invite.

How much do Thanksgiving restaurants in San Diego cost?

You can expect an average rental price of $40 per person. When it comes to San Diego, in general you can expect a variety of prices, and they all very much depend on the number of guests and what type of venue you decide to rent. If you want to check some more affordable options then make sure to filter the options with Tagvenue's search engine. (All data from

Can you recommend any large Thanksgiving restaurants in San Diego?

For sure! If you have a large family or are planning a huge corporate Thanksgiving dinner, San Diego has some fantastic restaurants that can fit a crowd. Don’t miss out on LAVO, situated in the Gaslamp Quarter. Such a gorgeous venue deserves a special mention, especially with its plant-filled interiors and dark wood details. It can seat up to 258 people, so none of your guests will be left behind! If that kind of elegance doesn’t really float your boat, then make sure to check out Bang Bang and consider making your Thanksgiving celebration more party-like! This restaurant has seats for 302 guests. Rooftop at La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites, on the other hand, is ideal for an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner for up to 140 seated guests.

Can I eat a traditional roast turkey for Thanksgiving in a restaurant in San Diego?

It really depends on the restaurant and what you decide with the host of the venue beforehand. In some locales, there will be typical Thanksgiving food options, while in others the restaurants’ official menus will stay the same. You can always try to negotiate a deal where you bring in some external catering to the venue, but that might mean you either have another chef cooking the meal, or you do the cooking yourself. Send a message to the host, and hopefully you’ll be able to come to an agreeable consensus.

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