Unique Wedding Venues for Rent in Miami, FL

Unique Wedding Venues for Rent in Miami, FL

One-of-a-kind event locations for a very special occasion!

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Top Unique Wedding Venues in Miami, FL

Don’t miss out on these unique wedding venues in Miami! Have you thought about what types of locations you’re after? No matter the choice, we’re here to get you going with some fab wedding spots which will make anyone want to say “I do”. Offering decor so fancy, and impeccable cuisine - you won’t find locations like these anywhere else: terraces and gardens, one-of-a-kind bars and lounges. You won’t have anyone running away from the altar with this nice selection! Check out some amazing unique wedding venues in Miami below.

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Unique Wedding Venues Rental Guide

When people mention quirky and original, they think of you straight away. Why? Because you’re the type of person to choose the most fun and unique things available! Which is exactly why we’re not surprised you’ve chosen to search for unique wedding venues in Miami. Your Big Day is slowly approaching, and with those looks and that personality, you’re totally going to steal the show. As for us, we’ve looked left, right and center to pick out only the best and most out-of-the-ordinary venues we could find, to make sure you’ll have a truly special day. With some great indoor and outdoor spots, entire venues and special event spaces, you’re going to find a wedding location in just a couple of clicks. Make sure to check out our search engine filters, and book the event space of your dreams. And don’t wait too long in case someone else snatches it right from under your nose!

Before you book - how do you feel about some fun and original ideas to go with your unique wedding venue? We thought long and hard and decided to prepare some tips and tricks to make it truly a day to remember. 

How to make your wedding stand out

  • Create a unique backdrop for your wedding pictures. The venue itself is already going to be a lovely setting for your pictures - but having an area designated specifically for photos is a total wedding must. If there’s a quirky wall in the venue, you can opt to leave that space for your photographer and his creative inventions. Prepare some decorations and costumes for your guests, and let them have some fun during the picture taking. And how do you feel about actually making the backdrop yourself? For example, hanging a print up on the wall of the venue and posing in front of it. It could include some fun drawings, photos - or you could even get your guests to create something on it so you could take it home. 
  • Get your guests some welcoming gifts as they reach their seats. It doesn’t have to be anything big (although you can go all in with a whole goodie bag), but perhaps something symbolic which will make your guests think of you when they take it home. Some homemade food, a little bottle of alcohol, a mascot or maybe a little plant which they could grow in their homes? Make it memorable.
  • Send out an invite to a famous person who you’d love to see at your wedding. The probability of them coming to your wedding is quite slim, we do have to say. But on the rare occasion that someone you look up does show up to your Big Day - wouldn’t that make it a wedding to remember? Other than that, you might get a lovely card with some nice wishes from your favorite celebrity. What a fantastic surprise would that be!
  • Get a live painter. Ever wanted a painting of yourself? How about having someone there during your wedding party to paint what they see live? It could be your wedding portrait, a scene from the ceremony that the painter sees, or the whole party as a backdrop and you at the front? Hang it up on your wall, when the day is over, and think back on the day, every day!
  • Get your wedding pictures done in a unique spot. Are you having your party in town? Then why not head somewhere cool in the area and get your pictures taken there? It might be inside public transport, or an area of town which is unlikely to have a bride and groom roaming the streets? The area might seem grim day to day - but with your presence and clothes, the experience will be memorable not only for you, but for the people around you too! Plus, think how fun these parts of town will seem after this day, you’ll be remembering your wedding day every time you walk the busy streets of Miami.
  • Get the groom personalized cufflinks. It’s no secret that men like to feel special too. Weddings do tend to be a lot about the bride, since it is her looking absolutely gorgeous and out of the ordinary in the huge white dress. Let the man have his cufflinks! They could include some initials, a favorite hobby of his, or have something to do with something he loves. Surprise him on the wedding day - he’s bound to love this idea!
  • Customize the cake and make it a part of the decorations. Get your cake looking fab from a baker you admire. Have it made into any shape or form (these days the bakeries really do go cray with the designs). If you have a theme for the wedding in mind, then make the cake go along with it and put it in a spot to be admired by everyone. A photogenic cake? Yes please!

How do you feel about the unique wedding ideas? Saw anything that you’d like to implement to your party? These days the sky really is the limit… but what about the time? Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the wedding venues we have in store for you. Get booking right away!

FAQs about Unique Wedding Venues in Miami, FL

What’s the cost for unique wedding venues in Miami?

You can expect a price range of $20 to $60 per person. Unique wedding venues in Miami tend to be on the more affordable side, so you’re in for a treat right there. Actually the lowest price per person is $45. For example, you can check out this venue, which offers one of the lowest prices available here on Tagvenue. (All data from Tagvenue.com)

What unique wedding venues in Miami can I book?

We recommend you check out Waterfront Weddings at Monty's Coconut Grove, which is a gorgeous venue with views of the marina. With delicious cuisine and a stunning decor, you’ll not only feel fab, but also all of your guests will for sure enjoy this glamorous experience. And if that’s not really a location you’re looking for, then why not take a look at Waterfront Weddings at Monty's Coconut Grove. This outdoor location is perfect for a summer wedding - relax, eat and enjoy the view!

What types of cuisine can I expect in wedding venues in Miami?

Look through our list of Cuban-style bites and drinks, Mexican, Italian and more. And of course, if you don’t see anything that looks particularly tempting to you - you can always ask the host of the venue if any BYOB options are allowed. If you love the venue itself, why not bring your own homemade food or other external catering you can enjoy in the event space of your choice?

How far in advance should I book a wedding venue in Miami?

You should aim to book a wedding venue around one year prior to your wedding. For this special occasion, it’s crucial to book as soon as you can because event spaces sell out quicker than you know. Couples want to rent the best spaces possible (which are exactly the type of spaces we have), so don’t miss your chance!

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