21st Birthday Party Venues for Hire in Dublin

21st Birthday Party Venues for Hire in Dublin

Our wide range of birthday party venues ensures you'll find the perfect setting.

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Top 21st Birthday Party Venues in Dublin

Dublin is a city where you can celebrate your one-in-a-lifetime 21st birthday party! Explore Ireland's capital's most amazing 21st birthday party venues for hire. This lively and fantastic city is a true gem, offering a fascinating mix of culture, gastronomy, and impressive architecture. Our broad selection of unique party spaces spans from trendy cocktail bars with live music to elegant private function rooms in charming boutique hotels, ensuring you'll find the perfect venue to make your 21st birthday party in Dublin unforgettable. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive into Dublin's incredible party spots and prepare for your exceptional birthday!

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FAQs about 21st Birthday Party Venues in Dublin

How much does it cost to hire a 21st-birthday party venue in Dublin?

The cost of hiring a 21st birthday party venue in Dublin can vary significantly depending on the venue's location, capacity, and type. If you opt for a venue outside the city centre, you can expect a quite budget-friendly hire fee, ranging from €125-€350 per session.
However, for a more sophisticated option like a restaurant in the heart of the city, you might be looking at a cost of about €500 to even €3000 per session.

Many venues in Dublin offer event package options ,where you can choose a set menu of food, drinks, desserts and appetisers. Every venue offers slightly different options, but the prices can range from approximately €30 to €65 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Where are the best spots in Dublin for a 21st birthday party?

Dublin's vibrant nightlife thrives in the city centre, particularly in the area south of the River Liffey, known as the South Side. This area boasts a high concentration of nightclubs, making it an excellent spot for a 21st birthday bash. Another place that's definitely worth checking out is Grafton Street. It’s famous for its nightly street entertainment, and it  provides a unique and exciting backdrop for a memorable 21st birthday celebration.

How many people should I invite to my 21st birthday party in Dublin?

When celebrating a 21st birthday party, the typical number of guests is between 10 and 15. This can vary depending on personal preference and the capacity of your venue. It's essential to strike a balance between an intimate gathering of friends and creating an energetic atmosphere. It's your special day, so make sure to celebrate it with those who mean the most to you!

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