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17 Fun and Valuable Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Work in 2023

17 Fun and Valuable Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Work in 2023

Published on 6th April 2023
Virtual events17 Fun and Valuable Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Work in 2023

Let’s be honest: if you’re in charge of a remote team, you’re probably struggling to think of good ways to celebrate every time a holiday approaches, and Cinco de Mayo is no different!

If that’s the case, you can already feel the responsibility as the 5th of May starts looming in the distance. How do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work? How do you make the most of this vibrant holiday virtually and ensure it benefits all of your employees wherever they are? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, we’ve got all the best ideas and activities right here that will take your virtual celebration to the next level. Cinco de Mayo festivities are filled with color and they’re open to everyone as long as you stay respectful, so you can’t miss this chance!

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo, literally meaning the 5th of May, commemorates the Mexican army’s against-all-odds victory in the Battle of Puebla against France on 5 May 1862. It’s often confused with Mexican Independence Day, but it’s a completely separate holiday!

How is Cinco de Mayo celebrated?

You might be surprised to find out that Cinco de Mayo is a rather minor event in Mexico. It’s mainly celebrated in the state of Puebla with parades and battle reenactments.

The holiday is much more significant for Mexican Americans. In the US, it’s a celebration of Mexican culture, traditions, and heritage. While some people consider it simply as an opportunity to eat Mexican food and drink tequila, Cinco de Mayo still has cultural significance! On this day, it’s important to learn more about the country, show appreciation for the culture, and, most importantly, be sensitive and respectful!

Why should you celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work?

Celebrating holidays in a remote workplace is a great way to break the ice and build trust within your team. It’s important to make use of every team building opportunity when everyone is working from home. After all, it’s easy for teams to lose touch with each other if they don’t interact every day. 

Acknowledging Cinco de Mayo is also a chance to draw attention to Mexican culture and, as a result, educate your employees on diversity. In case any of your employees have Mexican roots, they will definitely appreciate your effort to celebrate this holiday respectfully and feel more engaged in the workplace!

Hosted Cinco de Mayo Activities for Remote Teams

It’s difficult to organize engaging, on-theme events for your employees, especially if you’re not totally familiar with Cinco de Mayo. And that’s where a bit of outside help can be welcome! A virtual team building company like Tagvenue Virtual makes hosting exciting and engaging remote activities a piece of cake. Here are some of our favorite hosted activities for the 5th of May:

1. Cinco de Mayo Virtual Trivia

Virtual Cinco de Mayo Trivia Game for Teams and Groups
Cinco de Mayo Trivia
  • Pricing: £16/$20 per person
  • Group size: 6-400
  • Duration: 30-60 minutes

In Cinco de Mayo Trivia, your team’s knowledge of Mexican culture will be put to the test! Compete in fun mini-games, from fact-matching to pictionary, to determine who the real expert is. Playing a themed virtual trivia game is a great opportunity to promote cultural awareness: your team members can learn more about Cinco de Mayo and the traditions associated with it in a fun, exciting way.

Our trivia allows participants to work as teams to get the best possible result, so it’s great for building and strengthening bonds within the company. You’ll also be able to learn more about your colleagues during this activity. Our virtual mini-games provide a useful break from the work routine and boost morale!

2. Virtual Paint and Sip

Virtual paint and sip for cinco de mayo
Paintvine – Virtual Paint and Sip
  • Pricing: from £32/$40 per person
  • Group size: 15-100
  • Duration: 60-90 minutes

Organize an artsy happy hour for Cinco de Mayo! Paintvine is a virtual paint and sip activity that is both fun and beneficial. Your colleagues will be able to wind down after a long way of work, bond in a laid-back atmosphere and create a masterpiece to always remind them of the good time! The supplies will be delivered to participants, so all they need to do is craft their favorite drinks (bonus points if it’s a traditional Mexican beverage!) and start creating!

This activity can be customized for your virtual Cinco de Mayo event. Will your team paint in the style of Frida Kahlo or create a vibrant piece inspired by Mexican folk art?

3. Virtual Cinco de Mayo Bunting Making

Virtual Bunting Making for Cinco de Mayo at work
Virtual Bunting Making
  • Pricing: from £30/$36 per person
  • Group size: 2-1000
  • Duration: 3 hours

Our Virtual Bunting Making has a personalized theme and color scheme for Cinco de Mayo! You and your team will be provided with all the necessary materials, all you’ll need is a pair of scissors. In this activity, an experienced host will walk you through the process of creating a custom bunting to decorate your home office! It’s a great way to boost creativity and engagement within your team.

4. Mexican Dance Class

Virtual Mexican Class for Cinco de Mayo Celebrations at work
Dance Class for Teams
  • Pricing: from £24 per person
  • Group size: 6-90
  • Duration: 45 minutes

A remote employee sits at their desk for the entire workday, so treat them to a bit of movement on Cinco de Mayo! You can learn choreography to some top Mexican musicians (are you a Carlos Santana fan or more into Thalia?) or go a step further and enquire about a custom dance class. Who knows, maybe your team will soon be experts in The Jarabe, also known as Mexico’s National Dance?

