7 Funny Meeting Themes to Help Your Team Loosen Up

10 mins read
7 Funny Meeting Themes to Help Your Team Loosen Up
Written by: Sara Mezyk
January 29, 2024
10 mins read

Meetings are an inevitable part of most professionals’ lives, and after some time, they get tedious and unexciting. So what do you say about spicing things up a bit and setting up a themed meeting? But not just any theme – we have put together a list of funny meeting themes along with a few reasons why you should try them.

There are many ways in which you can make your professional gathering more entertaining or even unusual. But an overload of stimulus can make your employees lose interest in the main goal of the meeting and instead focus on the setting, decorations, served food, etc. 

That’s why we think having a theme can help! You don’t have to go crazy: just a small touch could make a difference! Ask your employees to dress in a certain way or add some themed decorations and trust us – it’ll already make a difference! 

Why Are Themed Meetings a Good Idea?

Colleagues In Business Meeting
Make your team bond in a creative setting with a themed meeting

Themes are a great way to increase the value of your meetings. First and foremost, fun ideas can lighten the mood and in turn, make people loosen up a bit. This way they’ll feel comfortable and be able to focus on the matters discussed throughout the meeting. 

But that’s not all! A good subject matter can encourage people to participate more in the meeting, ask questions, and challenge ideas. To put it short: everyone is kept on their toes and interested in the gathering. 

A theme is not just a simple slogan and some decorations. The whole meeting should revolve around it! Don’t be afraid to jump to the theme during the meeting – if you regularly take short breaks from the main point of the meeting and focus on the theme, you’ll keep people’s minds focused, as well as make the whole gathering a fun experience.

And have we already mentioned the fact that a funny meeting theme boosts creativity? It can push your employees (or more like their thinking) beyond the usual and make them explore new territory. 

We don’t know about you, but we think a themed meeting is an amazing opportunity for your team to bond, as well as solve issues and come up with new ideas – all while having fun! 

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How Do You Choose a Theme For a Meeting?

There are a few factors that you should keep in mind when choosing a certain theme! First thing first, consider what would fit your team. A relatively young crowd might not resonate well with the Roaring 20s and representatives of Gen X might not be into popstars, so think about what the participants will enjoy most. 

Anything else? Well, we’re talking about a business meeting, so apart from creating a fun environment, the theme should align well with your goals. So think about various subject matters, such as wellness, a better workplace, teamwork, or something along those lines. 

Funny Meeting Themes

Do you want to host an unusual meeting that your employees will absolutely love? Great idea! We have asked Tagvenue employees about their favourite themes or things that they would like to experience during their future meetings and put them into a list. 

No matter if you work remotely or in the office, give it a read and get inspired!

In-house Meetings:

As we’ve already mentioned, a funny meeting theme can elevate any corporate session. Below you’ll find some enjoyable ideas that your team will enjoy as well!

1. Black and White 

Transport your employees into a Charlie Chaplin movie and set up a black and white meeting. Ask everyone to turn up wearing clothes in only those two colours. Play a short excerpt from a black and white film or ask each of the participants whether they have a favourite black and white film and what titles they’d recommend. 

You can come back to the discussion throughout the meeting. Who knows, maybe it can spark new ideas and approaches you could incorporate into the business? After all, you can never predict when inspiration hits.

2. The Office

The Office
Courtesy of NBC

Who are the Jim and  Dwight of your company? And are you an exact copy of Michael Scott? No matter what the answers to these questions are, we’re certain you’ll have a blast!

You can get into character and dress up as the person of your choice, as well as use their most famous phrases throughout the meeting. Can you imagine how much fun this could be? But obviously, make sure that people don’t focus more on their acting than the meeting itself!  

And in case you don’t know yet who is the best match for each of the fictional characters, prepare pieces of paper with names on them and draw by lot. 

“Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!” We’re fully aware of that, Dwight. But don’t we deserve to have a little bit of fun at work?

3. Wordle

Over the last couple of months, the world has become obsessed with Wordle – a web-based game in which you have to guess a 5-letter word in 6 tries. Why not infect your team with some thinking and organise a quick round of Wordle at the beginning of the meeting?

Once everyone has guessed their word of the day, each participant has to keep using their own word throughout the whole meeting. Simply challenge your employees to incorporate a random word into their sentences.

