Top 17 Galentine’s Day Party Ideas You Will Adore

Top 17 Galentine’s Day Party Ideas You Will Adore
Updated on: April 5, 2023
30 mins read
30 mins read

On this February 13th, grab your closest gal pals and prepare to shower each other with the love, adoration, chocolates, and flowers each of you deserves. Women have felt the pressure to have a romantic someone by their side since the dawn of time, whether at a Christmas dinner, Easter brunch, or simply your family’s get-togethers. Valentine’s day can be an incredibly daunting time of year because of stereotypes and expectations. Well, the good news is that you no longer need a partner to feel special this Valentine’s Day season! 

Perhaps you’ve seen Parks and Recreation’s “Galentine’s Day” episode and have been inspired by Leslie Knope to take a moment to celebrate the other loved ones in your life. Maybe you and your galentines have celebrated for quite awhile and simply need a fresh approach for this year. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve gathered the best Galentine’s day party ideas for themes, decorations, and entertainment, gifts, and everything in between. You will have such a memorable time that you will wonder why you are not celebrating your female friendships in such a way every month! 

Check out our adorable suggestions, send memos to your girlfriends, and mark the date, because this Galentine’s day will be like no other!

What is Galentine’s Day?

Love really is in the air in February! Apart from Valentine’s Day, another day in the month also honors love but goes about it quite differently. Galentine’s Day takes place on February 13th and, although it is an unofficial holiday, celebrates friendships and genuine connections between people. 

In the words of Dumbledore: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” To put it simply, Galentine’s Day celebrates those who help us “turn on the light” and make things brighter – those true friends who are always by our side. This day, as the name suggests, is usually dedicated to honoring friendships between women.

You get to spend it however you like with your galentines – by going out, taking a trip, enjoying a cozy night at home, or simply showering each other with gifts and affection the same way you would a partner. It’s all about keeping the friendship spark alive and having a special night with your girlfriends.

Take Your Gal Pals on a Fancy “Date”

Why not look at Galentine’s Day as a chance to go on your ultimate friendship date? Shower your galentines in affection and display your appreciation for them the same way you would for a partner (cue in “Independent Women Part I” by Destiny’s Child). If you want to enhance the experience, and make it about more than simply having dinner with your besties, you can opt for a few alternatives.

We’ve gathered some unique ways you can enjoy a very special meal with your BFFs this February 13th. After all, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, isn’t it?

💌 1. Host the Most Glamorous Dinner Party at Home

Galentine's Day dinner party
Host a special candle-lit dinner at home/ Image by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

When it comes to private events, it’s all about adding a personal touch to every aspect, especially when your guests are your BFFs. Why not invite them to a private soiree with handwritten cards or virtual personalized invites? Whatever you choose, make sure to include a few cheesy puns

To differentiate the evening from the rest of your get-togethers, you can go all out when it comes to decorations, the menu, and the drinks. Create an ambient layout for the dinner table with pink and red table decorations and tablecloths. You can also place heart-shaped decorations throughout the entire room. A few red roses here and there can do wonders for the ambiance. If you want to impress your guests with your hosting skills, you can make heart-shaped origami napkins and really set the mood for the evening. 

Regarding the menu, you can go as simple or as multifaceted as you’d like. Incorporate a homemade signature cocktail with a fancy name, put on a lovely playlist, and get your best outfits out of the closet. You can create a fully heart-shaped menu or just one with chocolate-covered strawberries and bubbly. Whatever you choose, get ready to say “Cheers” to the best dinner party ever!

💌 2. Book a Luxurious Private Dining Experience

Private dining venue from Tagvenue
 Enjoy a delectable meal in the best company. In the photo- Private Dining Room at Cafe Riggs Board Room in Washington, DC

If you don’t want to deal with the responsibilities of hosting a dinner at home, perhaps you can book a fancy table at a great restaurant and have a private dining experience tailored to your and your besties’ tastes. Preparations for such an event always start with finding the perfect venue. You can book a table at a place you know, or you can rent a venue you’ve never been to in order to keep things exciting. Search for bars, restaurants and pubs with private rooms and settle on the one that checks all your boxes.

