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22 Must-Try Online Trivia Games to Play on Zoom in 2023

22 Must-Try Online Trivia Games to Play on Zoom in 2023

Published on 12th May 2023
Virtual events22 Must-Try Online Trivia Games to Play on Zoom in 2023

Are you looking for a simple and fun way to bring some entertainment into your everyday routine? Anyone who manages a remote team knows how important team building activities are! Trivia games have gained massive popularity, and not without reason: they provide a fun and challenging experience while also promoting learning and knowledge-sharing! 

We’ve compiled a list of the best online trivia games to play with your team that you can’t miss out on! So whether you’re looking for fully hosted activities to bond with your coworkers or quick games you can play on Zoom during virtual lunchtime, we’ve got something for you!

What are trivia games?

Trivia games are basically quizzes where the competitors answer questions about various interesting and fun subjects! They’re usually about unimportant topics – trivial – and including things like pop culture, sports, and random facts about the world. However, some online trivia games for adults touch upon more serious issues, such as diversity or climate change.

In short, virtual trivia quizzes are there to test your teams’ knowledge in an engaging way. They often consist of multiple-choice questions and fact matching, but you’ll find online trivia with different kinds of minigames in our guide! So, to discover the exciting world of virtual trivia games for teams, just keep on reading!

How can trivia games benefit my team?

You might look at online trivia games as purely entertaining activities, but what if we told you they can provide numerous benefits for professional teams? Playing trivia together could help your team build stronger relationships by providing an engaging platform for communication and collaboration. They also promote healthy competition and teamwork, which will boost morale.

Additionally, trivia games have many benefits that help with performance and employee engagement. Aside from testing everyone’s knowledge, they improve cognitive skills, including attention and problem-solving. Your team will relax, bond, and enhance their skills by playing virtual trivia games!

Best Trivia Games for Competitive Teams

Is your team always looking for a healthy dose of competition? If so, you’ll be ecstatic to discover the range of various online trivia games you can play on our platform! From classic team-building trivia to full-blown game shows, there are activities to keep you entertained for the next few quarters.

1. The Team Quest

The Team Quest - A Virtual Trivia Game
The Team Quest – A Virtual Trivia Game
  • Pricing: from £16/$19 per person
  • Group size: 6-400
  • Duration: 60 minutes

To start off strong, we present to you the ultimate virtual trivia game for teams! The Team Quest is an interactive experience that can be tailored to your needs and preferences, including various themes, challenges, and difficulty levels. The classic version of this activity features games such as Karaoke, Guess the Celebrity, and Emoji Riddles!

If all that hasn’t convinced you yet, know that our professional hosts will make sure your team has the best bonding experience possible. Nothing but benefits, right?

2. Yolking from Home – Family Feud

Yolking from Home - Family Feud
Yolking from Home – Family Feud
  • Pricing: from £520/$725
  • Group size: 8-180
  • Duration: 75 minutes

Reconnecting with your colleagues just got even more fun! If you’re looking for a remote activity that includes classic trivia, creative challenges, and team building exercises, Yolking from Home is for you! This hosted activity was inspired by the iconic Family Feud TV game show, so you know it’s got the entertainment element right.

3. The Big Virtual Game Show

The Big Virtual Game Show
The Big Virtual Game Show
  • Pricing: from £450/$635
  • Group size: 6-60
  • Duration: 75 minutes

The Big Virtual Game Show is not your ordinary trivia game on Zoom – it’s so much more! The diverse rounds of minigames will take you back in time to the iconic game shows of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. From unique ice-breakers to a virtual scavenger hunt and plenty of trivia-focused activities, you’re in for a treat with this game.

4. Around the World

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Around the World Virtual Icebreaker
  • Pricing: from £16/$22 per person
  • Group size: 8-500
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Mr. Worldwide x virtual trivia? Well, that’s how you can sum up our Around the World Virtual Icebreaker! This activity is a trivia game with a twist. Your team will visit seven locations around the world and play minigames that test your knowledge of various locations, history, and culture. This game is great not only for collaboration and networking, but also for culture building in your company!