Let’s see how creative they’ll be and what ridiculous sentences you’ll hear during the meeting, no matter how long it’ll last.

4. Birthday

Group Of Happy Young People
Surprise the birthday person with an impromptu celebration!

Celebrate your employee’s birthday by dressing up as them – not just the manager but every single person in the room. Can you imagine their surprised faces when they walk into the meeting room and see a bunch of their clones? It’s totally worth the effort! 

But that’s not all that we have in mind! How about, as short breaks during the meeting, having each participant share a fun memory they associate with the birthday person? As you might already know, small pauses and even changes in the subject will make your employees more engaged in the session. 

Online Meetings:

With more companies having either flexible or fully remote working policies, online meetings have become the bread and butter of many employees’ lives. And to engage people more and ensure they still find what they’re doing interesting, managers and even employees should consider ways to make the meetings more fun. 

Online meetings might make setting the theme slightly easier thanks to the various backgrounds you can choose, no matter what idea you end up going for. Are you going for a luau theme? Set a beach background! Are you feeling extra? How about a red carpet as a fancy backdrop? 

Here are some of the funny themes you and your team will love:

5. Luau Party

A Young Cuban Man With A Floral Shirt And Glasses Smiling On A White Background, Copy And Paste Space
Feel like Ace Ventura in your summery attire

Dig out your most floral shirt, put the sunglasses on your nose and you’ll be ready to take part in the Hawaii-style meeting. And you don’t have to worry about the bottoms – nobody will see your pyjama pants!

But that’s not enough! Set your background to a floral or beach setting and feel like a true Hawaiian. You can even make yourself a cup of refreshing lemonade or your favourite summery drink and savour each second of the meeting. 

6. Pop Culture

It’s important to keep up with the news, isn’t it? But we don’t want to take the spotlight away from the meeting’s main purpose, which is why we suggest focusing on the revelations straight from pop culture.

Under no circumstances do we mean gossiping – we mean sharing surprising or interesting facts about your favourite celebrities! Or, to make it even more exciting, dress up as your favourite famous person and have other team members guess who you are based on your looks and, in case they have a lot of difficulties, on clues as well.

7. Virtual Book Club

Business Team Talking About Their Books In The Office
Grab a book and share your thoughts with the rest of the team

Instead of scheduling an extra event in your busy calendar, why not make the best of both words and have a book club incorporated into your monthly meeting? Your team can either agree on one book or a certain topic and discuss what you’ve read after some time.  

Literature can be the backbone of a team, so hosting a virtual book club would not only be a great break during a meeting but also a team building activity! You can find more fun ideas in our article on team building games and activities.


Business meetings don’t have to be boring. What’s more, they shouldn’t be! That’s why we’ve put together a short list of funny meeting themes to bring some colour and excitement to your future sessions. The key is to ensure everyone is having fun and is engaged in the gathering.

But that’s not all! We have a few other articles that may help you with creating a positive atmosphere as well. To ensure the meeting is structured well, have a look at our blog post covering the necessities of a well-prepared and fruitful session. 

Careful planning and effort can go a long way! Add our list of funny meeting themes to that and your next session will be a smashing success. We can’t wait for what you’ve got for your team!


What is a good theme for a meeting?

Choosing the right theme for your team’s meeting depends solely on your employees, their personalities and hobbies. People like diverse things so various themes will suit various teams. If you’re focusing on the well-being of your employees, how about hosting a session revolving around mindfulness? And in case you want your workers to loosen up a bit, choose a funny meeting theme! It can be whatever you want, from your favourite comedy to 2000s pop stars.

What is a fun way to start a meeting?

A fun way to start a meeting would be to either indulge in some small talk or have a quick round of icebreaker questions! You and your team don’t have to share your deepest secrets – a conversation that doesn’t revolve around work will help everyone loosen up and will be a great starting point for a fruitful meeting. 

How Do I Make Online Meetings Fun?

First things first, don’t make them too long! It comes as no surprise that people will lose interest in the topic and won’t focus on the most essential matters anymore. What’s more, make sure there is enough space for people to participate and ask questions. So simply, strike a balance between talking and listening. In order to make an online meeting truly fun, we suggest introducing a short icebreaker at the beginning of each session or setting a theme. It will be a great way to loosen up and make things more exciting.

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7 Funny Meeting Themes to Help Your Team Loosen Up