You and your gal pals can choose a theme for the event and dress up. Possible ideas you can consider include Hollywood glam, masquerade, or an all-red/pink theme, to name a few. 

Additionally, you can set up your own fun decorations at the table or check in with the venue and discuss the possibilities they offer. Either way, some heart-shaped confetti and candles around the table will be enough to set the mood. Private dining is such a wonderful experience, because not only is most of the work already done for you, but you also get to enjoy various delectable delicacies and drinks prepared by professionals.

One last thing to consider for the perfect night – the entertainment. You can either rely on the wonderful options the venue you select offers, or you can some  games to your agenda. Then simply sprinkle some rose petals around and enjoy a night of luxurious dining in the best company. 

Among our favorite private dining venues are the Wine cellar dining room at Della Terra Restaurant in Los Angeles, the Private room at Baby Brasa in New York City, and the Private Dining Room at Bangkok Station in Atlanta.

💌 3. Hire a Mixologist or a Personal Chef

private chef photo
 In need of a show-stopping beverage and meal? – Mixologists and private chefs to the rescue!/ Image by ELEVATE via Pexels

If you truly want to have a luxurious experience, you can hire a mixologist for your Galentine’s Day celebration. The creation and mixing of cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks falls under the purview of mixologists, who typically work in restaurants, bars, and clubs. They are frequently entrusted with creating new drinks recipes and refining those that already exist to make sure that their workplace offers a distinct and enticing selection for its customers.

Some venues offer the option to hire their in-house mixologist for your celebration at the event space. Additionally, you can look for mixologists that work freelance and part-time at private events and hire them for your at-home Galentine’s Day celebration. 

Hiring a private chef works in the same way – you can either book them for a private event at home or at a previously agreed-on location, and you can be sure that their experience and qualifications will take your tastebuds to flavor heaven!

When it comes to hiring a bartender or mixologist, It’s important to discuss all of the details with them ahead of time. Get ready to ask about all of the fees and whether you will be expected to supply all of the ingredients yourself. Having that said, this type of experience will definitely make your event a memorable one. You and your gal pals will be able to indulge in all of your cravings  thanks to a professional mixologist/private chef!

💌 4. Host a Dreamy Tea Party

tea party image
Sip tea and enjoy a relaxing, classy Galentine’s Day/ Image by fu zhichao via Pexels

Have you been watching a lot of Bridgerton and dreaming of a fancy regency-inspired celebration? If your girlfriends are your cup of tea (pun intended), why not invite them to a lovely tea party? You can either rent a venue that serves afternoon tea, or you can create your own dreamy tea-tastic celebration at home. The event can be as formal and traditional as you desire, or you can take a more modern approach and let your imagination run wild.

All you technically need is a tea set, various kinds of tea, and some snacks and sweets. You and your galentines can either purchase or make all of the heart-shaped sandwiches, cookies, pastries and chocolates your heart desires. If you want to make this party extra relaxing, ask everyone to bring a great book, turn on some classical music and prepare to spill all the tea to your besties. Additionally, you can gift each of your BFFs a perfectly on-theme gift – a personalized tea cup.

💌 5. Invite Your Girlfriends to a Trendy Brunch

Brunch inspiration photo
Enjoy Galentine’s Day with your brunch bunch/ Image by Mathieu via Pexels

If the picture above is making you hungry, it’s time to host a trendy brunch. Brunch has become the “it” meal in recent years and it’s easy to understand why. It is the most versatile meal there is – you can wear your nicest outfit or your comfy clothes and no one will judge. Not only that, but you can also enjoy various kinds of food and beverages – the perfect mix of breakfast and lunch. Whether you’re sipping tea, coffee or have a mimosa in your hand, you can be sure you will have the best time at a Galentine’s Day brunch. 

