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East London has an impeccable culinary scene and thus is the perfect choice for a private dining event. Hackney, Newham or Redbridge all have many beautiful private dining venues for you to pick from. Whether you are searching for something laid back or high end, here at Tagvenue we make the venue hunt as easy as possible. Filter the results by location and price and enjoy a lovely evening with delicious food in no time!

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East London Venues Hire Guide

When it comes to choosing the right private dining venue in east London, there are several things to keep in mind. Consider the number of your guests and the type of event while hunting for your venue. Some of the most prominent types of private dining venues in east London are:

  • Restaurants – In many restaurants, you can often book a fully private room for your event. This type of venue is very common in all areas of East London, so it will be up to you to decide whether you prefer to dine by the river in Canary Wharf or in the new hip neighbourhood of Clapton.
  • Hotels – This type of private dining venue is more popular with business events and banquets. East London hotels with private dining are quite prevalent in, but not limited to, the historic East End.

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