The big bang of Tagvenue

One evening, two friends from Lancaster University, Arthur Stepaniak and Max Kondratjuks, met up after their corporate day jobs. Max shared with Arthur that he was having difficulty organising a business event for his work . He was frustrated that there was no way to ensure he was getting the right space for the right money, without paying a personal visit to all of the venues. Later that evening, when Arthur found out Max was having the same problem finding a place for his upcoming wedding, the light bulb above the table lit up.

Arthur Stepaniak
Immediately, we both realised that there were loads of websites for booking accommodation, but none for booking venues. The opportunity was clear.
- Arthur

They had no prior experience in running or managing a business, but after a thorough market research and a few weeks of weighing risks, they decided to take the plunge. In March 2015, Tagvenue was born. Like any new business, Arthur and Max had their ups and downs, but pretty soon it became apparent that the idea was working.

Max Kondratjuks
Despite no advertising, customers were finding us on their own, so we knew we were onto something big.
- Max

#1 in the UK, and still growing…

Now with a team of over 30 employees, Arthur and Max head the fastest-growing search engine and online booking platform for event spaces in the UK and have just opened in a new market, expanding to Australia. It just goes to show, university is a good place to meet people, but Tagvenue is a great place to book a venue.

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