You can either have it at a local restaurant, or you can host your own brunch at home. This is a great way to celebrate in a rather casual way as you bond and enjoy the company of each other in a hassle-free setting. If you are hosting at home, opt for easier, less time-consuming recipes. Perhaps a potluck or a breakfast buffet? That way you can focus on your galentines and have a less stressful hosting experience. 

All things considered, there are no rules to brunch – you can have it however, whenever and with whatever you like and that’s what makes it so great.

Celebrate Doing Something Exciting With Your Besties

If you and your BFFs are on a hunt for exciting experiences, we have the perfect suggestions. Perhaps what your friend group needs is to enjoy a fun night at a trendy bustling nightclub, a fun photo shoot or even a trip. We’ve gathered all of our recommendations together to help you have a flawless and memorable celebration.

💌 6. Go All Out (Literally)

Party venue from Tagvenue
Cheers to the true friends that are always there, not just for the cocktails. In the photo- The Icon Room at Blue in New York

When was the last time you and your girlfriends went out to a fun bar or even a bustling club? If your answer is anything between “A long time ago” and “ I don’t even remember,” it is time to change that. Say yes to the Galentine’s Day dress or suit, or any other kind of clothing you like and take the city by storm one nighttime venue at a time. You and your gal pals can set a dress code for the night – you can even view this day as your very own Halloween in February (Galloween?..we say, indeed!). 

In the spirit of movies like Someone Great, you and your friends can have your own fun night out and forget about all your worries – all you need is right there in the form of your supportive girlfriends. Galentine’s Day can be anything you want it to be: magical, glamorous and empowering all in one.

💌 7. Plan a Galentine’s Day Trip

Girls trip image
Have a dreamy getaway with your galentines by your side/ Image by cottonbro studio via Pexels

Picture this – you and your besties are driving off to a fun location, your favorite song is blasting through the speakers and you are all so excited that you can’t settle on what your first order of party business should be once you arrive. All your work-related stress and personal worries are growing smaller in the rearview mirror as you blast down the highway.

Whether a girls’ trip is something you and your crew do often or an idea that has been sitting in the group chat for far too long, Galentine’s Day is the perfect time for a much-needed galentine getaway

You can go all out and select a far away location and spend a weekend exploring, relaxing, and enjoying each other’s company. If that sounds like too big of a commitment for everyone’s busy schedules, you can opt for a day trip and spend a few hours in a nearby town or generally anywhere you settle on. In the spirit of movies like Girls Trip, we guarantee you will have the best time ever with your best friends by your side the whole time. 

During your trip you can enjoy activities such as wine tasting, sightseeing, attending a stand-up comedy show, or even an extreme experience such as skydiving and bungee jumping. Your girls’ trip can be whatever you want it to be – exciting, empowering, relaxing, and enlightening all at the same time.

💌 8. Have That Photo Shoot All Of You Have Always Dreamed Of

 photo shoot inspiration
Capture the true essence of your friendship in a dreamy photo shoot/ Image by airam datoon via Pexels

Most people, at least at some point in their life, have dreamed of getting photographed at a professional photo shoot. A shoot like that in a studio or outdoors can be a truly empowering experience. Getting your hair and makeup done is a wonderful way to embrace your beauty, femininity, and to truly feel gorgeous and pampered. Every woman deserves to experience such a wonderful and powerful moment of self-love

You and your girlfriends can arrange a photo shoot and take individual portraits that truly capture your natural features and essence. And of course, it wouldn’t be Galentine’s Day if you also didn’t take a couple of fun group pictures. You can decide on a theme for the photo shoot itself and wear matching outfits – such as a Bohemian fantasy, the Roaring 20s, a Royal Ball, grunge chic or truly anything you decide. This will be a wonderful opportunity to commemorate your friendship.

Such wonderful experiences will be something you and your girlfriends remember fondly for years to come and if you ever need a refresher, those lovely pictures will be waiting for you. Even if you aren’t the photographer at the shoot, It may be a good idea to check out some tips for making a photo shoot plan in order to be fully prepared and know what to expect.

