Tagvenue Expands to 7 New Cities Across the UK and Australia

Tagvenue Expands to 7 New Cities Across the UK and Australia
Written by: Tagvenue
Updated on: November 9, 2022
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2 mins read

British start-up’s biggest expansion yet

We are delighted to announce our biggest expansion to date. Tagvenue has launched in five new cities in the United Kingdom: Bradford, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Leeds; and added two new locations in Australia: Brisbane and Perth, increasing its footprint to a total of thirteen cities around the world.

Tagvenue, a young and rapidly growing British start-up, has already established a very strong market position in London and demonstrated good performance in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sydney and Melbourne. The latest move marks the first step in Tagvenue’s growth strategy in the UK and globally. 

Millions of people can now browse and book for free over 7,000 event spaces listed on Tagvenue’s platform in Australia and the UK. This includes pubs, restaurants and cafes to castles, conference halls and even churches. 

We are very pleased to be launching in the next five biggest cities in the UK, adding to our already strong footprint in the country – in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. This is a very important milestone for us, which significantly grows our reach and moves us further towards our goal of covering the whole of the UK .

Arthur Stepaniak, Tagvenue Co-founder and CEO

After only a six-month presence in Australia, we are excited to be adding such great locations as Brisbane and Perth. We are encouraged by the pace of our expansion and the positive traction we receive from our customers, so we are looking forward to continue helping people find their perfect venues for any occasion in the UK, Australia and around the world.

Max Kondratjuks, Tagvenue Co-founder and CEO

As one of the UK’s leading venue finders, Tagvenue has registered ca. 6,000 monthly booking enquiries this year, while the website receives more than 130,000 monthly visits. 

How Tagvenue works

The Tagvenue platform allows users to search for different event venues, as well as enquire and book directly with venue managers without visiting the space, completely free of charge. Using our smart venue-finder tool, visitors can apply filters, narrow down their search and have a virtual tour to find the most suitable venue in a matter of clicks.  

Tagvenue provides venues with an opportunity to unlock the maximum potential of the space utilisation rate. Venue managers and owners can sign up to the Tagvenue platform by visiting the ‘List your venue’ page and filling out a short registration form. From there, the Tagvenue team will do the rest, including creating a customised profile page.

Tagvenue was set up in London in 2015 and is now operating in two countries, the United Kingdom and Australia. Its team of over 30 people are excited to offer more unique venues from across the world for people to explore and book. To read our story, please visit our Founders’ story page and the about us page.

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Tagvenue Expands to 7 New Cities Across the UK and Australia