Top 40+ Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue Before Booking in 2024

10 mins read
Top 40+ Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue Before Booking in 2024
January 29, 2024
10 mins read

Ready to find the perfect wedding venue in 2024? We hope so! Because our bite-sized wedding venue checklist includes all the essential questions that you should ask your wedding venue! 

With this checklist in your mind, you’ll soon be on your way to booking your dream wedding venue for your Big Day. Good luck – you’ve got this! 

Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Choosing the ideal wedding venue is probably the most important part of your wedding. With so many fantastic options available and countless small details to consider, it can be overwhelming to make the final decision. How do you know that this is the right venue for you? What to ask a wedding venue to make sure this is the perfect match? 

To give you a hand in this decision-making process, we’ve curated a list of the most essential questions to ask a wedding venue during the site visit! They will help you to collect all the info you need to ensure that your Big Day unfolds seamlessly and beautifully. 

1. Availability & Cost

top questions to ask a wedding venue before booking in 2023
The Nave at Grand Junction Paddington, London

Availability and cost are two of the most critical factors to consider. Before you get your heart set on a particular location, you need to find out if it’s available on your desired date and if it fits within your budget. These questions will help you determine that! 

  • How far in advance do I need to book? Can you recommend any available dates?
  • Are there dates/times available for lower prices?
  • What is included in the cost/package? What is optional, and what can be brought in?
  • Are there surcharges for non-preferred vendors?
  • How much is the deposit, and how far in advance does it need to be paid?
  • Can I get the offer in writing?
  • Are there any cancellation fees?
  • Is your venue licensed to carry out civil weddings?

2. Size & Space

top questions to ask a wedding venue before booking in 2023
Whole venue at the Hackneyco., London 

Your wedding venue must accommodate your guests comfortably and seamlessly. Apart from that, it has to offer enough space for all of the activities, decorations, and desired table setting.  With these questions, you’ll easily decide if it matches your expectations or not! 

  • What is your maximum capacity per layout (e.g. dinner, standing, etc.)? What is your recommended capacity?
  • Is there a contingency plan for inclement weather?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Are there accommodations for senior/disabled guests and children (e.g. high chairs)?
  • Do you provide overnight accommodation and how many people can you accommodate? What is the checkout time the following day?
  • Is there a private room provided for the use of the “bride and groom” on the wedding day?

3. Location & Transport

top questions to ask a wedding venue before booking in 2023
Tithe Barn at Mercure Box Hill Burford Bridge Hotel, London 

Remember: don’t overlook the importance of transportation and the wedding venue’s location! 

Your dream location should be accessible so that everyone arrives safely and without any stress. These questions will help you make sure that happens. 

  • Do you have a car park? Or is there one nearby? How many car parking spaces are available?
  • Can guests leave their cars overnight?
  • What is the best way to get here via public transit?
  • Do you have any recommendations for shuttle bus services or other forms of transport after the reception?
  • What are the most popular accommodation sites in the area?

4. Food & Drink

top questions to ask a wedding venue before booking in 2023
Shoreditch Studios, London 

The wedding menu and matching beverages are often the highlights of the celebration. To make sure that they are both delicious and simply spectacular, don’t forget to ask these wedding-menu questions! 

Pro tip: If you’re adamant about hiring an in-house caterer, make sure to ask about any surcharges.

  • If you have an in-house caterer, what is on the menu, and when can we try it?
  • Does your in-house caterer have vegetarian, gluten-free and kids’ options?
  • If you do not have an in-house caterer, who are your preferred caterers?
  • Is there a surcharge for non-preferred caterers?
  • Can we bring in our own food?
  • Can we bring in our own alcohol? If yes, what do you charge for corkage?
  • Is there a place to store the wedding cake?
  • What time do you offer an alcohol licence? How much is the corkage fee? 

5. Staff

top questions to ask a wedding venue before booking in 2023
The Ballroom at The Dorchester, London 

From the event coordinator to the serving staff, having experienced and friendly professionals working at your event can make a world of difference in creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding. When evaluating potential wedding venues, make sure to ask these questions about the staff and their level of service

  • Is the staff experienced in serving food and beverages?
  • How many and which staff members will be on duty on the day of the wedding?
  • Do you provide a coordinator for the event from the venue? Do you have in-house wedding organisers?
  • Can you provide referrals to past clients? (If so, ask the past clients about the quality of service.)