5. Bespoke Cocktail Masterclass

Bespoke Virtual Cocktail Making Class for Cinco de Mayo
Bespoke Cocktail Masterclass
  • Pricing: from £55/$66 per person
  • Group size: 10-500
  • Duration: 30-90 minutes

¡Viva el Cinco de Mayo! It’s time for a toast!

Learn to make some of Mexico’s favorite drinks with this Bespoke Cocktail Masterclass! Soon you’ll be crafting delicious margaritas and palomas in the company of your teammates. And all from the comfort of your own kitchen! It’s both a virtual party and a learning experience – doesn’t that sound like the perfect Cinco de Mayo activity for work?

6. Mexican Street Food Cooking Class

Mexican Cooking Class for Virtual Teams
Mexican Street Food Cooking Class
  • Pricing: from £29 per person
  • Group size: 10-1000
  • Duration: 120 minutes

If your team is not really into drinking, how about a deep dive into Mexican cuisine? From delicious tacos to hearty Menudo, there are plenty of mouth-watering dishes on the menu! This Mexican Cooking Class is suitable for everyone, no matter your level of culinary skills. It’s the ideal virtual team-building activity for Cinco de Mayo.

7. DEI Workshop

Virtual DEI Workshop for remote teams
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Workshop
  • Pricing: £1383/$1699
  • Group size: 1-499
  • Duration: 60 minutes

For a long time, Cinco de Mayo celebrations have been about fighting against oppression and celebrating the unique culture of Mexico. The day is also related to the Mexican-American civil rights movement, so taking the time and work on diversity, equity and inclusion in your remote workplace is a fantastic way to celebrate.

An online DEI workshop is especially suitable for this holiday if any of your colleagues have Mexican roots. However, this type of educational activity is always a good idea, even if that specific demographic isn’t represented in your team!

DIY Virtual Cinco de Mayo Activities to Celebrate Mexican Culture

Cinco de Mayo is a way for Mexican communities to show their pride. Whether you have some Mexican blood in your veins or not, you can take part in activities that celebrate this country’s culture! Here’s a list of activities to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work, suitable for everyone as long as they stay respectful and want to learn.

8. Mexican Chocolate Tasting

You might not know this, but the history of chocolate in Mexico is quite complex! The Mesoamericans living in this area as early as 1900 BCE are likely to have been the first to enjoy this delicacy. Cacao seeds were even believed to be the gift of the Aztec god of wisdom, Quetzalcoatl.

The agenda for this activity is simple: send your employees packages of the best Mexican chocolate (or provide them with a shopping list), schedule an online meeting, and indulge in the sweets! Pair this activity with a discussion or a crash course on Mexican chocolate to add an educational element.

9. Cinco de Mayo Book Club

Encourage your colleagues to read a book by a Mexican author before this year’s Cinco de Mayo and get prepared for a thorough discussion! Getting familiar with a country’s literature is a great way to understand its people better, which is why we highly recommend checking out these top reads for Cinco de Mayo!

This remote activity will allow your team to get to know each other better, engage in meaningful conversations, and build a positive work environment!

10. Movie Night with Mexican Classics

Arrange a virtual streaming party! It’s a fun and laid-back activity for Cinco de Mayo at work. It also involves a bit of learning: you can get to know the classics of Mexican cinema and get a headstart on learning the history of this country. And if you want to watch something light-hearted with your team, how about the Taco Chronicles? Just make sure everyone has some snacks, you might get hungry while watching!

11. Introduction to Mexican Spanish

Do you know the basics of Mexican Spanish? If not, Cinco de Mayo is the right moment to get a headstart! You might know what a ‘burrito’ and a ‘Quesadilla’ are, but it’s time to up your language game. This activity is perfect for smaller teams, especially if you have a Mexican on board! Ask them if they’d be willing to teach the group a bit of the language, authenticity is key!

Just make sure not to push anyone too hard. You want them to feel comfortable and seen, not pressured and singled out!

12. Virtual Mexican Museum Tour

The virtual collection of The National Museum of Mexican Art

Did you know you can tour a museum online? Museo Nacional de Arte and The Mexican Museum are only a few of the many locations you can visit virtually with your team! If you want your team to get a taste of Mexican culture this 5th of May, a virtual tour is a great idea. All these beautiful, historical displays are just a few clicks away!

Free Virtual Cinco de Mayo Team-Building Activities

Want to build bonds with your team for free while celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Say no more! You’re about to discover a list of entertaining and engaging Cinco de Mayo activities you can do with your remote colleagues for free. Just be careful – you might want to do all of them at once instead of working, so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

13. Cinco de Mayo Photo Contest

A virtual photo contest for Cinco de Mayo is an easy way to introduce some lighthearted competition into your celebration. It can be pictures from a trip to Mexico, their desk decorated for Cinco de Mayo, or anything else that makes the viewer think of the culture!

