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The 15 Best Creepy Halloween Games for Hybrid Workers

The 15 Best Creepy Halloween Games for Hybrid Workers

Published on 22nd December 2022
Virtual eventsThe 15 Best Creepy Halloween Games for Hybrid Workers

We all have one or a few colleagues who start anticipating the spooky season from the start of the year. So why not indulge this crowd with some hair-raising Halloween games? They don’t have to be exceedingly horrifying, they just need  a bit of spookiness for some extra stimulation. According to Harvard Business Review, a little bit of horror stimulates us both mentally and physically. Are you worried about things that go bump in the night?  Well, we promise to skip the anxiety and only bring excitement and fun to your team with our top 15 creepy Halloween Games for 2023!

For the Amateur Sleuths

 Are there any true crime fans on board? If your team craves mental stimulation along the lines of   Sherlock Holmes, solving an online murder mystery might be just what they need. From popular games like Jury Duty to more intriguing ones like Hansel and Gretel, we’ve compiled a list of our top hair-raising games for your team this season. 

Plymouth Point- An Immersive Thriller 

Plymouthpoint Tagvenue Murder mystery
Plymouth Point
  • Pricing: from £30/$42 pp
  • Duration: 75 min 
  • Group Size: 6-35
  • Spookiness level: 3.5/5 

A perfect crime, sir? Maybe not! Ivy is nowhere to be found and evidence suggests that her disappearance might be the result of deceit and conspiracy. With its eerie atmosphere, Plymouth Point is perfect for whodunnit fans who love a challenge. As teams navigate through a web of conspiracy and creepy cults, they also polish their communication and brainstorming skills. This immersive and spine-chilling murder mystery with elements of an escape room is an excellent activity for teams who are ready to get in the Halloween spirit. We recommend wearing your detective hats and bringing some props for the occasion!

Jury Duty

Jury Duty Tagvenue Virtual 1
Jury Duty
  • Pricing: from £600/$815
  • Duration: 105 min 
  • Group Size: 8-20
  • Spookiness level: 3.5/5 

Both theatrical and interactive, this murder mystery game will test your team’s communication skills in a unique setting. Get ready to take the wheels of justice for a spin. Participants solve puzzles and cooperate with the Ministry of Justice where they have access to a police database to help them out. Much like your favourite crime TV shows, the game exudes a mysterious vibe that will get your team members into character in no time. Our final verdict: Jury Duty is a murder mystery game that you simply can’t skip.

Death in the Red Light (with spooky story-telling)

death in the red llight murder mystery team building
Death in the Red Light
  • Pricing: from £16/$23
  • Duration: 120 min 
  • Group Size: 2-200
  • Spookiness level: 4/5

Pack your bags and get ready to travel to the city of sin and canals! Everybody loves a good time in Amsterdam until things take a sinister turn. A suspected drug addict  is found dead in the Red Light District. Join a team of grizzled detectives and navigate the streets of Amsterdam to find out who murdered the victim. Solve puzzles, examine the evidence, and bring justice back to Amsterdam. Could it be another junkie caught up in some trouble or is there more here than meets the eye? Your team will rapidly get engrossed in the game, thanks to the host who will narrate one of Amsterdam’s famous unsolved murder cases along the way. 

Who Killed Jacob Marley? (with live actors!)

Jacob Marley Tagvenue Virtual 1
Who Killed Jacob Marley?
  • Pricing: from £349/$475
  • Duration: 60 min 
  • Group Size: 6-50
  • Spookiness level: 3/5

Celebrate Christmas early this year as you investigate a mysterious crime. Jacob Marley, the Scrooge’s housemate was murdered under suspisious circumstances. Rumours say that he was a victim of the miscreant Scrooge but could it possibly be a trap to put him behind bars? Incorporating live actors who are ready to provide a hair-raising yet fun atmosphere, your team will love playing detectives! Solve riddles, interrogate shady characters and find out whodunnit. But be quick, the clock is ticking and the murderer might be on the loose!