Organize a Delightful Outdoor Celebration

Maybe what you and your galentines need is an outdoor Galentine’s Day party. This is a great opportunity for you to connect not only with each other, but with nature as well. Spending time in the sun will not only provide you with your daily dose of vitamin D but also your required amount of vitamin B-esties. Grab the picnic basket, workout clothes, and painting supplies, or whatever else you may require and gather your galentines for an amazing outdoor bash.

💌 9. Set Up a Picture-Worthy Picnic

picnic with your galentines inspo
Enjoy the breeze and warm sunlight with your besties at arm’s length/ Image by koolshooters via Pexels

If the weather is nice, perhaps there is no better way to soak in the sun and celebrate your friendship than a picnic. You should always consider the time of day and place of your picnic. Choose a park or garden with enough shade, in order to avoid getting overheated. Pack your picnic basket with enough food and refreshments. To make the occasion more special, you can prepare themed snacks such as pink lemonade, a charcuterie board, a fruit platter, and of course, anything pink, red, heart-shaped or chocolate-covered.

Additionally, you will need a picnic blanket that is big enough for all of you to comfortably rest. You may even consider bringing a picnic umbrella for extra protection. Remind your galentines to bring sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. 

Pack a bottle of champagne or wine, bring some games and a portable speaker and blast your favorite songs all day long. If the weather is cold,you can find a location that allows a bonfire, or search for an indoor location. 

Perhaps this is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy a great book about friendships between women in the company of your besties – you can have your very own Galentine’s Day book club. You can even gift your BFFs one of your favorite books as a little token of appreciation and a nod to your special connection.

What’s more, your fun under the sun can turn into a night under the stars – stargazing and wine tasting, a true dreamlike plan. Put on some music, grab snacks and blankets and enjoy the company of your own shining stars- your galentines.

💌 10. Organize an Outdoor Hike

 outdoor hike image
Enjoy the wonders of your surroundings in the company of your own wonderful friends/ Image by Pixabay via Pexels

Perhaps you and your besties would love nothing more than to kick off your Galentine’s Day celebrations with a picturesque hike. You can select as easy or as difficult of a route as you and your friends are prepared for. Safety and comfort should always be your top priority – wear comfortable shoes and clothing, pack water and snacks, wear sun protection and be prepared for any unwanted situations – a first aid kit and a working mobile device should always be at hand.

Apart from these important essential tips, you can make it a special occasion by taking in the special moment with your friends by taking lots of photos and even turning the hike into a gratitude walk. Perhaps you can all share positive memories you’ve made together and go down memory lane while walking down the hike lane.

Something you might consider if you don’t have the time to plan a hike outside your town or city is to plan an urban hike. The concept is the same as a usual hike, but in areas of your city where you’ve perhaps never had the chance to experience and explore. And what’s more, you may even “accidentally” end up at your favorite bar or coffee shop at the end of the journey.

💌 11. Plan a Group Outdoor Workout or Another Physical Activity

Galentine's Day outdoor activity
Why not start the day off with your favorite workout buddies by your side/ Image by Gustavo Fring via Pexels

You and your girlfriends can try more physical activities such as outdoor yoga, meditation or even riding bikes or scooters. Working out in a nearby park may also be a fun way to start your Galentine’s Day on the right foot (exercising that foot that is). You can try pilates, zumba or even a personalized routine you’ve prepared beforehand.

Moreover, you can throw your very own Just Dance party – all you need is a smartphone and your high spirits. You already have all the space you may require for the ultimate dance-off. The opportunities are endless, much like the outdoors. You can go the extra mile and prepare post-workout drinks to enjoy after the exercises.

💌 12. Ignite Your Love For Art Through an Outdoor Painting Party

outdoor painting party
 Hold tight to your paintbrushes and your besties/ Image by Jadson Thomas via Pexels

Painting is one of those activities that are even better when nature’s wonders are right in front of you. Whether you’ve been painting your whole life, or you and your besties have never picked up a paintbrush is not important. We assure you that you will have a wonderful time either way. All you need is art supplies – crayons, markers, pencils, paint, and of course, paper or a canvas. Select an area with plenty of sights and begin your artistic outdoor workshop.

