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27 Fun Virtual Game Night Ideas for 2023

27 Fun Virtual Game Night Ideas for 2023

Published on 29th November 2022
Virtual events27 Fun Virtual Game Night Ideas for 2023

Need new creative and unusual ways to entertain your team whilst social distancing? If you’ve already run out of ideas, maybe you should try something different – it might be time for a fun virtual game night for you and your colleagues!

Taking the traditional game night online can be a great way to meet with your friends, have a few laughs and grow closer – all whilst staying safe! It’s clearly a win-win situation, don’t you agree? Thanks to video conferencing apps, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype (why not choose the OG of video chat?), you can easily throw together an evening filled with fun.

We understand that sometimes you may feel lost for ideas or perhaps you’re organising a game night for the first time, and that’s why we’ve prepared this blog post! You will find out not only how to organise a fun virtual night, but also discover a bunch of fun activities to entertain (and engage) each participant.

If you are organising an event with people who are new to the company or teams who don’t know each other well, it might be a good idea to give them some time to warm up before jumping to the main event. Icebreakers are great for getting over the initial awkwardness of a new group, so check out our article for some inspiration on that topic. 

How to organise a virtual game night party (and make it a fun one!)?

Step 1: Choose the app you are going to use: is it Zoom, Skype or perhaps Google Hangouts? It all depends on your preferences. If you’re hosting a fun virtual game night for a bigger group, we recommend you choose Zoom – it allows you to connect with up to 100 people. But if you’re familiar with only Skype, it is a good choice as well – up to 50 people can join in and it has an easy interface.

Step 2: Make up your mind: are you going to have a hosted or self-hosted activity? Once that decision is made, choose what you’re going to do! Are you and your friends in a mood for a trivia night, a poker night or a murder mystery? Or, you simply fancy asking each other questions whilst sipping your favourite beverages? It’s your party, so choose whatever you fancy!

Step 3: The last thing you’ll need to do is set the date and send out the invitations. There are many ways you could do that! You could either send out an email with all the details or text your colleagues via the communication platform your company is using. If you want to impress your colleagues, you could also go a step further and send a quirky e-invite.

Bonus: Here are some tips from the Tagvenue family on how to make your game night a smashing success: Go for something unexpected! We suggest you choose a hosted activity and experience a new adventure (even if it’s just from the comfort of your home). You could also send out snacks prior to the evening! Everyone in your team will appreciate such a small, yet thoughtful gesture. Depending on the activities you have planned for the night, you could even host a themed virtual party!

Hosted activities you and your team will love:

You may be wondering what hosted activities are and whether you should choose one for your virtual game night. These types of activities include a professional host who will ensure that the event runs smoothly and seamlessly. Professionally hosted activities will give you an opportunity to try something new as most of them are unique experiences. Thanks to the enthusiastic and friendly hosts, you will be able to relax and share a laugh with your coworkers. What’s more, most of the hosted activities listed below will get your adrenaline going! Now you know what all the fuss is about, buckle up, scroll through and choose your favourite! 

1. The Team Quest

Icebreaker1 1
The Team Quest

Get ready for a night filled with laughter, banter and fun games! After you’ve set the date, you will receive a custom game plan to ensure that you and your team have as much fun as possible. Once the gameplay scenario is ready, all you need to do is wait for the date and, when it arrives, enjoy the game! 

In Team Quest, you and your team will have a chance to experience a series of rapid fire games such as Trivia, Sorting Game, Fact Matching, Buzz In, and Pictionary. You will definitely experience the perfect amount of competition as well as, more importantly, network and teamwork. To ensure everyone’s engagement, each participant has the chance to be a captain – even if only for a short time. 

Once the winner is determined, you and your team get to commemorate the occasion! Get silly playing with props, strike a pose and take a picture in the photo booth! 

Why we recommend this: It’s a lighthearted game with a hint of competition – a perfect combination for a fun and exciting game night. What’s even better, you can enjoy a game plan tailored specifically to your team’s needs. 

