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Have you ever attended a party at a friend's place and wondered how you could throw one yourself? Or looked at your own house's back garden or a lawn and not see how you could host such a big event? Well, not all of us are lucky enough to have spacious backyards or even big houses and Tagvenue knows it. That’s why we've compiled a list of top-notch outdoor party venues in Manchester that are suitable for any budget! So get the ball rolling and discover your new favourite space for a memorable outdoor bash now!

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Outdoor Party Venues Hire Guide

Outdoor Party Venues in Manchester FAQ

How much does it cost to rent an outdoor party venue in Manchester?

The average price of a full buyout is between £300 - £1000. But the final price will depend on the size of the venue, the facilities available and whether or not you'd like to rent it for the whole day or just part. Prices for per person packages cost between £10 and £35+ and usually include some drinking and eating options. (All data from Tagvenue.com.)

Can I throw a rooftop party in Manchester?

Sure! If you’re thinking about how to elevate your next party, picking a rooftop venue can be a grand slam! There are many rooftop options in Manchester available on our platform, like this one, which offers a comfortable and elegant setting matched with great views. And in case you’re looking for something more upscale, check out areas around Deansgate station.

What type of outdoor party venues can I hire in Manchester?

There are many different types of outdoor venues for hire in Manchester, including rooftops, gardens, patios, terraces and courtyards. All these venues can add their own unique features and benefits to your party. So it’s best to think beforehand about how you envision your party to pick the best space that will elevate it.

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