5. Virtual Movie Night Trivia

Virtual Trivia Night
Virtual Movie Night Trivia
  • Pricing: from £16/$19 per person
  • Group size: 6-400
  • Duration: 30-60 minutes

If you have any movie nerds in your team, it’s their time to shine! With our fun and engaging Movie Night Trivia, you can achieve all your team building goals. An entertaining activity? Check! Focus on collaboration and communication? Check! Fun memories together? About to be created!

An additional benefit is that your employees will have a great excuse to re-watch The Lord of the Rings or a few episodes of Friends before the activity. It’s called preparing for a work event!

6. Spooky Team Quest

Halloween Virtual Trivia Game
The Spooky Team Quest – Virtual Halloween
  • Pricing: from £16/$20 per person
  • Group size: 6-400
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Whether it’s Halloween or not, the Spooky Team Quest is a brilliant choice for any team that loves the spooky season! Our classic minigames, including pictionary and trivia, will send a chill down your spine. Find out something new about the holiday and your coworkers – let’s just hope there are no skeletons in the closet!

7. Special Edition

image 22
Special Edition
  • Pricing: £2020
  • Group size: 50-300
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Hosted by a leading improvisational troupe, Special Edition is a fully immersive trivia game! The questions will be personalised for your team and accompanied by a performance filled with interactive scenes where you will be making the decisions.

How to choose a virtual trivia activity for a competitive team?

Start by thinking of what your team will enjoy the most! Our activities include different event formats, including various minigames and styles of play. Game show-inspired activities are a great and unique way to bond and connect with your remote team, so go for that if you’re looking for the most dynamic option! But don’t overlook other activities – if you enjoy the minigames, you can try them out in a variety of different themes and sets!

Our pick: Around the World 🌍 –  It broadens your horizons, helps you reconnect with your remote colleagues, and provides plenty of fun. Chef’s kiss!

Online Trivia Games for a Healthy Work Environment

Did you know you can boost your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and sustainability goals through a few rounds of trivia? Of course, they are not a complete solution, but team-building activities are a great first step in building a healthy workplace! Are you ready to dive into our selection of virtual trivia for teams that focus on diversity and wellbeing?

8. Virtual Earth Day Trivia

Earth Day Trivia and Mini Games for virtual and hybrid teams
Virtual Earth Day Trivia
  • Pricing: from £16/$19 per person
  • Group size: 6-400
  • Duration: 30-60 minutes

Virtual Earth Day Trivia aims to promote eco-awareness and educate your team on topics connected to climate change and the environment. If you prioritise corporate sustainability, this activity is an excellent way to combine it with team building. Your employees might want to start reading up on the history of Earth Day and environmental organisations to ace this one!

9. Mental Health Awareness Trivia

Mental health awareness trivia and mini games
Mental Health and Wellbeing Mini-games
  • Pricing: from £250/$310
  • Group size: 6-300
  • Duration: 30-60 minutes

Mental health is an issue that you can’t overlook in the workplace. Among many other wellbeing activities, our Mental Health & Wellness Mini-games can boost your teams’ happiness and attitude in an exciting way! Take a deep dive into the human brain, understand the complexity of mental health, and get to know your colleagues in a meaningful way.

This activity will make your employees feel more included and understood in the workplace, no matter what they’re struggling with! Additionally, it drives conversations and positive change in work culture.

10. Virtual Women’s History Month Trivia

Women's day and Women's history month mini games and trivia
Virtual Women’s History Month Trivia
  • Pricing: from £16/$22 per person
  • Group size: 6-400
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Celebrate great women through history with this engaging and educational trivia game! Do you acknowledge women’s achievements in your workplace? If you feel like you’re lacking in this aspect, the Women’s History Month Trivia can be a great place to start! Your crew will compete in several rounds of activities, including classic trivia questions, true or false, and buzz-in. 

11. Pride Month Virtual Trivia

Pride Trivia for virtual and hybrid teams
Virtual Pride Month Trivia
  • Pricing: from £16/$22 per person
  • Group size: 8-500
  • Duration: 75 minutes

How much do you know about the LGBTQ+ history and community? Hopefully a lot, otherwise you’ll struggle to win at Pride Month Virtual Trivia! Featuring Face Mashups, Music Games, and much more, this virtual team building activity is a source of entertainment and an opportunity to build a safer, more inclusive work environment! 

