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It looks like you have a big conference to plan! If you’re looking for conference venues in the City Centre, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Tagvenue, we list the top locations in downtown Manchester, and we’re sure you will soon find one for your event. Venues here are filled with state-of-the-art equipment, beautiful designs, the finest caterers, and staff that is ready to help. City Centre knows how to host a conference! So don’t wait any longer. Hop to our search bar, set in your requirements, and book your conference venue in just a few clicks!

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City Centre Venues Hire Guide

Manchester is a bustling city that is filled with thriving businesses and organisations. The city centre area is a popular place to host conferences and retreats alike. If you’re in need of a conference room in Manchester city centre, you’ve come to the right place.

Not sure how much you should expect to pay for a conference venue in Manchester city centre? We’ve got your back! Here are the two most common pricing models:

  • Conference venues typically use the hire fee pricing structure. Most venues charge a hire fee for a half day or full day, depending on how long you need the venue for. The cost in Manchester city centre ranges from £45/ hour for a small meeting room, up to £1500/day for a big conference room.
  • The per person or per delegate pricing structure is also used occasionally for conference venues. This price structure is commonly used by hotel venues. The per person cost city centre area ranges from £30-£80 per person.

Still a bit baffled on where exactly you should organise your conference? Here are the three most popular locations for conferences in Manchester city centre:

  • Windmill Street – Windmill Street hosts some of the largest conference centres in the city of Manchester – making it one of the most popular areas to host retreats and conferences.
  • Manchester Central Library Area – The Manchester Library is a beautiful landmark in the centre of Manchester. There are numerous hotels in the area that offer meeting rooms and conference packages.
  • Sackville Street – There are several large conference venues on and around this street. This location is close to Mancunian Way, making it easily accessible for all who are attending the conference.

Conference Venues in City Centre FAQ

Can you recommend any conference venues in the City Centre?

Here at Tagvenue, we gather only the best places Manchester has to offer, but here are our top picks for conference venues:

  • Department Bonded Warehouse - A 19th-century warehouse redesigned to serve as a modern business hub. State-of-art equipment, on-site tech support, and a community management team are what will make your next conference here a success. Rated 5.0/5
  • Manchester Hall - Set in the very heart of Manchester, this historic venue has everything you need if you want to wow your guests. Historic interior design, modern facilities, and multiple rooms to choose from will ensure that you have the best conference experience. Rated 4.9/5
  • Yotel Manchester Deansgate - If you’re looking for a unique venue to host your next conference, this location is perfect for you. Unusual design, great coffee, and modern facilities will make your conference run smoothly. Rated 4.7/5

How far in advance should I book a conference venue in the City Centre?

The earlier you book your conference venue, the better. To get the best price on your venue, it’s recommended that you book it at least three months prior to your event date. For bigger events, secure your venue even up to a year in advance. This way, you’ll ensure that the venues you’re interested in are available on the dates and times that you need them, as well as you’ll give yourself plenty of time to plan accordingly.

What types of conference venues can I find in Manchester’s City Centre?

Manchester’s City Centre offers a wide range of conference venues, and you will surely be able to find one for your event. Among the most popular are specially designed conference rooms, which focus on hosting large conferences. Hotels with function rooms will be perfect for a few-day event. Halls and museums are also great places for conferences, as they are designed to accommodate large groups. Refurbished warehouses make for a great professional venue if you’re looking for something unique. Some restaurants will also have separate board rooms, where you can host a small seminar or a hybrid conference.

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