Private Dining Rooms for Rent in Seattle, WA

Private Dining Rooms for Rent in Seattle, WA

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Top Private Dining Rooms in Seattle, WA

Have you been looking to rent the city’s no. 1 spot for private dining? Well, your search can stop here because Tagvenue offers the web’s best list of private dining rooms in Seattle. If you want to book a cozy space for you and your guests, you’ll be happy to find that we offer a selection of beautiful dining rooms which are bound to fulfill your heart’s desire. We know you need these spaces to be big or small, quirky or plain, and perfect for private parties and company meetings. But one thing we know for sure is that you’ll never be disappointed by choosing one of our carefully chosen places. Have we got your attention yet? Then keep scrolling to find out more!

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Private Dining Rooms Rental Guide

It’s time to dine in one of the fabulous private dining rooms in Seattle. The city is brimming with stunning locations with good food and refreshing drinks. The only thing left to do is to rent a space and enjoy your time with family and friends. Do you feel stuck about what to rent and how? Then keep scrolling to read about the city and your venue renting options! 

Is Seattle a good food city?

Seattle is a city that knows how to eat. It's home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and offers plenty of options for every kind of dinner: from fine-dining establishments to hidden spots with amazing menus. So what can you expect from Seattle? Well, it’s a city that values its residents, meaning you can be sure that the chefs and restaurant owners who call this place home care about their customers as much as they care about their food. In fact, many of these chefs are sourcing ingredients from local farmers and producers—and even growing their own produce—to ensure that they bring fresh, delicious meals to your table. And when you eat at one of these restaurants, you can feel confident in knowing that your meal was prepared by someone who cares deeply about what they're serving. One thing is clear: Seattle is definitely the place for you if you want a dining experience like no other!

There are many reasons why Seattle is such a great place for dining out. The first is that there are many types of restaurants available here. There are fine dining establishments where you can enjoy gourmet meals with friends or family members while sipping fine wine or champagne. There are also casual restaurants where you can grab a quick bite before returning home after work. Another reason Seattle is such a great place to dine out is its various cuisines. You can find everything from Italian restaurants to Indian food places (including venues with exotic food imported directly from overseas) all over the city. So no matter what type of food floats your boat, chances are you'll find a place where they serve your favorite dishes. Once you decide what kind of dining experience you’d like, perhaps it would also be a good time to start searching for the perfect private dining room. 

How to choose the best private dining room in Seattle

When looking for the best private dining room in Seattle, you should keep a few things in mind if you want to have the perfect afternoon.

First, think about what kind of experience you want. Are you looking for something elegant and quiet, or more casual and fun? Is your group going to be mainly adults or kids? Do you want to have a sit-down meal, or would you prefer to enjoy cocktail-style drinks? The experience will also depend on the type of special occasion you’re planning to dine. Is it going to be someone’s birthday? Perhaps you’re going to have an engagement party or bridal shower? A different situation would be when you’re inviting your coworkers or bosses for a business party. And of course there is always the casual experience of after work drinks, or a simple get together with friends. Think about what venue will suit each occasion best!

Second, consider the location of the restaurant. If it's too far from where your guests are staying, they may not feel comfortable making the trip or paying for parking when they arrive. Especially if you’re having a small get-together, establishing the location would be a nice thing to do for your friends. Of course, we can’t always do the best thing for everyone, so make sure you’re in line with most of the guests’ needs. Worst case scenario, rent a space near public transport so that nobody can make excuses. 

Third, what kind of ambiance do you want? Do you want an elegant atmosphere or something more casual? Which type of restaurant will work best for your needs? Will you opt for something stylish, where you’d have to dress up (and so would your guests)? Or would you rather stay low-key and laid back?

And last but not least, what is the budget? You should always consider your budget before making any decisions about where you will hold your event. You mustn’t go over it because this could lead to problems down the line. Instead, negotiate a discount, opt for a BYOB option, and try to do some decorating on your own to avoid additional costs.

Choosing private dining rooms in Seattle is never a wrong move if you want a top-notch dining experience. Explore unique locations we’ve picked for you, and check out the top private dining rooms in Seattle today. In need of some more info? Keep scrolling to check out our FAQ below.

FAQs about Private Dining Rooms in Seattle, WA

What are some of the best private dining rooms in Seattle?

  • An Event Space at Ada's at The Lab at Ada's. This private dining room can be booked at a price of $270 per hour. You can fit up to 43 people inside, which makes it the perfect location for a small, intimate dinner party. Located in Capitol Hill, it’s the ideal place if you want to get there by public transport.
  • Underground Saloon at Merchants Cafe and Saloon. One of our favorites. This gorgeous space is located in Pioneer Square, close to Pier 50 Seattle Dock. For a price of $1000 in minimum spend, it’s totally worth every penny. Inside you can find very unique historic decor.

How much do private dining rooms in Seattle cost?

You can find locations suited for all pockets. The prices start at an average of $70 per person. It's a pretty good price considering that you can find places in most of Seattle's neighborhoods in this price range. There are of course, some more expensive locations as well, with the highest price coming to an average of $90 per person. (All data from

How many people fit into private dining rooms in Seattle?

Private dining rooms tend to be on the smaller side. So if you’re planning to invite around 10 to 20 people, these event spaces are ideal for a dinner party of this size. You can also find spaces which accommodate up to 90 people.

Can I rent affordable private dining rooms in Seattle?

Fortunately, yes, you can! There are many affordable locations, perfect for any private event. Expect to have a great dinner, with a fabulous atmosphere in locations such as Seattle Bartending Co. At a price of $90 rental fee per hour, it’s a really great deal! If you want to make the renting experience more affordable, then try to negotiate a discount with the host, ask if a BYOB option is available, or rent during off season (preferably on weekdays).

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