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Looking to organise a concert in Singapore? Well, look no further. Tagvenue has concert venues across the city for you to choose from. Whether you are eyeing an urban food park in Newtown or a whole club venue in the Civic District for your event, we can help you out. Take a look at our venues, and get started on booking your concert venue today!

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Concert Venues Hire Guide

When looking on the best places for organising a concert there are a few key things you should keep in mind;

  • The venue - Bear in mind the audience size you expect. If your performers are well known a venue that seats 300 makes sense, if they are not, then a smaller and more intimate venue will make a more cosy gig. 
  • Advertise - Consider how you will spread the word about the dates and times of the performance. The more exposure you achieve, the more tickets you are likely to sell, and the greater the audience will be.
  • Set up - Make sure the venue can handle the equipment you need, and provide any extra assistance - soundboard engineer, speakers, rental vendors - if necessary. 

Singapore is a bustling city with an exciting music scene. Whether you are looking to organise a classical performance in a concert hall, or the latest hard core death metal in a local arts centre, you can be sure to find the right kind of venue. Rent a local theatre for a larger more formal option or consider studio spaces if you are looking for a smaller unique venue. The Civic District is a great place to start your hunt, especially if you want to attract a crowd. 

Prices for concert venues fall primarily under hire fees for full venue rental which can start at S$642 and climb to over S$1000 depending on the venue size.

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