If you truly don’t think painting or drawing without guidelines is for you, you and your pals can enjoy adult coloring books. You can even get Galentine’s Day-themed coloring books and truly embrace this non-official holiday. 

💌 13. Have an Activity-Based Celebration

If you don’t want to have a normal get-together, we have many galentine ideas for activity-based parties. What better way to put your creativity to good use than materializing it into wonderful masterpieces in the company of your galentines? At the end of the experiences, you will not only be able to hold your own creation in your hands but you will also some wonderful memories that you’ve created together.

sip and paint party
Create memories and masterpieces this Galentine’s Day/ Image by Pavel Danilyuk via Pexels
  • Perhaps you and your friends can take a cooking masterclass and make all of the heart-shaped food your heart desires (pun intended). You can opt for an online cooking workshop or an in-person class. Either way, all of you will have wonderful food to share at the end of the experience on top of lots of new culinary skills. 
  • Sip and paint classes have also become increasingly popular in recent years. As the name suggests, you and your girlfriends will experience a truly remarkable creative process as you sip on wonderful wine while following the instructions of an experienced artist. 
  • Flower arrangement classes– you might find yourself asking if that is a thing, and the answer is “Oh, indeed.” Most often than not, those will be in an online form. You and your best friends will learn how to create professional-looking bouquets and arrangements. Such a skill might prove incredibly useful. Not only will you be able to create your own masterpieces, you will also have the opportunity to find yourself in the position of gifting someone a lovely flower arrangement and proudly saying “I made that for you.” How many people can say that?
  • If you want to be more adventurous and step into an unknown and fun territory, you can take a unique class, such as a hair or makeup workshop. Many professional studios offer such in-house classes. For makeup classes, you will either be asked to bring your makeup and use it to practice, you will be given supplies or you will simply observe a masterclass. You can also sign for various online alternatives that will be equally as glamorous and informative. Whether you are beginners or have dabbled in plenty of palettes in your life, we promise there is always room to grow and learn a brand new skill.  

The same goes for hairstyling classes – they can take place both in-person and online. You and besties can sign up for a class earlier in the day and rock your new looks to an evening Galentine celebration. 

  • When it comes to pottery classes, you might want to opt for the in-person version and get your hands dirty making wonderful creations. Pottery has also become increasingly popular and for a good reason – you get to turn muddy clay into a pretty mug, dish, or vase with your own hands. How wonderful is that? Just make sure everyone is wearing clothes they don’t mind getting dirty. Apart from that, you can take the knowledge home and with some supplies, you can have your personal pottery studio. Why not create a heart of clay for your galentines and surprise them?
  • It’s never too late to pick up a musical instrument, so you better finally sign up for a local one or an online course. Of course, you and your pals will not master it from just one session, but you will have a wonderful time trying together. You can either sign up at a local studio, or if you absolutely want to pursue that passion, you can buy your instrument and practice at home with a private tutor or an online class. And with a few more sessions, you might be able to serenade each other for the next Galentine’s Day.  
  • Do you view yourselves as wine lovers? If so, taking live or online wine tasting classes might be right up your alley. Not only will you learn incredible things about wine production, you will also be able to analyze different wine profiles and learn how to pair them best with food. How fancy is that? It will certainly elevate your hosting abilities next time someone at your event says “Shall we have some wine?”. 
  • If cocktails are more your speed, there are plenty of online cocktail classes, as well as ones that are hosted in local culinary schools for example. 

And what’s more, you never know when a fun one-time thing with your besties may turn into a lifelong passion!

Host the Perfect At-Home Party

Who said you can’t have an equally as awesome celebration from the comfort of your own home? Cozy up to your gal pals and enjoy a relaxing night filled with games, incredible snacks, lots of wine and infinite laughter and positive vibes!

