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Using a green screen has become popular in recent years as it allows you to bring your wildest creative ideas to life. The easy availability of the technology means that it is within reach of both professionals and amateurs, which is why it is a popular choice for modern film productions and photoshoots. The city of Toronto is home to numerous green screen studios that are accessible and affordable. With Tagvenue you can browse through the best green screen studios in town. Find the one you need and start creating the world you’ve always dreamed of!

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Green Screen Studios Rental Guide

If your creativity doesn’t like to be put in a box, the green screen may be your greatest friend. You can set your characters in any location you can imagine, without having to actually go there. And though green screens are usually associated with big film productions with their flying superheroes, explosions, and planetary invasions, green screens allow for a wide variety of shots from the common to the uncommon. They are often used in productions such as TV ads, music videos, and even your daily morning weather forecast.

But the green screen might be a great tool for your business too. In the green screen studio, you can record attractive corporate videos, such as webinars or presentations, with the backdrop of your choice. If you’re live-streaming a conference, using a green screen will allow you to show data, locations, or guests without having to switch in-between studios. The green screen can be used in education as well. Give your classes and courses more variety, add animations and any additional information to make it easier for your students and listeners to follow.

There are many benefits to shooting in a green screen studio. The first one is, of course, the endless possibility of creating the worlds and locations of your dreams. But using a green screen is also cost- and time-effective. Yes, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done (and paid for) in the post-production process. Unless you’re creating a complicated world from scratch, it might be cheaper when you shoot everything in one studio rather than go around the world with the whole crew to shoot a few shots in each of the locations you need. Choosing to shoot in a green screen studio also gives you complete control over the elements. When shooting you won’t be surprised by unexpected rain or storms. Unless you want it to happen - then you can just add it in post-production, without having to wait for the real one!

Here are some tips to give your work with a green screen a jumpstart!

Keep the green screen as smooth and clean as possible. Make sure the texture and gradients are consistent on all of the surfaces of the screen. Any imperfections to the background may cause unnecessary shadows or colour changes that may lead to a disruption in final production. If the background you’re using is a fabric one, keep an iron on hand to smooth out any wrinkles. If you’re using a paper one make sure it’s hung and later stored properly, to avoid creasing. If you decide to paint a wall, don’t throw out the leftover paint. It may come in handy to touch up on any mistakes.

Lighting is key. The green screen works best if it’s properly lit. Light up the screen with even, smooth lighting. If you use very powerful lamps, it may over illuminate the screen and create a green edge around your subject, which is hard to remove in post production. Remember to light your object or person with a different light source. Also, make sure they’re lit evenly or according to how you want them to be seen in the final scene and they stay a little bit brighter than the background.

Use a CYC wall (a cyclorama wall). By curving at the corner between the wall and the floor the cyclorama creates a smooth transition between the surfaces. It’s especially important if you’re filming the whole figure. Thanks to the cyclorama there will be no unnecessary shadows created at the corner.

Don’t use green objects or anything with green hues. If you film green objects against the green screen they will act similarly, meaning they will disappear in the post production. Look for green tones and tints as well. For you, it may seem that khaki pants should not be a problem, but the camera may catch the green you can’t see at the first glance. So, just to stay on the safe side, avoid any green at all. However, if your production requires green to be used (for example your company’s logo is green), don’t worry. You can use a blue screen instead. It works the same way the green screen does,  as neither of them match any natural skin tone or hair colour. If you decide on that option you are free to use green props, but then remember to stay away from anything blue!

Avoid reflective or shiny objects. They reflect the green of the screen and then the editing programs may catch the reflections and use them as the screen as well. The green screen itself should not be reflective either. Opt for matte backgrounds and objects to avoid any surprises in post production.

Position your subject away from the green screen. The minimum is 1.5 metres, but the ideal would be 2 to 3 metres. Place your subject in the middle between the green screen and the camera. Keeping a space behind the subject will avoid the green spill around the edges and will not create any unneeded shadows.

Green Screen Studios in Toronto FAQ

How much does it cost to rent a green screen studio in Toronto?

Green screen studios have become quite affordable in recent years due to the prevalence of technology and its indispensable nature. In Toronto, there are a number of green screen studios that offer their services at competitive rates ensuring that almost any budget can be accommodated. Rates are as low as $75 per hour with a 6-hour minimum rental time

What are some of the best green screen studios in Toronto? 

Toronto is home to a number green screen studios that offer exceptional service. Consider contacting GS209 Green Screen Studio, Pie in the Sky Studios, Key West Video Inc, or Reel Vision Studios. These studios offer professional service, are fully equipped and also can aid you through their professional staff in crafting your artistic vision. 

What is some of the equipment present at green screen studios?

Green screen studios are usually professionally equipped and prepared to handle almost any situation that can come your way. Both a selection of audio and visual equipment are present including LED and Fluorescent lighting, 4K and HD cameras, radio and shotgun microphones, dolly, track, crane and sliders, and of course green screens. Most studios also can supply additional staff and specialists to assist you in your project.

What are the best Toronto neighbourhoods to look for green screen studios?

There are many green screen studios scattered around Toronto, so you will definitely find one that will suit you perfectly. Downtown Toronto is the first place to look. With easy transport from all over the city, Niagara and Junction Triangle are great places to check for numerous studios located there. Etobicoke is another great spot to look for a green screen studio. If you're travelling down the Don Valley Parkway, you can look for studios in Riverside or Studio District areas.

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