12. Black History Month Virtual Trivia

Black History Month Trivia and mini games for work
Black History Month Virtual Trivia
  • Pricing: from £16/$22 per person
  • Group size: 8-500
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Black History Month Trivia gives your team the chance to learn about the history and culture of Black communities, no matter the time of the year. Learn about Black artists, historical figures, and authors through a few rounds of engaging trivia games! You can pair this trivia game with other DEI activities if you want to take the allyship in your company to the next level.

13. Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Trivia

St patrick's mini games and trivia game for virtual and hybrid teams
Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Trivia
  • Pricing: from £16/$19 per person
  • Group size: 8-500
  • Duration: 30-60 minutes

Put on your best green outfits, grab a pint (if it’s an after-work event, of course), and see if you have the Luck of the Irish! St. Patrick’s Day Trivia will teach you about the history and culture of the Emerald Isle, the saint, and the holiday itself. It’s a fabulous culture-building activity and an excuse to do a virtual happy hour with Guinness, which is the perfect combo!

How to choose a trivia game for a healthy work environment?

Before you book a hosted trivia experience, figure out your goals. Do you want to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at your workplace, focus on your employees’ wellbeing, or kickstart your sustainability goals? It’s best to start with what seems like the most pressing matter or simply go by seasonality. Maybe some significant dates or dedicated months are coming up and you want to celebrate with a virtual trivia game?

Our pick: Mental Health Awareness Trivia 🌱 – We believe mental wellbeing should be a priority in every workplace! With this activity, you can educate your employees and listen to their insights, which enables you to create a safer work environment.

Holiday Online Trivia Games for Teams

Are you already planning activities for the festive season? In this case, you can’t miss out on Holiday themed trivia! Christmas is the time when most companies decide to throw parties, meetups, and other team building events. If you’re working remotely and can’t meet up in person, a virtual trivia game is the ideal way to bond and share the festive spirit!

14. Around the World Holiday Edition

Around the world, virtual icebreaker for holiday season
Around the World Holiday Edition
  • Pricing: from £16/$22 per person
  • Group size: 8-500
  • Duration: 60 minutes

If you like the concept of virtual globetrotting, you’ll love the Holiday Edition! Find out how much you know about holidays from around the world, from Hanukkah to the Festival of Lights! You can’t miss out on the opportunity to find out some amusing holiday-related facts about your coworkers, right? Aside from trivia, this activity features Pictionary, so get ready to unleash your creativity!

15. Christmas Essential Trivia

Christmas essential trivia and mini games that can be played online
Christmas Essential Trivia
  • Pricing: from £16/$22 per person
  • Group size: 8-500
  • Duration: 60 minutes

‘Tis the season of cheer, kindness, and… trivia! As the name suggests, our Christmas Trivia is essential for any proper workplace celebration. Test your team’s knowledge in several rounds of Holiday trivia, accompanied by entertaining team-building games! Our jolly host will ensure everyone leaves the experience in good spirits – unless they are a particularly sore loser, that is.

16. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Mixology class and trivia games for holiday season
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree
  • Pricing: from £65/$80 per person
  • Group size: 10-500
  • Duration: 120 minutes

What’s better than a fantastic Christmas activity? Two fantastic Christmas activities, of course! Especially for the most fun-focused teams out there, we’ve combined Holiday trivia with a virtual cocktail-making workshop. You’ll start with the mixology class and then move on to a few rounds of trivia minigames. Will the cocktails make you an expert on all things Christmas? Rock around the Christmas tree and find out!

How to choose the perfect Holiday online trivia game?

You can’t go wrong with any Holiday trivia game, so pay attention to the ‘technical’ details – price, duration, and group size. Decide how much time and money you want to spend on the activity, it will make the decision so much easier!

Our pick: Rockin Around the Christmas Tree 🎄🍸 – We simply had to go for that one. Holiday trivia is fun, but adding some drinks and banter takes it to the next level!

Free Virtual Trivia Games to Play on Zoom

If you’re looking for a more low-key trivia game to play regularly with your team, you’ll love the selection of free trivia quizzes you can play online. They are also the perfect budget-friendly option and risk-free way to check if your team enjoys trivia at all! 

It’s simple: join the game, jump on a video call, and have fun with your colleagues, either competing or collaborating. It’s a fantastic team bonding experience and a great break from the workday routine!