The Office Party (The boss was killed!) 

Office Party Tagvenue Virtual Murder Mystery
The Office Party
  • Pricing: from £600/$815
  • Duration: 90 min 
  • Group Size: 6-20
  • Spookiness level: 4/5

Let’s keep it real! We all want to get rid of our boss on some days but when things take a deadly turn during your office party, you might begin to regret those murderous thoughts! Your beloved boss was found dead and only your experienced team can help solve this atrocious crime. Could it be the doing of a discontented employee or a jealous competitor? Only you can figure it out! Examine the CCTV recording and eyewitness accounts from live actors to find out who turned this long-awaited party into bloody carnage. With unreliable and drunk witnesses, the case seems tough to crack! Luckily, with some help from your friends in the police department, something leads you to some strong evidence of foul play. Interrogate woozy characters, sort out conflicting stories, and bring justice to your beloved boss!

Hansel & Gretel (scarier than the original fairytale)

Hansel And Gretel Murder Mystery Party Tagvenue Virtual 1
Hansel & Gretel
  • Pricing: from £16/$20 pp
  • Duration: 60 min 
  • Group Size: 4-32
  • Spookiness level: 4.5/5

Travel to the somber world of the Grimm brothers with a fairy-tale-inspired murder mystery that will give your team the heebie-jeebies. Hansel and Gretel were last seen at the witch’s house. Nobody has heard from them ever since. Could something horrible have happened to them or the witch? Find out by using your brilliant problem-solving skills and escape this scary place before it’s too late. While the graphics of the game are on the lighter side, participants will quickly get immersed in the plot of this murder mystery game. Search for clues, collaborate, and find out what happened in that mysterious cabin.

Self-hosted Creepy Murder Mystery Games

If you’re a small team of up to ten people, you may want to host your murder mystery using a free script. This works best if you have a creative bunch at work. Get out your props and put your costumes on! And don’t forget the fangs to be extra scary!

The Business of Murder 

  • Group Size: 7
  • Duration: 2-4 Hours 
  • Spookiness Level: Depends on your team’s acting skills!

Who knew that crimes would be part of the business world in the 21st century? A perfect mix of theater games and clues, the Business of Murder is an intriguing murder mystery game. With a free script and details about each character’s role, players can dress up to upgrade their game experience. Hosted via Zoom, participants are expected to behave in character to bring the murder mystery to life. Throughout the games everyone must work together to analyse the clues and identify the murderer. While still on the scarier side, The Business of Murder is excellent for bringing your team’s creativity to life. 

The Hollywood Murder Mystery (free)

  • Group Size: 5-10
  • Duration: Up to you
  • Spookiness Level: Low 

In this murder mystery game, players assume the roles of several cast and crew members as they celebrate the end of filming their movie when the director is mysteriously murdered during the wrap party. But the anxious director has covered up some magical hints. These tips provide information about the perpetrator of the crime. With its built in scavenger hunt, this murder mystery takes the whole experience to another level. This game, which may be played with between 5 and 10 players, is unique each time because the plot of the party, the plot of the movie, and the characters are all improvised.

For Online Escape Room Buffs

Escape rooms are usually creepy. What if you don’t make it out on time? What if you’re stuck in a room with your crew for the rest of your life? Sounds scary, right? Fortunately, they are a tad more light-hearted when they’re hosted online. Our list of creepy escape rooms contains the right amount of fun, interaction, and horror to entertain your team this Halloween! 

Mermaid’s Tongue 

Mermaids Tongue Tagvenue Virtual 1 1
Mermaid’s Tongue
  • Pricing: from £15/$21 pp
  • Duration:90-105 min 
  • Group Size: 2-6
  • Spookiness level: 4.5/5

The less we say about Mermaid’s Tongue, the better the experience will be for you. Expect twists and turns as you foray into a world of mystery and intrigue. Participants will be on the edge of their seats throughout The Mermaid’s Tongue, a high-intensity experience with a sinister atmosphere. This game is part of a trilogy, which started with  Plymouth Point. You’ll be left yearning for the answers that can only be found in the finale, The Kindling Hour. The adrenaline rush from this game lasts the entire time you play it. You’re going to love it to pieces because Swamp Motel combined an immersive theatre experience with an online scavenger hunt.