  • Group Size: 8 to 400
  • Price: Prices start at £16/$20 per person
  • Session Length: 60 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, and the latest version of Google Chrome and Zoom

2. Around The World

Around The World

Are you ready to embark on a journey across the world? Your mission is to go around the globe and return to London in 80 days. On your way, there will be checkpoints and challenges you’ll need to overcome. Your goal? Acquiring as many points as possible throughout the journey!

You guessed it right: the team with the most points at the end wins! To ensure equal engagement from all participants, each person gets to be a captain of their team (so no more excuses!). To finish the amazing journey, you will have a chance to strike a pose and take pictures in the photo booth to remind you of the wonderful time you had.

Why we recommend this: It’s a great way for participants to catch up, learn interesting fun facts about different cultures (as well as about each other) and bond. 

  • Group Size: 8 to 500
  • Price: Prices start at £16/$20 per person
  • Session Length: 60 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, and the latest version of Google Chrome

3. Murder! At Skellington Hall

Murder! At Skellington Hall

Christmas Eve, 1946. Lord Skellington’s annual Festive Ball. There is nothing out of the ordinary until tragedy strikes… Now a number of questions arise: Who are the shady characters from his past? Why were they invited to Skellington Hall after all these years? And which one of them is the murderer?

Once the event starts, your task will be to interview the suspects (a shady cast played by brilliant actors), review the clues, compare notes and ideas, and try to figure out whodunnit. The detective will be on hand to help guide you through clues and red herrings to solve the murder.

Be prepared for no mean feat: there will be clues to solve and people to figure out. So, what do you say? Are you ready to find out the truth?

Why we recommend this: You and your teammates will be forced to put your thinking cap on and collaborate to find out the truth!

  • Group Size: 6 to 50
  • Price: Prices start at £275/$390
  • Session Length: 60 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a laptop, a reliable Internet connection, headphones, and the latest version of Google Chrome and Zoom

4. Virtual Casino Night

Virtual Casino Night

Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! During a virtual casino night, you will have a chance to play such classics as Blackjack, Three-Card Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker or Roulette. The best part? You won’t even notice that you’re not in a real casino! Don’t worry if you’ve never played a casino game before – a professional host will briefly explain the rules of the games and the dealers on each table will be there to provide tips, hints and tricks!

There are enough breakout rooms to entertain hundreds of people. Once they are opened, guests take a virtual seat at the table and their name is displayed next to their stack of casino chips. Once everything is clear and everyone is ready, the game can start. Attention: the event is hosted by live dealers who are using real casino chips and real cards.

Why we recommend this: These virtual casino games are great for networking and connecting team members around the world. It is also an opportunity for new experiences and a chance to learn new skills.

  • Group Size: 12 to 500
  • Price: Prices start at £20/$29 per person
  • Session Length: 1 – 3 hours
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, and the latest version of Google Chrome and Zoom

5. The Climate Change Challenge

The Climate Change Challenge

By playing The Climate Change Challenge you can help protect humanity from climate change and become an eco-hero! During the game, you will have an opportunity to travel with your team around the world and fight monsters that represent the consequences of global warming.

Players will face a series of challenges designed to test their personal skills and teamwork. The Challenge combines entertaining and diverse activities with an informative approach – so get ready for lots of fun and new knowledge. To spice the game up and add even more competition, the eco-warriors can see how their rivals are doing thanks to the real-time ranking. In case your team faces a problem (at any point throughout the game), the Game Master is always there to help.

Why we recommend this: It’s ideal for addressing Sustainable Development Goals in both recreational and teamwork environments.

  • Group Size: 5 to 500
  • Price: Prices start at £469/$649
  • Session Length: 75 – 90 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, and the latest version of Google Chrome and Zoom

6. Plymouth Point

Plymouth Point

Plymouth Point is an immersive online thriller that will fascinate anyone! During the event, teams need to follow clues, crack codes and hack passwords – all to find out why a missing resident has vanished. To make it more engaging (and exciting) you will be expected to ‘drive’ the experience in your respective groups by following the clues and piecing the story together.