💌 14. Host a Slumber Party

slumber party image
A good bottle of wine and a close friend make all the troubles go away/ Image by koolshooters via Pexels

In the words of the wonderful Candace Bushnell, author of the “Sex and the City” anthology, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates….” If there is one thing good friends do, it is to truly care for and nurture each other. Perhaps what your friend group needs after a long day at work isn’t an extravagant event, but rather an at-home cozy slumber party. Line up the warm pajamas, order your comfort meal or prepare something together. 

A true self-care night is not complete without a fun group activity – whether that be watching a movie together, having a karaoke sing-off, playing board games or even a drinking game (nothing compares to getting buzzed in the company of your besties). If you want to bring a fresh take to the party, you can opt for a DIY activity, such as making your own face masks. And finally, everybody knows that a good slumber party always includes a movie, so make sure to choose a great one.

💌 15. Invite Everyone For a Game Night

Galentine's Day game night image
The spirits, stakes, and fun times will be at an all-time high on Galentine’s Day game night/ Image by cottonbro studio via Pexels

A game night may be just the right source of friendly competition to bring a spark to your evening. If you and your galentines want to spend a pleasant time getting to know each other on a deeper level, we suggest starting off the celebration with games such as Conversation starters and TableTopics. You can add some wine into the mix and enjoy fun card games such as Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme?

Additionally, everybody knows that competitive games such as Monopoly and Uno are always a huge hit on game night (perhaps because they raise the spirits…and everyone’s voice). You can enjoy those classics with a new spin by grabbing an alternative version such as the Monopoly Friends edition, which would be on brand for the occasion. 

The opportunities with board and card games are truly endless. These include brainteasers, mysteries, fantasy-themed ones and those that require you to do some kind of physical activity like dancing or acting out things. You can either invest in new ones, or you can do something different and ask everyone to bring their favorite from home.

The point of game night is to truly let go of any troubles and negative thoughts and put that energy into a game in the company of your best friends. You don’t even need physical games to host a game night. You can have fun with charades, drawing games and spoken ones. Perhaps you can even go the extra mile and incorporate fun snacks, beverages and even set a theme.

💌 16. Enjoy a Relaxing Staycation

Staycation image
Trying new things in the comfort of your own home or town – staycations give you the best of both worlds/ Image by cottonbro studio via Pexels

If a trip is not in the cards for this year, don’t fret just yet. You and your best friends can enjoy a fully-functioning spa day experience in the comfort of your own home. Grab the chocolate-covered strawberries, bubbly champagne, fuzzy bathrobes, colorful face masks and fragrant bath salts and put on the spa music. Heart-shaped cucumbers for eye depuffing will also do the trick. 

Additionally, you can view a staycation as an exploration of your own town. You can step in the shoes of a tourist and explore your surroundings – you and your galentines can book a table at a restaurant or club you’ve never been to before or explore the sights you never have the time to visit.

The whole point is to be adventurous and step out of the comfortable bubble you’ve set for yourselves in your area. The new trendy coffee shops, hidden streets and other quirky locations are all waiting for you to discover them. Grab the cameras and put on comfortable shoes and you are all set!

💌 17. For Those Long-Distance Girlfriends – Virtual Party to the Rescue

Virtual Galentine's Day
Galentine’s Day knows no barriers – celebrate with your girlfriends from any location in the world/ Image by cottonbro studio via Pexels

If all the suggestions above sound lovely to you, but one if not all of your gal pals are far away, don’t lose hope just yet. There are numerous possibilities for entertainment online these days, so you don’t have to settle for the usual phone call. Activities you can consider include online cooking classes, virtual escape rooms, game nights with trivia, and additional classes such as yoga and art workshops, just to name a few.

Just because you are staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t get dolled up. For virtual events such as a murder mystery party, you can make the whole group dress up as their designated character.

