Creative Art Studios for Rent in Philadelphia, PA

Creative Art Studios for Rent in Philadelphia, PA

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Top Creative Art Studios in Philadelphia, PA

Hey there, Philly creatives! Are you on the hunt for the perfect creative art studios in Philadelphia? From the vibrant streets of Fishtown to the historic charm of Old City, our online venue marketplace is your go-to guide for finding that ideal studio. Whether you're a painter seeking an atelier bathed in natural light or a photographer needing a professional photo studio, we list hundreds of private spaces that are brimming with the inspiring energy of Philly's dynamic art scene. So, let's dive into the world of creativity and discover the perfect spot in Philadelphia where your art can truly come alive!

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FAQs about Creative Art Studios in Philadelphia, PA

What equipment can I expect at a creative art studio in Philadelphia?

Among creative art studios, you will find a variety of venues, from empty spaces ready to be transformed into a movie setup to edgy basements and everything in between. Each type of art studio can have different facilities. Nevertheless, it is possible to distinguish the basic equipment that every creative studio should offer:

  • Ample space: Most studios provide spacious areas that can be customized for various artistic activities, like photo shoots or filmmaking.
  • Lighting equipment: Good lighting is crucial for many art forms. Studios often come equipped with adjustable lighting systems to suit different artistic requirements.
  • Work tables and seating: Basic furniture like work tables, chairs, or stools is typically available to facilitate comfortable working conditions.
  • Storage space: Adequate storage for art supplies and personal items is usually provided, ensuring a clutter-free workspace.
  • Wi-Fi access: Reliable internet access is often provided, essential for research, inspiration, and digital art creation.
  • Air conditioning: Good air circulation is important, especially when events like social events, vendor exhibitions, art shows, and fashion displays are hosted.

What is the price range for art studios in Philadelphia?

The price of renting creative art studios depends on the capacity, amenities, and equipment. Event spaces, like Power Plant Productions, have 4,500 square feet for up to 140 people and costs $5,500 to rent. On the other hand, photo studios like Immortal Vision Studio are equipped with all the necessary photoshoot gear, softboxes, 50 backdrop colors, a projector and more, all for an affordable $25 hire fee per hour. Other creative art studios are typically priced between $80 and $250 per hour. (All data from Tagvenue.)

What creative art studios would you recommend in Philadelphia?

As venue experts, we know where to look for ateliers that offer good value for money. Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • MakeShift Studio - just around the corner of Fernhill Park, you’ll find this modern and sleek photography studio that will help you create the perfect setting for capturing stunning images. MakeShift has a few unique setup rooms and quirky props with which you’ll create a fantastic project. 
  • Rittenhouse Filmworks has all you need to be creative. This spacious studio is between Germantown and Mt Airy, right down the street from Wissahickon State Park. Their soundstage is perfect for building full sets for large-scale film productions.  With each booking, you get a complimentary 1-ton Grip and Electric package and a range of amenities to start your creative journey.

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