A Stage Manager will not only answer any problems you may have but also drop hints to help you solve the clues along the way. The experience is active by design so you will need to follow every lead to make progress and find the answers you are searching for.

Why we recommend this: All team members are encouraged to collaborate and communicate, which makes Plymouth Point an amazing team building activity.

  • Group Size: 6 to 35
  • Price: Prices start at £30/$42
  • Session Length: 75 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, and the latest version of Google Chrome and Zoom

7. At The Races

At The Races

Race against your colleagues, enjoy the excitement of live competition and feel as if you’re at a real horse track – all from the comfort of your home!

The game is very simple and every player has a choice of only three actions. Deciding how and when to take your actions and coordinating them with your teammates, as well as reacting to other teams’ actions, affects the outcome of each race and means that no two games are ever the same. You have to decide whether you grab a great price early on (and signal your interest) or you wait for others to play their hand (and dive at the last minute).

Place bets, train your horses (or sabotage them) and cheer them to victory whilst experiencing all of the excitement and drama of the real horse races!

Why we recommend this: At The Races is quick to learn and extremely fun to play! It’s also a great team-building activity – teaching teams to collaborate and plan their actions in order to win the race.

  • Group Size: 8 to 150
  • Price: Prices start at £18/$24 per person
  • Session Length: 75 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, and the latest version of Google Chrome and Zoom

8. Cocktail Gameshow Gold

Cocktail Gameshow Gold

Have you ever thought of becoming a semi-professional mixologist? If the answer is yes, you will love Cocktail Gameshow Gold. It’s a super-vibrant, crazy game show/cocktail masterclass experience during which you will play some games and shake up cocktails – all from the comfort of your home.

Cocktail Gameshow Gold is all about having fun! You will compete in games such as ‘Cocktail Catchphrase’ and ‘Cocktail Truths & Lies’, as well as shake up 4 cocktails – all under the watchful eye of the Lead Mixologist. At the end of the experience, alcoholic prizes are awarded to the game show winners. 

If there are non-drinkers in your team, they will receive Seedlip – a premium non-alcoholic spirit. That way everyone will shake the same coloured drink together and have equal fun! 

Why we recommend this: You get to become a professional mixer for an hour – and who hasn’t ever dreamt of being one? Not only that, but you will also have a chance to banter with your colleagues, compete and share a laugh. 

  • Group Size: 5 to 120
  • Price: Prices start at £45 per person
  • Session Length: 60 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, and the latest version of Google Chrome and Zoom

9. Office Party

Icebreaker3 1
Office Party

What do you say for a party with your teammates from the comfort of your home? Office Party is a great way to reconnect with your team, spend a fun evening with them, test your teamwork and celebrate!

During the game, you will encounter the most stereotypical characters that are part of every company: the foodie, the sporty, the traveller, etc. who will each present you with a challenge that you will have to solve together with your team members. To spice Office Party up a bit, you will also be able to vote and discover which member of your team most resembles the character you’ve just met. 

The first team to solve the escape room wins. As a cherry on top to conclude this memorable event (let’s be honest, when was the last time you had a nice office party?), you will take part in an Oscar-style awards ceremony. 

Why we recommend this: You get a chance to reconnect with your colleagues, compete and celebrate – all in one!

  • Group Size: 5 to 500
  • Price: Prices start at £469/$649
  • Session Length: 90 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, video call software (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet) and the latest version of Google Chrome

10. The Kindling Hour

The Kindling Hour

The Kindling Hour is a next-level virtual experience like no other. You and your team will have to use all your skill and guile to evade capture, infiltrate the dark heart of a powerful organisation and bring it down from the inside!

The game surely doesn’t lack mystery or joy. Throughout a 90-minute race against the clock, you won’t be bored, not even for a second: you will be faced with deciphering hidden messages, cracking codes, hacking computer systems and dodging red herrings.

Players will have to follow the clues and piece together the story, as well as fight for justice against an ancient society that holds murderous secrets. 

Why we recommend this: It’s thrilling, engaging and, most importantly, fun! You and your team members will have to collaborate and communicate in order to succeed.

