Cheap Halls for Hire in Manchester

Cheap Halls for Hire in Manchester

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Top Cheap Halls in Manchester

Manchester's cheap halls offer a versatile setting for events of all kinds, from corporate conferences to wedding receptions. At Tagvenue, you'll find plenty of budget-friendly venues in the city, ranging from a modern hall in Deansgate to a community hall inside the repurposed heritage buildings. These inexpensive halls can accommodate your specific event requirements, whether you're searching for a blank canvas to decorate as you want or a fully-equipped venue with all the amenities you need. Explore our selection of affordable halls in Manchester and find the perfect space for your next event today!

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FAQs about Cheap Halls in Manchester

What is the starting price of hiring a hall in Manchester?

Generally, smaller halls or community centres in Manchester's suburban areas can be hired for as little as £60 per hour or £400 for a full day. Sky51 Event UK in Stretford is one of the cheapest halls in Manchester, offering a daily rate of £400. On the other hand, larger venues or modern ballrooms located in more central neighbourhoods like the Northern Quarter or Deansgate may have higher starting rates, typically ranging from £100 to £300 per hour or £800 to £1,500 for a full day's rental. (All data from Tagvenue.)

Do cheap halls in Manchester have audiovisual equipment available?

While not all cheap halls in Manchester come equipped with audiovisual equipment, you can find several function halls that offer basic AV facilities as part of the rental package or for an additional fee. This often includes a sound system for music or announcements, a microphone, and sometimes a projector and screen for presentations. For more sophisticated AV needs, you might need to consider renting equipment from an external provider or look for venues with a better offer.

Do any cheap halls in Manchester allow catering from outside vendors?

Many budget-friendly halls in Manchester are flexible when it comes to catering! You may come across several venues with a list of partner caterers or buyout fees but are usually open to external options. For instance, Sky51 Event UK in Stretford allows external catering without buyout fees. Additionally, they have a microwave and fridge, which can be convenient for storing and heating up food brought in from outside vendors.

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