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Exclusive account manager to support from searching to booking. Cashback for every event.

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Account Manager
A dedicated venue expert assisting you with all the event requirements
2% cashback
The highest cashback in the industry, for you or the charity organisation of your choice!
Special deals
Access to hidden offers and exclusive discounts from our best venues
No fees applied.
You always get the venue’s best possible price
All in one
Manage all your company events on just one platform

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The venue experts you need

Tagvenue Business is a service dedicated to business clients to ensure they find the perfect venue for their event, at the best price with no effort, saving money and time.

Our experienced team, with extensive access to the most unique spaces around the globe, will help you with all of your company’s events throughout the booking process at no extra charge.

With each booking you’ll receive the highest cashback in the industry.

To join the program your yearly event budget must be above £5,000.

Key Account Manager
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Why businesses love Tagvenue

Tagvenue Business made my life much easier. They are very proactive and very efficient and definitely saved me a lot of time during times where time is really precious! Always willing to help going a little bit further, willing to negotiate on your behalf and coming always with good ideas and suggestions.

Patricia Rey
Patricia Rey
Office Manager

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  1. Fill in the form and we'll contact you within 24h to schedule a call.
  2. Receive the first quotes after 48h.
  3. Arrange viewing and book when you're ready.
  4. Claim your cashback after the event.
What you get:
  • Account manager
  • Hassle-free experience
  • 2% cashback
  • Access to special deals
  • No fees applied
  • One supplier for all your events