  • Group Size: 2 to 6
  • Price: Prices start at £45/$63
  • Session Length: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Equipment: You will need a reliable Internet connection, headphones, and the latest version of Google Chrome and Zoom

Self-hosted activities and games that will entertain you:

Not everyone loves a hosted activity – we get that. Sometimes all you want to do is get back to basics and play some old-school games with your friends. And it’s possible, even in the remote setting. If you feel like you have already played every game that exists, why not have a look at the list below and find something new and exciting to try? Who knows, maybe we will manage to surprise you with our ideas!

11. Charades

Act out the clues as best as you can and help your team win! Split your group into two (or more) teams and either use an online word generator or ask everyone to think of five things before the meeting. Use gestures alone to get your team to guess more words or phrases than the rival team! Our tip: The person who is acting out the charade should use the Zoom ‘spotlight’ feature.

There are no strict rules when it comes to the length of each round – it could be a minute, but if you’re feeling brave, go for 30 seconds. And if you’re feeling braver, instead of acting the words out, try making sounds to ‘describe’ the words. Lots of laughing (and confusion) guaranteed! 

Why is it fun? Think outside the box and spend some amazing time with your colleagues! Charades is all about laughing, being silly and keeping the atmosphere light-hearted which is why it is perfect for winding down after a long day of work. 

12. Remote Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love the good old Scavenger Hunt? We all get excited when we’re challenged to seek something out or chase it down. Virtual scavenger hunts get people moving, interacting with their environments and competing (or collaborating) with other team members. Plus, let’s be real, they also give us a sense of adventure – especially if we are stuck in our homes and the possibility of an adventure in real life is not possible

Before the call, prepare a list of various items and challenges that you will present to the rest of the team. Their job will be to find those things around their homes and complete the list as soon as possible in order to win. As you are completely in charge of creating the list, why not spice it up a bit and add in challenges revolving around your colleagues. Let’s find a team member who has worn the same outfit for a week or always hums a song whilst making a coffee! It will get all of the participants talking among themselves and help them know each other better.

Why is it fun? The camaraderie that scavenger hunts produce can be quite fun, and while it is lighthearted, participants benefit from a healthy dose of competitive feelings. The game also improves bonding opportunities, especially if it’s teams and not individuals competing against each other.

13. Question Games

Depositphotos 12766955 Xl 2015 Min

Get to know your team better by playing one of the question games! No matter whether you choose 20 questions or This or That, you will still have a chance to discover new things about your colleagues – no matter how well you know each other, surprises are inevitable. Who knows, maybe you will find some common ground.

No matter which question game you and your team are playing, you can keep things as innocent as you like, but feel free to go all out if your team is rather small and well acquainted with each other.

Why is it fun? The beauty of each question game is that they are all fully customisable. Depending on how close the teammates are, the questions can be either more general or personal. You could all discover more about your coworkers – even those embarrassing stories no one willingly shares!

14. Among Us

Among Us has become a huge hit over the last year and you could hear a lot of people gushing about it. And it’s not hard to guess why! Among Us is an online game set in outer space, where multiple players try to identify the imposter among them (before the imposter kills them) whilst completing tasks on a spaceship. 

It is an easy and fun game for an unusual virtual game night with your teammates. It doesn’t matter how big of a gamer you are, the game’s simple premise makes it possible for anyone to join the fun.

Why is it fun? Get ready to experience the sheer excitement, drama and adrenaline from Among Us! Whether you’re being followed by a suspicious crewmate or having a heated debate with other players, it’s an entertaining game to play during a game night with your colleagues.

15. Netflix Drinking Party

Netflix and chill, forever and always! New movies are coming out on Netflix every single day, so there definitely are some titles that none of your colleagues have seen. But you don’t have to restrict yourselves to just what’s new and you could always watch a beloved classic! Thanks to the Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) extension, you and your colleagues can synchronise video playback and add group chat to the streaming platform.