Whatever your and your friends’ preferences and style may be, you can always find Galentine’s Day activities to enjoy together and make this February 13th unforgettable, even from a distance. You can check out our virtual platform for more amazing suggestions.

To Wrap Up

Whatever kind of party you decide on, it’s important to remember what this unofficial holiday truly stands for. In the words of the inspiring Michelle Obama: “Friendships between women, as any woman will tell you, are built of a thousand small kindnesses… swapped back and forth and over again.” Galentine’s Day celebrates female friendships and empowerment and promotes self-love and, of course, admiration and gratefulness for the wonderful women in your inner circle. You don’t have to come up with grand expensive gestures – a lovely card, a bouquet of flowers or even some words of affirmation and admiration are enough.

Are you on the hunt for a special venue to celebrate your friendship?

Our Tagvenue platform is here to help you every step of the way! Browse through our top suggestions for cozy cafes, bustling clubs and ambient restaurants, and hire the perfect one for your Galentine’s Day party in a flash!


How do I arrange a gift swap with my galentines?

Galentine gifts can be anything you want – from chocolates, flowers, teddy bears and other fluffy, fuzzy, heart-shaped red/pink colored items usually associated with the next day’s holiday. You can also opt for a sentimental or personalized gift for each of your girlfriends. If you and your squad have decided to try something new this year, perhaps a “secret galentine” will be the way to go.

Just like a secret Santa, you and your inner circle can draw out names and get a gift for whoever you pick out. When it comes to the gifts themselves, you may be interested in one of the following fun ideas:

❣️Beauty products swap – You know how every woman is always on the lookout for new recommendations when it comes to makeup, skincare and general beauty? Well, this kind of gift exchange provides you with the opportunity to go one step further and gift one of your favorite products to a close girlfriend of yours. What a fun way to discover your next favorite product!
❣️Care package swap – If you want to exchange a gift that will tick all the boxes, a care package is the way to go. You can include pretty much everything you want, such as fuzzy slippers, tea, a great book, face masks, chocolates and snacks, perhaps even a bottle of wine. Galentine’s Day at its core is all about female friendships and showing your closest gals some love. The opportunities are endless and we are sure that because you and your galentines know each other so well, these care boxes will be a success. 
❣️Galentine cards swap – If you want to go with something more straightforward, but equally as meaningful, a hand-written or even entirely hand-made galentine card is a wonderful idea. You and your friends will truly feel the spirit of the day after reading each others’ kind words, and what’s more, you can treasure them forever.

Any tips for throwing a Galentine’s Day party?

❣️Decorations, decorations and more decorations! Say yes to heart-shaped everything- balloons, fairy lights, origami, banners and confetti. If you are hosting an intimate party, you can opt for candles, red and pink tablecloths, and napkins. Love, no matter what kind, will be all-around. 
❣️The food you serve can follow the heart-shaped theme – from pizza, cookies, cupcakes, the famous candies with phrases, sandwiches, pancakes, or even charcuterie boards. You can go all out with a chocolate fountain or a fondue pot. If you need to get inspired, Pinterest has numerous heart-shaped food ideas to offer. 
❣️Perhaps your party will benefit from a signature cocktail (or two, or three). You can look for great recipes online or create your dream cocktail yourselves, just make sure to give it a fun name that’s significant to you and your squad. 
❣️Setting a dress code will make the celebration feel more posh and glamorous. Whatever you decide on, always remember to commemorate the occasion and your wonderful outfits with lots of photos
❣️Whatever kind of party you end up throwing, whether it be an at-home slumber party or a night out at a venue, make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves. Nothing is more important than everyone’s safety and comfort!

Do you have to be single to enjoy a Galentine’s Day party?

Not at all! The whole point of Galentine’s Day is to celebrate the bond you and your girlfriends share and that isn’t related to whether you are in a wonderful relationship or happily single. It’s a day for every woman to celebrate, so at whatever stage of your life you are at, grab your galentines and prepare to have a fun day of celebrating however you like – at home, at a restaurant or club, at a karaoke bar or anywhere else you desire.

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