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Wedding Venues for Hire in Dublin

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Top Wedding Venues in Dublin

Dublin is a city that is not afraid to recall its historic past, nor is it afraid to embrace the future - that’s why it’s the perfect place to hold a wedding! With an exciting range of venues on offer, from elegant historic buildings to modern hip venues, the possibilities are endless. Once you know your budget, and are ready to start your hunt for the perfect wedding site, check out all the top wedding venues in Dublin on our website.

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Wedding Venues Hire Guide

Dublin, with its wide range of venues, and amazing food culture, is a fabulous place for a wedding. The range of venues is extensive, and well able to suit all tastes. Many popular event venues are located in the city centre, also known as D2 to your postman. However, there are other popular sites both in the city and just outside. Check out the exciting and popular area known as Ra-Ra-Ra in D6 - Ranelagh, Rathmines and Rathgar. All are very accessible from the Dublin airport if you have visitors from outside the city to consider. 

If you are planning a Dublin wedding consider some of the latest wedding trends when you start your hunt. Remember -- ‘having fun’ is back in style. Ditch the serious traditional wedding and focus on something craic on your big day. Get your guests in on the action with a themed wedding and ask them to dress up. With all the unique wedding venues in the city, it won’t be hard to create a smashing event that will leave them talking. Historic ruins, orangeries or garden settings will all help set the mood.

Consider an elegant traditional wedding in the historic Royal College of Surgeons. You can even go traditional gothic in the 12th Century Medieval Crypt under Christ Church Cathedral. Have an intimate small wedding by candlelight in this highly atmospheric and romantic place.

Or perhaps you want a more intimate setting? Check out one of the cheaper restaurants on Fade Street. There are more unexpected and unique venues on offer, as well. The Gibson Hotel prides itself on offering ‘the urban wedding you’ve never dreamed of’ - why not check it out? If you want to take your wedding party onto the water, consider the boats that sail the canal between the bridges on Baggot Street and Leeson Street.

You might also hire one of the city’s many Georigian mansions, or, if you want to take the wedding outside town, investigate the area’s country mansions. You could contemplate a castle wedding, as well. The selection of castles is surprisingly plentiful including, Luttrellstown Castle near the city limits, or Ardgillan Castle, with views that overlook the North Sea - a sure place for some dramatic wedding photos.

FAQs about Wedding Venues in Dublin

What’s the price range for wedding venues in Dublin?

The price range for wedding venues in Dublin can vary depending on the location, size, and services offered by the venue. However, costs for smaller, more intimate venues can be as low as €165 per session and over 3000 per session for larger, more luxurious venues. Some venues also offer per person packages that include a set menu and some beverages, which can range from €43 to 83 per person. It's important to consider your budget and determine what is included in each package when selecting a wedding venue. Tagvenue lists a variety of options to fit every budget, so hop on to the platform and start browsing Dublin’s top wedding venues to find the perfect space for your special day. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What are some great wedding venues in Dublin?

Here are some of Tagvenue’s favourite picks:

  • The Combined Suites is perfect for weddings as well as parties and corporate events. This large room can accommodate up to 100 people. This location is certainly going to make your event memorable with its lovely decor, welcoming atmosphere, and first-rate service.
  • The Johnstown Estate’s ballroom is a versatile space that offers a grand and elegant setting for a dream wedding. Featuring a flexible layout that can be divided into two separate suites, each with its own private foyer and entrance, you'll have plenty of space to accommodate up to 650 guests.
  • Cleaver East is a classy restaurant that can accommodate up to 120 people, setting the tone for a memorable wedding experience. With its stylish decor and outstanding menu, Cleaver East’s service is ready to cater to your every need to make your wedding celebration unforgettable.

How can I plan a civil marriage in Dublin?

To have a civil marriage in Dublin, you will need to give notice of your intention to marry to a Registrar at least three months before your proposed wedding date. This can be done by appointment at a Civil Registration Service office in Dublin. On the day of your wedding, the ceremony will take place in the presence of a Registrar and two witnesses. There are a variety of venues in Dublin that are approved for civil ceremonies, a curated list of these venues is available on Tagvenue. It is recommended to book your venue and the Registrar as early as possible to ensure availability on your preferred date.

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