What do you think about spicing the evening up a bit and making the film show a drinking game? Depending on the film you’re watching, the rules will differ and be made up completely by you. Drink every time you hear the same line or chug when a certain person is on the screen and keep it up until they’re off-screen. For any inspiration, you can visit this website and start planning the fun.

Why is it fun? There are only so many things to stave off boredom these days. But there is nothing boring at a Netflix Drinking Party! Just grab your favourite beverages and get ready to entertain yourself and your colleagues.

16. Jeopardy

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of this TV show, you and your team could have lots of fun playing it during a virtual game night. The rules are simple! On a gameboard you will find six categories: under each column are five clues (phrased in answer form), increasing in value and difficulty. Your task: responding with questions!

If it’s a company game night, you could always build your own template on this website and make it all about your company! You can also play it online (and for free!) with ready templates, such as the ones here.

Why is it fun? A game of Jeopardy doesn’t have to be boring nor an exact copy of what you’ve seen on TV. It could be tailored to your team or you could choose a random theme, e.g. reality TV shows.

17. A story challenge

Depositphotos 184502814 Xl 2015 Min

How does a nice story challenge sound to you? Intriguing? This is how it works: each participant receives a set of words and has 5 minutes to come up with a thrilling story (based on those words). Then each person shares the fruit of their creativity with the rest of the group. Once everyone has shared their story, you will all vote on whose story was the best (or made everyone laugh the most). At the end you may reward the most creative soul.

To make things easier for yourselves (so that nobody has to prepare anything) why not use an online word generator and try to make the most thrilling story based on a set of random words? 

Why is it fun? Well, first and foremost, a story challenge will test everyone’s brains and creativity to come up with the most bizarre (yet making sense) stories.

18. What Would You Do?

This situational game challenges people to react to certain situations and scenarios. You don’t have to prepare beforehand – you can actually show off your creativity on the spot!

The game is simple: you and your team members ask each other ‘What Would You Do?’ questions. The best part? There are no limits! You could ask your colleagues anything you want, depending on how close you all are. 

Why is it fun? Apart from getting to know your colleagues much better (and on a much deeper level), when playing What Would You Do? ensures entertainment to each player! Everyone has a chance to share their thoughts, get inspired by others and, obviously, show off their sense of humour.

19. Mingle Bingo

Spark conversations among team members with a game of Mingle Bingo! Simply send everyone the bingo card and get ready for a fun game night.

Divide yourselves into teams and send yourselves out into separate breakout rooms. The main premise of the game is to uncover facts about group members during the course of the conversation. When a team finds a team member matching the descriptions on the board, you mark the name in the box.

The first team that manages to get 4 or 5 consecutive boxes, wins the game. But you don’t have to end the game at that! You can actually encourage people to connect as many lines as possible!

Click here to download in full size

Why is it fun? It’s not the classic bingo that you’ve played when you were 8. Mingle Bingo will allow you to share information about each other, socialise and share a laugh. Make sure to play the Blackout round and reward the team that manages to cover every spot on the board! 

20. (Coworker) Speed Dating

Speed Dating may bring some weird and unpleasant connotations, but we promise you that the Speed Dating (or rather Speed Networking) that we have in mind is anything but cringy. It is a great way for people to interact with each other, and, perhaps, find common ground. 

Speed Dating is a quick and easy way to create a meaningful connection with your team members (not in a romantic way – get your mind out of the gutter!). A quick conversation can actually go a long way! By spending time together you will be able to find similar interests, as well as learn more about each other. 

Since we’re talking about game night activities, a good idea would be to prepare a drink of your choice and sip it throughout the video call. It could not only help you relax a bit but also spice the evening up.

Why is it fun? Since we’ve been working remotely, it is difficult for people to spark random conversations. A Coworker Speed Dating encourages interactions that would normally not take place and helps create unique relationships. So the question is: Are you ready to find your work husband or wife?

21. Virtual Cards Against Humanity

If you’re looking for a way to hang out with your colleagues and make the most of the evening (whilst still staying safely at home), you should play Cards Against Humanity! It’s a popular card game that has become a true sensation! You don’t need to be witty or funny to win – you just have to be inappropriate!

