Lecture Theatres for Hire in Liverpool

Lecture Theatres for Hire in Liverpool

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Top Lecture Theatres in Liverpool

In Liverpool, a city that harmoniously intertwines the musical legacy of The Beatles with its academic culture, the diverse list of lecture theatres for rent testifies to its multi-faceted charm. Navigating the city’s lively streets and echoing past melodies, finding the ideal lecture theatre can be exciting yet challenging. Liverpool has it all, whether you're attracted to the architecture of traditional lecture halls from the 19th in Liverpool’s City Centre or modern auditoriums in Vauxhall equipped with the latest technology. Tagvenue's platform details the features of each venue, ensuring that your decision-making process is both informed and smooth. 


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FAQs about Lecture Theatres in Liverpool

Which are the best lecture theatres in Liverpool?

When hiring lecture theatres in Liverpool, consider the following venues:

  • Liverpool Medical Institution Conference Centre is located in Knowledge Quarter, a hub of intellect and culture. Its wedge-shaped theatre lecture hall can accommodate 120 attendees in two seating tiers. While this XIXth-century venue owes its excellent acoustics to old construction techniques, it doesn’t lack modern audiovisual equipment. Hiring costs begin at £25 per person, with included extras such as beverages, lunch, and writing materials. 
  • The Grand Hall at The Florrie: Situated a stone's throw from Princes Park, this venue is ideal for medium to large events. Ideal for grand conferences, award nights, or seminars, this hall can host up to 360 guests in theatre style. Among its features are ambient lighting, PA systems, an expansive stage, acoustic curtains, and microphones. The daily hire fee starts from £95. For those seeking a touch of history, the same building houses the Victorian Gymnasium room, echoing similar facilities.
  • Capstone Theatre at Creative Campus, a hop away from Everton Park, is a true gem surrounded by greenery and academic facilities. Capstone’s building auditorium, with tiered seating and four intimate viewing boxes, can accommodate up to 260 individuals. It's further enhanced with artist dressing rooms, practice spaces, and cutting-edge lighting and sound facilities. The hire fee ranges from £600 to £1000 per day, depending on your needs.

Are there any wheelchair-accessible lecture theatres in Liverpool?

Certainly! Liverpool prioritises inclusivity in its array of lecture theatres, lecture halls, and auditoriums. Here's a snapshot:

  • Odeon Liverpool ONE: This modern cinema-like lecture theatre ensures an inclusive experience. Not only does it offer 2 dedicated wheelchair spaces, but attendees can also enjoy seamless, step-free access. 
  • The Florrie: This historic gem is as accommodating as it is beautiful. Along with its lecture halls and auditoriums, The Florrie has disabled access toilets, a lift to all its floors, and the added convenience of designated disabled parking spaces.
  • Mersey at Pullman: This versatile space is equally suited for lectures or conferences near the scenic Albert Dock. With a commitment to accessibility, it ensures that everyone, irrespective of mobility constraints, can participate and engage fully

How much does hiring a lecture theatre in Liverpool cost?

The cost of hiring a lecture theatre in Liverpool varies based on several factors, including its capacity, location, and amenities. 

Cost per person or per hour: Hiring rates for lecture theatres in Liverpool typically range from £30 to £100. This could be based on a per-person pricing package or an hourly rate, depending on the venue's policy and the nature of your event.

  • Cost per day: If you're considering booking a lecture theatre for an entire day, anticipate costs that stretch from £400 to £900. This would be especially suited for day-long seminars, conferences, or workshops
  • It's important to note that these figures are general estimates, and actual costs can fluctuate. The location of the lecture theatre, whether it's close to popular spots like Liverpool Waterfront or along the Queensway Tunnel, and the facilities provided, such as audio-visual equipment or catering, can influence these rates. Always ensure you communicate your specific requirements to the venue manager and get a clear quote to avoid any unexpected expenses. (All data from Tagvenue.)

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