Be sure that the participants know how to make their photos culturally sensitive! It’s best to ask someone with Mexican roots to help you draft the rules – they know best what can be offensive! If you can’t get help directly, make sure you do thorough research on the topic!

14. Virtual Fiesta

Once the workday is done on Cinco de Mayo, it’s time to chill out with a glass of tequila or mescal! Your team will be delighted to get some down time together, even if you’re still separated by your laptop screens. It’s a great opportunity to chat, laugh, and foster positive work relationships!

If you want to make the Virtual Fiesta a bit more immersive, how about some simple Cinco de Mayo crafts, like colorful flower decorations?

15. Puzzle Party – Wonders of Mexico Edition

How is cooperation within your remote team going? You can test your employees’ collaborative skills with a fun and relaxing puzzle party! The premise is quite straightforward, you team up together to solve jigsaw puzzles that showcase Mexico’s biggest wonders, including famous paintings and modern artwork!

16. Cinco de Mayo Icebreakers

Virtual Cinco de Mayo Icebreaker Questions
Click for full size version

Virtual icebreakers are a foolproof activity that will bring your team closer together. With our icebreaker cheat-sheet, they can get to know each other in the context of Cinco de Mayo! What’s their favorite Mexican dish? Have they ever visited the country? Are they a fan of any Mexican celebrity or athlete?

To spice up your Cinco de Mayo ice-breaking session, you can turn it into a virtual speed-dating style event. In this scenario, employees only have a few minutes to get to chat before they are moved to another breakout room! You can also divide them into larger groups to take the stress off one-on-one conversations.

Bonus Cinco de Mayo Suggestion

17. Small Mexican Business Gift Hampers

What if we told you there was a simple way to support a Mexican business and make your employees happy this Cinco de Mayo? The best way to show appreciation to Mexican people is to give back to the community!

Spend a moment researching Mexican-owned businesses in your area. You can go creative with your gift hampers – fresh bakery packages, a wellness gift bag, a mix of Mexican snacks, or even vouchers to beauty salons! Your colleagues will be delighted to see the package delivered to their doorstep on the 5th of May. Gift hampers are a great way to make remote employees feel appreciated, foster loyalty, and boost a good mood and positive attitude! 

Final Notes

So, there you have it – a collection of ideas and activities to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work. Your celebration can be fun, respectful and educational all at once if you research the topic and listen to Mexican voices.

The 5th of May is fast approaching, so don’t wait up! Choose an activity that will benefit your remote team the most and start planning. 


What is Virtual Cinco de Mayo?

Virtual Cinco de Mayo is what you’ll do on the 5th of May if you work remotely! It’s quite straightforward – a celebration of this holiday online, including at work! Cinco de Mayo is dedicated to celebrating Mexican culture and heritage, and it’s often celebrated in virtual offices across the US. It can be an activity hosted on a video call, a contest, a gift experience, or any other event that can be held virtually!

How can you celebrate Cinco de Mayo in your remote workplace?

You can hold a hosted activity, which means a remote team-building company will organize and run the event for you. You can also plan educational activities to raise awareness among your team members and learn something new about Cinco de Mayo and Mexican heritage. Another to celebrate the 5th of May at work is to play free online games or organize a virtual fiesta party.

One of the most popular activities on this holiday is Cinco de Mayo trivia, which combines educational elements with team building. Cuisine-related virtual activities are also often enjoyed. They can be cooking or cocktail-making classes, as well as tastings of Mexican snacks and beverages. Workshops and educational activities are often held at workplaces which pay special attention to diversity and inclusion.

What are the benefits of celebrating Cinco de Mayo at work?

Cinco de Mayo is a great opportunity to include team-building activities into your regular work week. They allow remote teams to grow stronger and healthier relationships, build trust, and practice communication and collaboration skills. Acknowledging this holiday is especially important if you have employees with Mexican roots, as well as from other minority groups. This shows them you care, raises awareness of social issues and history, and boosts morale. Finally, a laid-back virtual Cinco de Mayo activity can make your team feel happier and more relaxed.

How do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo at work respectfully?

If you want to make sure you stay respectful and sensitive during your Cinco de Mayo celebrations, you should follow these simple rules:

  • Research the topic beforehand. If you’re not familiar with Cinco de Mayo or Mexican culture as a whole, make sure you broaden your knowledge, read up on the traditions, and educate yourself. This way, you can ensure that you are respectful of the culture.
  • Make Mexican voices heard. If you’re a non-Mexican organizing Cinco de Mayo celebrations at work, don’t speak over your Mexican employees! If they are willing to help you coordinate the event, listen to them, let them draw attention to issues they are facing, and be respectful!
  • Include an educational element. Even when planning a more lighthearted activity, you can include a bit of learning! It doesn’t always have to be a full workshop, a short discussion, book recommendation, or fact sheets will do too.

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