Wedding Restaurants for Hire in Dublin

Wedding Restaurants for Hire in Dublin

Dublin awaits your love story. Browse our exclusive wedding restaurant options!

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Top Wedding Restaurants in Dublin

Celebrating your love in a restaurant has an undeniable charm, with the ambiance of an elegant evening celebration yet without any of the hassle of food preparation and cleanup. However, finding that special spot isn't always easy when you are searching on your own. With extensive listings of wedding restaurants located all across the city, Tagvenue has done the searching for you! Hop on our platform to explore some of Dublin's most amazing restaurants, and get ready to book your favourite today!

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FAQs about Wedding Restaurants in Dublin

Do Dublin restaurant wedding venues offer catering menus for special dietary requirements?

Absolutely! Take Cleaver East, for instance, they offer an extensive vegan and gluten-free wedding menu, ensuring your guests' dining comfort. For those looking to celebrate a kosher wedding, embracing the Jewish dietary laws (kashrut), the Traditional room at The Merry Ploughboy Pub is an excellent choice. Adding to your options, you can find various restaurant wedding venues in Dublin that are able to cater halal menus for Islamic weddings. Dublin's restaurant wedding venues are known for their adaptability, but if you want to know more, simply contact the venue manager via the enquiry button on our platform to sort out the details of your wedding’s menu.

What are the benefits of choosing a wedding restaurant in Dublin over a typical banquet hall?

One cannot wed well if one does not dine well. A wedding is a special occasion, and every detail should reflect that. 

  • Restaurants prioritise their culinary offerings, and by choosing a restaurant wedding venue, you ensure a top-shelf dining experience that can showcase the rich flavours of Dublin. 
  • Unlike some banquet halls with set packages, restaurants offer more flexibility regarding menu choices, seating arrangements, and customisation to align with your wedding’s catering vision or dietary requirements. 
  • Restaurants naturally provide a cosier atmosphere. Intimate settings can make guests feel more at home, fostering genuine interactions and heartfelt memories. Hosting your wedding in a restaurant perfectly marries guest-pleasing food with interiors that are elegant and pleasing to the eye.

How much does hiring a restaurant wedding venue in Dublin typically cost?

Wedding restaurants in Dublin typically charge from €600 to €1,500 per session, although some venues might lower this fee depending on your food spend. If you want a wedding package that includes everything, expect to pay from  €1,500 to €3,500. The guest and meal number can also influence the final price. So, when planning your wedding in Dublin, remember to consider the venue price, menu choices, and number of guests to get a clearer idea of costs. (All data from Tagvenue.)

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