Unique Event Spaces for Rent in Washington, DC

Unique Event Spaces for Rent in Washington, DC

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Top Unique Event Spaces in Washington, DC

Have you been searching for unique event spaces in Washington, D.C.? Imagine these as venues in a class of their own; the kind you’ll never be able to forget. When it comes to event preparation, the U.S. capital does not disappoint. This is why unique event spaces in D.C. are great for wowing guests at special events. Rent event spaces for birthday parties, corporate events, baby or bridal showers and many more. You'll be booking the best unique event spaces in Washington, D.C. in no time using Tagvenue’s search engine!

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Unique Event Spaces Rental Guide

What do you imagine when you think about Washington, D.C.? Our guess is that you consider the city to be quite strictly focused on politics and the government. Buildings like the White House and the US Capitol come to mind. And although we do recommend seeing the Capitol (its interior covered in frescoes and paintings is absolutely stunning), Washington is so much more than just politics. When visiting, you’re bound to come across many fabulous unique event spaces, which you won’t be able to see anywhere else. Check out the amazing galleries, mansions, world-famous rooftop bars and many more - they are bound to blow your mind! Take a look at our Tagvenue search engine, which lets you compare venue prices, capacity, facility options, etc. With unique event spaces and one-of-a-kind attractions in D.C., you are up for a weekend to remember. Search and book an event location today, and keep reading to get to know Washington, D.C. We have some tips for renting event spaces as well.

What attractions is Washington, D.C. known for?

The US capital has a lot to offer, that’s for sure. Are you into architectural sightseeing? Check out the Capitol and Capitol Hill that we mentioned previously. Take a look at the Lincoln Memorial - this most famous work of the sculptor Daniel Chester French has been a scene for many historic events. The famous “I have a dream…” speech took place right on the steps in front of the memorial. It is an empowering place for anyone to visit. The White House is a definite must-see. Afterwards, take a stroll down the President’s park to see the Washington Monument, which stretches 555 feet into the sky. You won’t be able to miss it! And if you’re looking for something with a beautiful design, then the Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin is going to take your breath away. All around the Tidal Pool stand cherry trees, which are a gift from Japan. Blooming in the spring, they make a beautiful visual, with the pink flowers scattered throughout. 

If the weather is not so fantastic, and you would rather stay inside than out, we recommend checking out the marvelous museums Washington has to offer. The National Air and Space museum is considered to be one of the world’s most popular museums. The experience inside includes interactive exhibitions, famous historic event coverage, original aircraft and space modules, and many more. Afterwards, you can visit the National Gallery of Art, which includes works by Monet, Rembrandt and El Greco. It is actually the only museum in America with a Da Vinci painting. For the little ones, the museum of Natural History is probably the most interesting one. Check out the interactive exhibitions, dinosaurs, look at the human evolution exhibits and many more. And what would be a museum tour, without a National Museum of American History? The exterior of the building is certainly one you wouldn’t be able to miss. Inside you will find national artifacts, like Jefferson’s desk. As well as important American exhibitions, which portray equipment from classic top-tier movies. Go take a look and find out for yourself!

Tips for renting venues in Washington, D.C.

When renting unique event spaces in D.C., check out our list of helpful tips.

  • Figure out the location - which area of Washington will you be dining in? Would you prefer to stay in the center and have a dining experience in the Downtown? If you’d rather head south, then you’ll be close to many outdoor exhibits and monuments. Take a stroll by the Potomac River, or turn to Capitol Hill if you have more time on your hands. What’s the most important aspect of choosing the location for you? The city has very good public transportation, so you’ll be able to easily access every part of town. If you decide to have a smaller gathering, check with your guests what location will suit them best.
  • Check how flexible you can be with your budget - do you want to go all in, or would it be better if the venue was more affordable? Less expensive definitely does not mean worse. Compare the prices on Tagvenue and decide if it would be better for you to pick a minimum spend per session, or price per guest. 
  • Decide on the venue capacity - some places will be better suited for bigger parties, just as some for smaller. Depending on whether you want to have a private spot, or a semi private venue, the capacity could be a deciding factor for picking the ideal location. Have your guests RSVP as soon as possible, so you won’t have to pay for guests that don’t plan to come to the event.
  • Decide on the menu and beverage options - What food would you like to be served? Do you have any food preferences? Are your guests vegetarian or vegan, and have you taken everyone’s allergies into consideration? Ask about the drinks that the venue will provide, craft beers, or authentic cocktails. And last but not least, you can always try bringing your own catering (but first ask the manager if you can). 

FAQs about Unique Event Spaces in Washington, DC

How much does it cost to rent unique event spaces in Washington D.C.?

Venues in D.C. have a wide range of rental fees. If you’re planning on booking a private venue, get your budget ready for an average of $1000 to $2000 per session. If you’re planning on inviting a small group of people, then we suggest trying to rent by price per person, rather than a rental fee.

Which neighborhoods in D.C. are the most interesting for unique event space rent?

We’ve done some research, and we have to say it was hard to narrow down. If you want to be surrounded by historical homes, green spaces and high-end restaurants, then head to Georgetown. If you’re more interested in Asian culture and cuisine, then check out Chinatown. And if you’re looking more to relax and have a small break from the hustle of the city, then Forest Hills is the direction to turn to.

What types of venues does Washington D.C. have to offer?

D.C. offers many private and semi private venue spaces. Check out the amazing loft spaces, rooftop bars with skyline views and lounges so comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re at your own house (minus the cooking and cleaning). Look for gardens, patios and party buses if you're searching for something that will add an unexpected twist!

What theme should you do for your event?

Parties with themes are always great fun. Some fantastic themes are: 70’s/80’s/90’s themes - dress as your favorite dancers and singers. A James Bond theme is also a great one and puts a thrilling spin on the classic cocktail party. If you’re a fan of fiction, then maybe a Harry Potter theme, or vampires? Check websites like Pinterest for more inspiration!

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