Party Boats for Rent in New York City, NY

Party Boats for Rent in New York City, NY

Choose the perfect party vessel for your bash in NYC!

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Top Party Boats in New York City, NY

Step into the vibrant energy of New York City, where private party boats promise an unforgettable experience for any event! Let the mesmerizing skyline be the backdrop for your celebration as you glide along the iconic rivers of NYV Whether you're envisioning a lavish yacht affair, a lively booze cruise, or a tailored corporate event, we're here to streamline the planning process like never before. Dive into our selection of boats for hire and elevate your party to new heights! Discover your ideal vessel and secure your booking in moments!

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Party Boats Rental Guide

This summer, crank up the fun and dive into the ultimate party wave with NYC's hottest party boats! Forget the usual chill-out spots at waterfront restaurants – we're talking about taking your summer bash to the sparkling waters of the Hudson River and the East River. Now, let's paint the picture: you and your friends on a yacht and an unforgettable celebration cruising along New York's bodies of water, surrounded by jaw-dropping views of Manhattan’s bright lights, and the old-school glamor of Coney Island and Lady Liberty - all while you’re sipping cocktails at a boat bar and enjoying live music onboard. Sounds great? Jump these epic party boats and booze cruises aboard! Whether you're in the mood for a themed party on a luxury double-decker, a lobster feast on a dinner cruise, or just a laid-back happy hour float, there's a boat with your name on it! 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out these boats and set sail for a summer filled with nautical adventures!

What types of party boats and boat cruises can I rent in New York City?

Whether you're eyeing a private party venue for a corporate sightseeing tour around Manhattan, dreaming of a yacht birthday extravaganza, or planning to toast an anniversary on a sleek motor yacht, NYC's private boats are your oyster! Among all the vessels for hire in New York, we have highlighted the following categories:

  • Luxury yacht charters  -  In NYC, you can rent private luxury yachts from eight feet to opulent mega yachts designed for large gatherings, like wedding receptions or birthdays and long tours around New York Harbor. Some are double-deckers or even have three full passenger levels, like Cornucopia Majesty, the party boat king of Queens. The experience takes it up a notch with dance floors, restaurants and private bars onboard. There are also smaller yachts with private staterooms for a more low-key dinner cruise with closest friends. 
  • Motor yachts -Ideal for smaller groups, motor yachts (like this one) typically feature aft decks, bow sun pads, and inviting outdoor deck lounges. They're perfect for enjoying a cocktail at sunset or embarking on a brief yet memorable two-hour boat cruise with teammates.
  • Groups of up to 15 can enjoy an intimate little marine party on NYC’s small boats. On top of that, we list restored, classy sailing ships and sailboats for a more unique excursion. 
  • You can also charter a private deck if you're after a cost-effective option. Consider chartering a single deck for a semi-private boat party. And for those specifically looking for a private party on a small yacht, we're here to assist in finding the perfect match for your event.

Safety tips when on a booze cruise

Here’s what you need to know to enjoy a fun boat party while being a responsible boater on New York waters:

  • Don’t exceed capacity - Boats have a maximum number for a fundamental reason: the boat can hold only a certain weight. It may seem fun to bring more people than you are officially allowed to the boat, but don’t do it! Luckily, at Tagvenue, we took care of overpopulating any party boat. It takes a few clicks to enter how big is your guest list in our smart search filters! 
  • Rent a party boat with a captain - The golden rule of renting a yacht for a party is to have a designated driver. If it’s one of your shipmates, make sure they have a valid license and agree not to enjoy a drink during the party. Tagvenue lists party boat rentals with a captain who will drive a party boat for you, while you relax and drink whatever you wish.
  • Don’t drink and swim like you shouldn’t drink and boat. We know that the vision of sipping craft cocktails in glorious weather on a luxury yacht tempts you to jump in the water, especially when the New York sun is heating up big time. Well, we do agree it’s tempting as well as irresponsible to do so. Alcohol messes with your ability to perceive danger, so if you swim after a few drinks, you may not be able to tell how safe the situation is.
  • Drink responsibly: It's a no-brainer, but it's crucial – stay hydrated with plenty of water, avoid mixing drinks, eat well before drinking and know your limits. Underage drinking is not permitted on any party boat in New York. You can look for family-friendly dinner cruises.
  • Stock up on food and water: If your party boat doesn’t provide catering, purchase an ample amount of snacks and water depending on how many people will attend your yacht party. Imagine being left on New York’s open waters without anything to drink or eat. Though Manhattan’s skyline is divine, it won’t fill an empty stomach. 
  • Safety equipment and measures: check if any of your guests are seasick or afraid of water. Can everyone swim? Are there enough life jackets? Ensure you and your guests listen to the safety briefing and know the location of life-saving equipment. Everyone must remain calm, stay seated, and listen to the crew's instructions should an emergency occur while onboard.

FAQs about Party Boats in New York City, NY

Why should I book a boat for my private party in New York City on Tagvenue?

Just imagine the thrill you’ll feel at your private party cruise in NYC, enjoying the city’s spectacular landmarks - the iconic Statue of Liberty, the breathtaking Manhattan skyline, and the unforgettable Verrazano Bridge framed by a beautiful sunset! Party boats offer unique qualities and an atmosphere that regular venues simply can’t compete with, especially if you’re planning a private event in the warmer months. While New York might not seem like the typical location for boat rental, it really has much to offer. Small private boats, luxurious yachts and huge vessels - you can pick and choose according to your needs and preferences!

Booking your NYC boat party through Tagvenue is easier than you might think. Our platform offers a wide selection of party cruise rentals with smart search filters that make finding the right one a breeze. And the booking itself is quite straightforward, too: just fill out the enquiry form and get in touch with the venue manager. Book a boat with us and find the ultimate party setting in the city that never sleeps!

How much does it cost to rent an affordable private party boat in NYC?

If you’re looking for a disco boat in NYC expect most vessels to be priced based on flat rental fees. They typically cost between $2,000 and $6,000 per session, although most options average around $5,000. Booking a small party boat, on the other hand, usually comes to around $325 per hour. If you want an all-inclusive boat party experience, you can also look for private party boats with per person packages. They start around $100 and reach up to $250 per head, including catering and professional staff on board. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What kinds of events can I host on party boats in NYC?

New York City’s boats can host a wide range of events, including private and corporate gatherings. You can throw a classic NYC booze cruise or any other kind of party, including boat birthday partiesNew Years’ boat parties, and cocktail receptions on the water. Large, luxurious superyachts are a common choice for unique weddings, especially among the couples that want to add a special touch to their big day. Just imagine hosting your ceremony or reception on a rental boat in NYC! Corporate events on boats are also quite popular, so if you’re planning a corporate Christmas party anytime soon, consider treating your employees to a cruise on the East River, for example on the Jewel Yacht! When it comes to size, you have a lot to choose from in NYC’s harbor. There are smaller vessels for around 12 people, superyachts for 1,200 guests, and everything in between!

Do I need a boating license to rent a party boat in New York?

Depending on your itinerary, you may be on different waters while boating through the Hudson and East Rivers, the Atlantic, Jamaica, and Upper or Lower Bays. You must have a boating certificate to operate any motorboat on New York's waterways unless there is someone to steer it for you, like a crew member. Many party boat rentals include a captain or professional staff to ensure your NYC party excursion runs smoothly and safely.

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