6. Décor

top questions to ask a wedding venue before booking in 2023
Addington Palace, London 

Now, onto the aesthetics! The decor will play a significant role in creating the perfect ambience that reflects your style and celebrates your love story. Make sure to know everything about decorating the venue to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • What decor options do you offer, and are there any restrictions or limitations?
  • Can I bring in my own decor, such as centrepieces or lighting fixtures, or do I need to use the venue’s options?
  • Are there any decor items that are not permitted in the venue?
  • Are there any policies or fees related to hanging decorations, such as draping or banners?
  • Do you provide any assistance with decor setup and takedown, or is it the responsibility of the wedding party?
  • Can I schedule a walk-through of the venue with the decor team to discuss ideas and options?
  • How do you handle damage to the decor or venue caused by the wedding party or guests?
  • What decorations are included in the price? Are there upgrades/additions for an extra charge?
  • Can I decorate the venue the day before the wedding day? If not, when would it be possible? 

7. Lighting & Photography

top questions to ask a wedding venue before booking in 2023
The Windsor Suite at The Milestone Hotel and Residences, London 

It’s important to discover the venue’s policy regarding lighting, photography, and videography, especially if you want to achieve a certain aesthetic or take pictures in specific ways. 

  • What lighting options do you offer? Can I see the venue with all the lights switched on? 
  • Can we bring internal lighting equipment?
  • Do you have any restrictions on photography locations?

8. Sound System

top questions to ask a wedding venue before booking in 2023
Marquee at Temple Island, London

A sound system is an essential component of any wedding venue, as it enables you to play music, speeches, and other audio throughout the event. That’s why it’s important to check what type of sound system the venue offers.   

  • If I hire a DJ, will the equipment be provided by the venue? Or will the DJ have to provide it?
  • Can the sound system here accommodate a live band?
  • Is there a curfew for loud music?
  • What type of AV equipment do you offer?

9. Timing

top questions to ask a wedding venue before booking in 2023
The Russell Suite at Pembroke Lodge, London

These questions will help you assess the venue’s flexibility and limitations related to timing, ensuring that you can plan your wedding day logistics and create a schedule that fits your vision and needs. 

  • When can vendors come in and start setting up?
  • If the ceremony and reception will be in the same place, how will we “flip” the space?
  • Can I come in a few weeks early for a rehearsal dinner and/or photo shoot? If so, is there an extra charge?
  • Are there any renovations planned for the venue or venue area?
  • By when does all non-venue property need to be cleared from the space after the wedding? Can we leave our stuff overnight?

Bonus: A Wedding Venues Checklist

You’re probably going to visit more than one wedding venue on your quest to discover the ideal wedding spot. It can be difficult to track what a particular venue offers. To help you out, we’ve created a printable wedding venues checklist which you can easily fill with information that you received from venues. 

It will really make a difference, and you’ll easily compare the venues and choose your favourite one! Enjoy!

To Wrap Things Up

And that’s it! Now you are armed with the essential questions to ask your potential wedding venue.  Make sure to download it and take it with you while hunting for your wedding venue!

And in case you’d like to unlock more secrets to finding that picture-perfect wedding location, make sure to check out our complete guide on how to book the wedding venue of your dreams!

Looking for a wedding venue?

Discover your dream wedding venue today with Tagvenue! Browse our extensive selection of venues and find the perfect space for your special day in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re looking for a romantic countryside retreat or a chic city location, we’ve got you covered. Start your search now and make your wedding day unforgettable!


How to plan a wedding step by step? 

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming process, but with a step-by-step approach, it can be an enjoyable experience. Here’s a short list of all the steps you need to take to make your Big Day happen:

1. Determine your budget and guest list
2. Choose the perfect wedding date and book a venue
3. Select and hire your wedding planner (if you’re using one) and any vendors, such as caterers, photographers, and DJs
4. Create a wedding website or stationery and send out invitations to your guests
5. Choose your wedding attire, including dresses, suits, and accessories
6. Finalise your menu and any catering details
7. Create a seating chart and plan out the wedding ceremony and reception timeline
8. Select your wedding decorations, including flowers, lighting, and any other decor elements
9. Plan any pre-wedding events, such as a rehearsal dinner or bridal shower
10. Confirm all details with your vendors and venue a few weeks before the wedding

What is the best wedding venue size?

The best wedding venue size is one that matches your guest list, specific needs and preferences.

For example, some couples prefer intimate celebrations involving a close group of family and friends. There’s no point for them to hire a huge mansion or ballroom for over 300 people. An ideal size for their celebration would be a space that will enhance the intimacy and make the celebration cosy and not empty.  

Couples who want a boisterous celebration for more than 100 guests will choose a large venue as it will be more suitable for their long guest list and will offer more space for entertainment and activities.

The point is that you shouldn’t choose the size of the venue based on what other couples tend to choose!

When is the best time to book a wedding venue?

As soon as you’ve decided that it’s the perfect match for you! But it’s a good idea to start your search up to 18 months in advance, especially if you’ve decided to tie the knot during peak wedding season (between May and October). Also, keep in mind that popular wedding venues book up quickly! So to have plenty of options to choose from, you need to act fast and start your search early.

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