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Are you a singer trying to kick start your solo career or a manager of a famous band on tour? Whatever the size of your fanbase and the kind of gig you have in mind, Brisbane is the right place to organise your next concert! The city is home to some of the top bands in Australia and it works hard to play a major role in the country's live music scene. You can browse the best concert venues for hire in the area, read up on useful tips and compare prices, all on our website. Find a space with the best audio equipment and book it easily with our help!

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Which areas of Brisbane are best for organising live music concerts?

The first district that comes to mind is Fortitude Valley, which boasts the title of Brisbane’s ultimate entertainment hub. The Valley is home to a lot of the city’s major concert venues and regularly hosts top-tier gigs, so it’s a great destination for your musical career! The neighbouring Newstead, Spring Hill, and Hamilton are also fantastic choices, with many concert venues for hire and a central location that’s convenient to practically everyone! You might also consider organising your concert in the CBD and taking advantage of its buzzing and lively atmosphere at bars, clubs, and restaurants that can be a great setting for intimate gigs. If the city centre is not your thing, you should be able to find some high-standard concert venues on the outskirts of Brisbane, both to the north, near the Brisbane Airport, and to the south, in the direction of Gold Coast - there are quite a few affordable options there!

How much does it cost to hire a concert venue in Brisbane?

The hire fees at Brisbane’s concert venues depend on the size of the space and the equipment you need. You can find spaces starting at around $300 per session, but the largest ones can cost you as much as $5,000! Hourly rates aren’t offered very often, but they tend to stay within the $50-$80 range. These costs usually include only the use of space and, sometimes, of the equipment, so you might have to pay more for additional services, such as the technicians or cleaning. If you are organising an exclusive gig for a VIP audience, you can treat your guests to food and drinks packages that cost between $30 and $75 per person. (All data from Tagvenue.)

How can I choose the perfect concert venue in Brisbane?

That’s a great question! We know how important it is to find the right stage for your performance, so here are a few quick and handy tips to ensure your success:

  • Calculate the size you need. This applies to two major parts of concert venues - the stage and the audience area. When it comes to the former, make sure all musicians can comfortably fit on there and move around, if that’s required. Determining how big your audience will be can be a bit tricky, but you can try to calculate it based on your previous gigs! You don’t want to play in front of a half-empty auditorium, do you?
  • Go for a convenient location. This one is simple. Do you want a lot of people to come to your live music gig? Even the most dedicated fans might resign from attending your concert if the commute is too strenuous, so make sure the venue is set in an easily accessible area, preferably with many public transport links!
  • Check the facilities. Are there enough of the right kind of lighting, microphones, and speakers? A good concert is 50% the musician’s performance and 50% the right sound equipment! If you can, try out all the facilities and acoustics in advance, talk to the technicians working at the venue, schedule a sound check, and find the right setup for your gig! 

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