To play the game, you don’t need to own the physical version – it is now possible to play Cards Against Humanity online on this website!

Remember to set up a video call so that you don’t miss the cringing faces of your teammates!

Why is it fun? If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity, you will love the virtual version as well! The ultimate charm of the game? The absurdity of some pairings that will draw big laughs. Prepare some tissues in case tears of laughter make an appearance.  

22. Scattergories

Do you wish to go back in time to your childhood and play Scattergories? Nothing can stop you now since there is a way to play this iconic game online! 

If you’re new to Scattergories, we’re here to describe it as best as we can! First things first, you will need one person to be responsible for generating new letters and be a timekeeper. When that’s done, the timekeeper puts 60 seconds on the clock and you’re ready to play! Players write down one answer per category (you can have as many categories as possible) starting with the same letter. Once the time is up, everyone reads out their answers. For each sensible answer, players receive a point. 

Why is it fun? Scattergories is never the same, no matter how many times you play it. But the competitiveness stays the same – it’s always there. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe the fact that the game makes you use your brain (and that is always a good thing) will make you choose Scttergories for your virtual game night.

23. Trivia

Depositphotos 162385252 Xl 2015

Trivias are usually all about general knowledge, so why not put a little spin on your trivia game night and ask questions strictly related to your team? It could provide loads of laughter and even brainstorming! 

Here’s a short reminder of how to play it! Divide yourselves into two (or more, depending on the number of participants) teams and appoint a trivia master who will ask questions and rein for the duration of the game. Each round consists of 10 questions. After asking a question, send your teams into breakout rooms for them to discuss and come up with an answer. One person from the team writes down their answer and you get back to the main room. When the time’s up, share your answers, score them and repeat the same actions for round two! 

But remember: no Googling allowed! 

Why is it fun? Trivia games have become a staple of game nights for a reason. Is there a better way to reward people for knowing random stuff for fun than trivia? We don’t think so! This game gives everyone an opportunity to show off their knowledge and interests, as well as a chance to laugh at all the ridiculous things that will be (most probably) said during the evening.

24. Pictionary

You might have already played Pictionary a million times but we’re pretty sure you’ve never played this version of the classic game. Ready to find out? Here goes a short description: everyone in the meeting has a piece of paper and a pen/pencil in front of them. One person comes up with a simple concept (it can be a place, an emoji, an action) and tries to act it out (like you would when playing Charades). At the same time, the rest of the team are trying to guess what that person is trying to show and draw their guess on the piece of paper. The first person who has drawn the right thing wins and gets to show their idea next.

Why is it fun? It’s a classic party game for people of all ages! Spend some time with your teammates (remember that work-related topics are forbidden!) and awaken in yourself those famous painters that you’ve learned about at school – all whilst sharing a laugh! 

25. Heads Up! (app necessary)

Heads Up! always gets the party going! It’s a beloved game where players have to describe the word displayed on the screen to the person holding the screen to their head. 

There are plenty of various categories and no player limit! But when you are playing it virtually, there are a few things to remember. First, if you’re guessing, turn off the self-view – we don’t want any cheaters! Another important aspect of a successful online Heads Up! game is making sure that your phone screen is close to your laptop camera and others can easily see what’s written on the screen. 

Remember that in order to play the game, you and your teammates have to download the app on your phones. Once that is set, let’s get the party started!

Why is it fun? Heads Up! gives an insight into your team members’ minds – trust us, some of their associations could tell you more than a thousand words. With weird and ridiculous answers come lots of fun and laughter, so don’t hesitate and plan a Heads Up! game night with your teammates straight away! 

26. Team Superlatives

Let’s see how well you know your colleagues in a game of Team Superlatives! It’s a fun activity that will make you share a laugh with your team. 

The rules of the game are simple. Every person gets a chance to name any action or personality trait. Their next move is to either write it down on a piece of paper and show it to others on camera or type it in the chat window (if you’re meeting on Zoom or any other video conferencing platform). The next step is… voting! All participants vote who fits the chosen word best. The person that received the most ‘votes’ has to take a sip of their drink. 

