5 office party ideas you must know

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What comes to your mind when you think about an office party? Can you see the picture…? Is it a disaster, embarrassing experience you want to erase from your memory, a never-ending story, where everyone is checking their watches every minute, or super boring and the most uptight event of your life? We’ve all been there and we don’t want to go back there anymore.

An office party is indeed a serious task, mostly because you have to balance two very different subjects: your responsibility and your guests’ fun.

If you are still reading this, it means that you are planning to organize one of the most challenging events. But don’t worry – we have some great office party ideas that will get you through these difficult times and will let you organize the best office party ever.

 1. Find the right venue

Don’t get us wrong, but if you think that the local bar next door will do the trick, then you are wrong! Find the venue that suits your needs and is able to provide all the support you are expecting, such as an open bar, bartenders, professional staff, IT support, DJ, etc.

The right venue is a place that’s easy to reach for everybody, therefore compromising on a location might be necessary – think about it carefully in advance.

A truly unique but also familiar space for your guests will make everyone feel welcome and comfortable at all times.

2. Get the drinks going

Maybe nothing helps better to let off steam and break the ice than a glass of good wine or a fancy drink with a colourful umbrella and tropical fruits. Who doesn’t love them?

You might want to slow down after a while with those, so remember to provide also a variety of non-alcoholic beverages – actually the more the merrier, and the more spectacular, the more inviting for the eyes.

3. Pump up the volume

Don’t be shy with the fun people are having. Let it be, and enjoy yourself! A relaxed manager who easily mingles with a smile on their face is a sign that everyone is having fun and everything is under control, as planned. Enjoy this moment you have together.

4. Make it special

Next good office party idea is a theme office party, because… why not? We know that many tried before us and most of them have fallen but not you! Imagine your event surrounded by medieval walls in a castle, with people dressed up as queens and kings… Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Move your imagination – only your budget is your limit.

5. Last but not least: say thank you.

This party is for everyone you work with, it’s a special occasion, so use all your budget and don’t be cheap. Show your appreciation with generosity, unforgettable atmosphere, amazing food, quirky drinks, good music and little goodbye gifts.

Remember to avoid any unnecessary stress, this will guarantee relaxed and fun office party. Take photos for good memories and to share on your social media sites. Also, we deeply recommend you to make a good use of our office party ideas – we really know this business well!

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