17. Trivia Crack

image 33

Trivia Crack is a classic among free online trivia games! To play it, your team will have to download an app on your phones, but it will be worth it. Spin the wheel, answer correctly and collect all the characters to win the game! It’s a fun and easy way to test your co-workers’ knowledge.


GuessTheSong is one of many music-centred trivia games you can play on Zoom! The rules are simple: a popular tune starts playing, and whoever guesses it first gets the points. In this game, you can choose between different sets of songs, including 70s hits and meme songs. It’s one of the most entertaining activities to play with your colleagues, and it’s quite quick – you can easily fit it as an icebreaker during your meetings!

19. GeoTastic

image 34

Are typical trivia quizzes too boring for your team? Do you want to put your knowledge to the test in a more practical way? In GeoTastic, your team is dropped in a random location with the goal of figuring out where they are. Let’s see who can figure it out based on road signs, plants, and other clues!

20. Two Truths and a Lie

If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t require any apps or platforms, just your team and their imagination, Two Truths and a Lie is perfect for you! The rules are simple: when it’s their turn, each player comes up with three statements, one of which is false. Then the rest of the team asks questions to figure out what the lie is! Doesn’t it sound like the perfect opportunity to learn new things about your colleagues?

21. Psych!

We are looking at another app that offers a unique take on trivia games. Psych! is all about… the wrong answers! This game has different game modes, but the goal of most of them is the same: make up a fake answer and trick your teammates into choosing it. Who can cheat the trivia system best? Who’s got enough charm to mislead their colleagues? Let’s find out!

How to choose a free virtual trivia game to play with your colleagues?

The world of free trivia quizzes for adults presents more opportunities than you might think! When choosing the right game to play with your remote team, think of your interests, time frame, and technical abilities. If you know your teammates might struggle with downloading apps on their phones or using online platforms, go for something like Two Truths and a Lie. All it requires is a video call! 

Our pick: Trivia Crack ❓ – You’ve got to appreciate a classic like that! It’s a versatile option: you can play a round with your team during lunch or turn it into a full-blown tournament. Simply fabulous!

Bonus Idea

22. DIY Trivia

image 32

If you’re willing to spend a bit more time preparing for the activity, you can create your own quiz and make the trivia more personalised than ever! Use a website like Quiz Maker to prepare a game in just a few minutes. Some of the top trivia topics for remote companies include:

  • Coworker Fun Facts
  • Last Year at the Company
  • Company Culture

Why take the time to do it? Making a DIY online trivia game for your team allows you to educate everyone about the company and lets the employees get to know each other better. And you can reuse it later as a part of onboarding!

Final Notes

Are you ready to test your knowledge and see who’s the trivia master at your company? Whether you go for hosted activities or free virtual quizzes, one thing is for sure: you’ll have plenty of fun! If you’re looking for even more activities for team building and entertainment with your remote team, check out even more games to play on Zoom.


What is a trivia game?

Trivia is a game that tests your knowledge of a chosen topic, usually through questions, but it can also include other fun activities! The subjects of trivia quizzes can vary anywhere from pop culture to social issues, so you’ll easily find something that fits your needs. These games are the perfect team building exercise for  your company, and they are easy to play online!

How can trivia games help my team bond?

Trivia games where your colleagues team up to answer questions together will make them bond over a common cause, even though it’s rather trivial! These games are a source of healthy competition, which strengthens relationships and builds new bonds. On top of that, playing trivia together means making fun memories! Having these activities to go back to and chat about will ensure your team can continue to bond going forward.

How much does it cost to play trivia games with my colleagues?

Depending on what type of game you pick, the costs can range from nothing to quite a lot. Remember to figure out your budget in advance to figure out what your possibilities are. Hosted trivia games for groups can start as low as £16/$19 per person or £250/$310 per event. However, the most bespoke remote events can cost you around £2020 or even £65/$80 per person!

How do I book a hosted trivia activity?

If you want to book a trivia game on Tagvenue Virtual, you can use our enquiry form or send an email to The more details you provide, the more accurate information you’ll get back! We’ll share the availability and pricing with you, so we can figure out the best possible option for your needs. Once you decide to book the virtual event, you’ll receive a booking confirmation, an invoice, and a safe payment link.

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