Why is it fun? For starters, you can learn how attentive your colleagues are and how well you know each other. It is also a fun way to see what they think about you and then hear them explain what made them think that way. 

27. Codenames

If you’re a massive fan of the Codenames and you’ve been bummed that you can’t play it online, we’ve come to the rescue! Now you can play this fantastic board game in a remote setting! But to make it as fun as possible, here are some tips on how to make it happen. First, have everyone new to the game watch this YouTube video and then play using an online board. Once that’s done, you’re ready to make teams and start the game!

The virtual version of the game works exactly the same as the in-person one: a spymaster gives clues to words that the rest of the team have to guess. In the remote setting, the cards are hosted on a website and one player can share their screen with others. To play the game, here’s the link to it! Enjoy!

Why is it fun? Codenames is a party game that is pretty much an instant-laugh generator! In fact, it’s super fun if some of the players are really bad at it. You could also taunt the spymaster as they are trying to find any way to give a clue that connects two totally unrelated words. 


Times are weird and being stuck inside is not an ideal scenario. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun night with your friends (or colleagues)! It just has to be moved to a virtual setting. 

Game nights are a fun way to bring people together, spend some quality time with each other and build relationships. Hopefully, the ideas in this blog post will inspire you to organise one, relax and enjoy yourselves.

If you haven’t found anything for yourself among the activities above, or you simply wish to browse a bit more, you should check out our blog post on 20 Awesome Online Games for Teams and Large Groups!  


What is a fun virtual game night?

A fun virtual game night is an evening hosted online that offers entertainment to multiple people. A big variety of online games is a must-have of every virtual game night and these include plan-it-yourself virtual games, professionally hosted games and activities, as well as online versions of classic games. 

What are some fun ideas for a virtual game night?

There are plenty of great games and activities you can do during a virtual game night! You can choose to have a hosted activity – it could be either an online escape room, a workshop or a masterclass. If hosted activities aren’t your thing, you could always organise a small virtual game night yourself. You and your friends could either play a classic game, such as charades or Pictionary, play a game online, such as Among Us, use a game app, or simply watch a film together. The options are limitless!  

What are the benefits of fun virtual game night activities?

There are more benefits of throwing a virtual game night than you may think. First of all, you can ‘meet’ with your colleagues from the safety of your home – especially in times when even small public gatherings present risk. It is a truth universally acknowledged that people thrive when they are in touch with others. A virtual game night is a great opportunity for individuals to catch up and strengthen their relationships. When throwing an online gathering you don’t have to worry about people living in different corners of the world. And you don’t have to worry about capturing the memories thanks to screenshots and screen recordings. 

What makes a virtual game night a success?

Healthy competition, colleagues and quality time – that’s the recipe for success. Connect over a video call and make some unforgettable memories with games, apps and activities. And remember that even though you won’t have to prepare a party platter (as nobody is coming over), you may as well prepare some of your favourite snacks to munch on. It’s up to you what you’ll go for: favourite biscuits, healthy snacks or simply a glass of wine – the choice is yours!

What is the best video conferencing app to host a virtual game night? 

There is no one tool to choose for hosting a virtual game night. In fact, there are plenty of apps available, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or MS Teams, and your choice will depend on the size of the group and your personal preferences. If you are about to host a virtual game night for a large group, we recommend you choose Zoom – it allows you to connect with up to 100 people. But if you’re only familiar with some other app, for example Skype, it is a good choice as well – it has an easy interface and up to 50 people can join in the call. A small reminder: If you decide to have a hosted activity, you might have to choose the app they require you to use.

Who We Are

We do virtual events that will make your team laugh, talk, and bond!
Relax, you’re in good hands. After a short chit-chat, our Host will split your team into groups of 4-5 people. Get ready for music and fun challenges. Each team starts with zero points… Who will win?

  • √ Spare time to warm up the crowd
  • √ Groups of 4-5 people
  • √ Dedicated Host for game moderation
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