4 ideas on how to plan a product launch

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When it comes to plan a product launch, you may think it’s all about that wonderful product of yours, and you are right… sort of. The product or service you are about to launch must be king, like the jewel in the crown. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the key role that a venue plays in your launch event. Here you have four simple tips just to start with:

1. Choose the right venue

Overall, choosing the best venue is one of your biggest decisions… and probably one of your biggest expenses. However, there is no need to think big in budget to get that perfect venue. You are trying to get as much attention as possible, remember to leave some space on your guestlist, because you don’t want anyone to miss how incredible your service or product is, do you?

2. Leave your guests with a story and something to tell

Once you find the right venue, make the most of it. Leave your customers with a story and something to tell. Your venue must be the stage where that story takes place. Think about your product or service identity, is it more suited to that Victorian Palace in the city center? Or maybe that abandoned factory on the outskirts was more appropriate for your fancy app, and much cheaper…

3. Get feedback from your guests.

From the first moment of your product launch, it’s a good idea to get feedback from your guests. They will be the first ones to really get to know your product or service, so they won’t be influenced by third opinions. Use your venue as the very first channel for a two-way communication system. Make sure wi-fi works properly, and you might provide boxes for anonymous impressions. Stay connected to your visitors!

4. Be creative!

And last but not least: Be creative!  Think outside of the box, and if you don’t get any inspiration from yourself just do a bit of research. Out there you will find a huge amount of solutions to turn your venue into the best scenario for your product launch. You have to look for that special stimulus that will turn your event into something unforgettable. In fact, while you read these lines a lot of apps focused on event planning appear on the net. So remember your product is king… and your venue is the key.