The Kindling Hour 

Kindling Hour Tagvenue Virtual 1
The Kindling Hour
  • Pricing: from £45/$63
  • Duration:60-90 min 
  • Group Size: 2-6
  • Spookiness level: 3.5/5

True crime lovers, it’s your time to shine. Players are tasked with supporting the underdog in this good-versus-evil story as they struggle for justice against an ancient society that harbours horrific secrets. Nothing and no one is what they seem. From getting entangled in cults to interpreting autopsy findings to learning about a sinister past, present, and future, your team is in for a spooky and entertaining time!

Lost Treasure of the Sundarbans

Lost Treasure Of Sundarbans Tagvenue Virtual 1
Lost Treasure of the Sundarbans
  • Pricing: from £5/$7 pp
  • Duration:60 min 
  • Group Size: 1-5000
  • Spookiness level: 3/5

Treasures are fascinating particularly when the last explorers who went on the treasure search have disappeared. Get ready to learn the intriguing stories behind the long-lost treasure of the Sundarbans Jungle. You feel a thrill but you understand it could be a perilous experience. Nobody has ever returned from their search for the treasure. Do you have the guts to venture into the depths of this unusual jungle and seize the wealth that has been hidden there for centuries? We hope you make it out alive.

Basement Escape 

Basement Escape Tagvenue Virtual 1
Basement Escape
  • Pricing: from £38/$50
  • Duration:60-90 min 
  • Group Size: 10-600
  • Spookiness level: 2.5/5

There’s a reason why you love remote work, like many of us, you probably love your space. Unfortunately, once you reach the meeting point aka the basement, you hear the door to the basement close and find yourselves trapped with all your colleagues. Could it be the end of it all? Solve the puzzles and clues left behind to find the elevator, crack the code, and make your way out to safety or be stuck in the basement with your colleagues forever and ever!

Basement and Barbarians 

Basement And Barbarians Escape Room Tagvenue Virtual 1
Basements & Barbarians
  • Pricing: from £20/$24
  • Duration:60 min 
  • Group Size: 4-32
  • Spookiness level: 3.0/5

Save the Catacomb Master! Basements and Barbarians is not as creepy as it may sound! It has just the right amount of fright and fun that your squad needs. You’re prepared for your weekly Catacombs & Creatures session on Halloween night, but the Catacomb Master has suddenly disappeared. You have an hour to learn what happened to your friend. Prepare to enter a mythical realm as the room’s puzzles and excellent illustrations quickly transport you to the 1980s. With her distinctive voice and amazing storytelling abilities, the Game Master adds to the event’s mysterious ambiance!

Casa de Papel 

Casa De Papel Tagvenue Virtual 1
Casa de Papel
  • Pricing: from £310/€360
  • Duration:60-90 min 
  • Group Size:6-5000
  • Spookiness level:3/5 (perfect for some adrenaline rush)

Your skills are needed for a new mission from the Professor. Several priceless jewels were stolen by a renowned thief twenty years ago. The Professor, as astute as ever, has located the thief and learned the precise location of the gems in the casino somewhere. The time has come for you and your crew to go on this once-in-a-lifetime journey after extensive training. The location is extremely secure, but there is one weak point: every Tuesday at 4 a.m., the thief requires all of his guards to carry the casino’s funds across town. They take an hour to arrive, so you have that much time to sneak into the casino, steal the diamonds, and escape! Make the Professor proud or get caught!

Search for the Cure 

Search For The Cure Tagvenue Virtual 1
Search For the Cure
  • Pricing: from £19/$22
  • Duration:60-90 min 
  • Group Size: 2-200
  • Spookiness level: 4/5 (another pandemic strikes!)

Forget about horror movies, you’re about to enter the scary world of man-made pandemics. As a member of the security personnel for the nation’s medical force, you are sent to a secret laboratory on a far away island nation to find the vaccine developed for a genetically modified virus. Will your squad complete this task successfully, enabling your nation to obtain the vaccination first and thereby rescue the world?

For more inspiration, head to our blog post: 21 Best Online Escape Room Games in 2023

Free Spooky Backgrounds (Get your creep on!)

Sometimes, you don’t need to indulge in a lot of thinking or planning to get your staff in the Halloween spirit. Upgrade your Zoom virtual meetings or parties this spooky season with our free creepy but cool backgrounds! We can already hear the screams and laughs! If you don’t like what you see, hop on to Canva to create your customised Halloween backgrounds.

Free Zoom Halloween Creepy Background Tagvenue 5
Free Zoom Halloween Creepy Background Tagvenue 4
Free Zoom Halloween Creepy Background Tagvenue 3
Free Zoom Halloween Creepy Background Tagvenue 2
Free Zoom Halloween Creepy Background Tagvenue


Creepy Halloween games are excellent activities that can help increase your staff’s morale and make them feel more involved at work. Remote and hybrid teams require organised team-building activities as they tend to feel lonelier than others. Whether you pick a hosted or self-hosted game, make sure that it has just  the right amount of fright and that it’s work-appropriate for your team! Don’t forget to get the spooky costumes out! Happy Hauntings! 

Creepy Halloween Games FAQs

How can creepy Halloween games help my team bond?

Creepy games, like murder mystery games, are perfect for Halloween team-building activities. They not only boost morale but also help everyone to get into the spooky spirit. For employees who might be far away from home and their families, a remote Halloween party can help them overcome the holiday blues and bond with their mates. Plus, who wouldn’t want to show off their vampire or witch costume? With all of these chills and thrills, self-hosted and professionally hosted creepy games will take your remote team-building event to the next level.

What are the best creepy games for a virtual Halloween party at work?

Some of the best creepy games for Halloween are online murder mystery games and escape room games. Since they both deal with mysteries or murders, they will immediately get your team in the spooky spirit. Murder mystery games such as Jury Duty, Hansel & Gretel, and The Office Party are perfect for keeping your team on the edge of their seats. If you’re looking for something more lighthearted, try out a virtual escape room game like Basement and Barbarians, Monster Hunters Academy, or The CEO’s Abduction. Look for games that are appropriate for work, creepy doesn’t have to rhyme with gore.

How can I celebrate Halloween virtually at work?

If you’re planning a remote Halloween party with your team, you can simply host a virtual murder mystery or any Halloween-themed activity on Zoom. You may also opt for a provider for a smoother experience. From costume/desk contests to spooky hampers and escape rooms, there are several ways to celebrate Halloween virtually. You can read more about it in our Top 21 Virtual Halloween Party Ideas for Work blog post or simply take a look at the top Halloween activities here.

What are some free Halloween activities and games?

You don’t have to break the bank to host an epic virtual Halloween party. Thanks to technology, you can host a Scary Movie Marathon with your crew by simply using Watch2gether or simply host a completely free costume party with your team. Just don’t forget to give out some certificates to your employees for the scariest and funniest costumes. Use tools such as Canva to add Zoom Halloween-themed backgrounds to your virtual meetings or to send spooky cards to your teams. 

If you want to check out some free Halloween Murder Mystery Games, you can find them here. Eerie storytelling and online Halloween Bingo are some of the free activities and games that you can host among many others! Just remember to add your twist to the online Halloween event to make it yours! 

What is the average pricing for a hosted online Halloween party?

Prices may vary depending on the duration and type of the event. For a Spooky Halloween-themed trivia, budget between £16/$20 pp for an hour’s entertainment with a professional host. For a virtual escape room or murder mystery game, expect around from £15/$21 pp to £30/$42 pp for 60-75 minutes. Remember to check the activity’s capacity while browsing as this may affect the pricing. 

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