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Top 13 Virtual April Team Building Activity Ideas

Top 13 Virtual April Team Building Activity Ideas

Published on 23rd March 2023
Virtual eventsTop 13 Virtual April Team Building Activity Ideas

Managing a remote team? April is the perfect time to up your team building game. So get ready to strengthen the bonds between your teammates as you explore new and exciting activities together!

Because social interactions are more limited in a virtual work environment, organising regular team building events is even more vital. According to Indeed, one of the world’s leading job websites,  these activities enhance motivation and collaboration, prevent problems, and build trust between colleagues

If you’re struggling to find enough virtual team building activity ideas to fill up your schedule in April, you’re in the right place! We have enough suggestions to keep you going throughout the entire month, so keep on reading and get inspired!

1. Bring Laughter and Fun into Your Workplace

The 1st of April is not only April Fool’s Day, but also International Fun at Work Day and the beginning of National Humor Month! So it’s the perfect day to bring your remote team closer together through lighthearted activities, including hosted virtual events, scavenger hunts, and free online games. Looking for more in-depth ideas? Check out our blog post on virtual April Fool’s Day and get inspired!

When? April 1st

2. Throw a Virtual Office Party

Virtual awards night for teams and employees
Awards Night

If you need an excuse to organise a party for your remote team, there’s no better time to do it than World Party Day. We’ve got even better news – you don’t have to put too much effort into it! You can browse our virtual office party activities, including such hits like Awards Night. In this game, you can participate in fun challenges and wrap things up with an Oscar-style ceremony!

When? April 3rd

3. Take Your Team Out for a Walk

April virtual team  building ideas

You’ve probably heard of the benefits of walking meetings, but did you know you can use them to build employee morale? On the 5th of April, we celebrate National Walking Day. It’s the perfect day to organise a virtual outdoor team building activity. Just put your earphones in and jump on a call! Everyone can show off their favourite spots in the neighbourhood and everyone will get to know their colleagues a little better!

When? April 5th

4. Promote Healthy Habits

PIlates online class for all levels
A Pilates Class for All Levels

To celebrate World Health Day, take care of your team’s physical and mental well-being! You can book a virtual Pilates Class hosted by a professional who will ensure everyone is doing the exercises correctly. This team building event can be customised to fit everyone’s needs, no matter their fitness level.

When? April 7th

5. Have Some Easter Fun

Desert Island- An escape room game for teams
Desert Island

Hunt for eggs in our escape room game, Desert Island! Divide yourselves into teams to find Easter eggs hidden all around the island. Who will be the quickest to collect them all? This virtual activity is designed to simulate the feeling of everyone being in the same room, so it’s almost like in-person team building!

If that’s not your cup of tea, you can play a customised version of our very popular trivia game. Just be mindful that your employees may come from different cultures and backgrounds so not everyone has the same experience of this holiday!

When? Any time around Easter!

6. Show Off Your Pets

Show your pet at work day

What’s an easy way to get to know your remote teammates? Ask them about their pets! If any of your colleagues have animals at home, celebrating National Pet Day at work is practically your duty! Encourage them to share cute pictures, videos, and stories about their furry friends on a shared channel or video call. It’s a free and easy way to make everyone’s workday a bit better and discover common topics!

When? April 11th

7. Do a Virtual Paint and Sip

Paintvine Virtual sip and paint class
Paintvine – Virtual Paint and Sip

You and your team are bound to create some masterpieces for World Art Day! Our virtual Paintvine experience is a great way to let everyone’s inner artist roam free. In this creative team building activity, all the materials will be delivered right to your team’s doorsteps. All they will need to do is grab a glass of wine (or any other drink they like) and relax as some unforgettable memories are made!

When? April 15th

8. Release Your Inner Poet

Haify contest at work

It’s International Haiku Poetry Day! If you think your team could use some competition, how about a poetry slam? Creating your own haiku isn’t as difficult as you might think if you just follow the process. Organise a contest for the best original haiku (and recitation!) in your remote team and see whose rhymes capture the audience. You can include a prize for the winner, like a gift card or another benefit, but it’s not absolutely necessary. This activity is all about creativity, self-expression, and building connections!

When? April 17th

9. Show the Planet Some Love

Virtual Earth Day Trivia and Mini games for teams and groups
Virtual Earth Day Trivia

With a Virtual Earth Day Trivia, your employees can test their knowledge of our precious planet! With various questions and activities, this activity will strengthen your team’s bonds, provide a nice getaway from everyday work, and bring awareness to the importance of caring for the environment. Do you know the name of the organisation that protects the oceans? No? It’s time to start studying, then!

When? April 22nd

10. Have an In-Depth Discussion

East Meets West Day commemorates an important step towards the end of World War 2, so it’s the perfect occasion to have a meaningful discussion with your colleagues. We recommend a discussion or even a book club session – it doesn’t have to be strictly WW2-related. However, a serious team-building exercise can’t hurt your team every once in a while!

When? April 25th

11. Practise Your Dance Moves

Online dance class for teams and groups, meant for any level.
Online Dance Class For Teams

Lighten up the mood and get the team moving! Sitting at a desk all day long is probably quite straining for your team, so they’ll be thrilled to participate in a Virtual Dance Class! Every April, the world celebrates International Dance Day, so there’s no reason to skip it. After learning a dance routine at this online workshop, everyone will be filled with positive energy and good spirits for future cooperation!

When? April 29th

12. Appreciate Your Employees

Every last week of April, we celebrate Administrative Professionals’ Week. It’s the best time to show some appreciation to your administrative staff! If you’ve been looking for a good moment to host some professional development activities, this is your wake up call! Look through the workshops and programs you can launch and brainstorm ideas for possible areas of improvement. There’s always room for growth!

When? The last week of April

13. Ease the Stress

yoga stretch online class for all teams
 Yoga Stretch and Release

No matter how much we strive to create a positive work culture, there’s no way to eliminate stress entirely. That’s why Stress Awareness Month is so important! Help your team relax with an online Breathing Workshop, Yoga Stretch and Release session, or check out all of our other fantastic activities for boosting wellbeing in a remote environment.

When? The entire month


Investing in these types of team-building activities, especially in a remote work environment, is one of the best things you can do for your company! Your employees will be happy to get to know each other better and build relationships that will help keep the workplace healthy. Jump into April with fresh energy and explore all the fantastic team building opportunities we’ve listed for you! To keep track of them all, check out our convenient calendar:

april team building calendar for companies


What are the top activities for Virtual Team Building in April?

If you want to organise a team bonding activity in April, it’s good to go for something fun and lighthearted. Quizzes and challenges are always a great choice that your employees are sure to love! As it’s the month dedicated to humour, why not consider a ridiculously funny online casino like our Whacky Wager Betting? To honour Stress Awareness Month, we recommend checking out a mindfulness session hosted by a meditation specialist.

How can I help my remote team bond?

You need to organise regular team building sessions to ensure the bonds within your virtual or hybrid team are strong. Encourage communication by giving your employees space and time to chat, such as scheduling a virtual coffee break (also known as fika)! While these common, short breaks are a great way to upkeep good relations within a team, you should also organise a few team building activities and exercises during the year.

How to organise a team building activity online?

There are two ways you can organise a remote team building event. First, you can do it by yourself. In this case, start by picking an idea, determining your budget, and creating an agenda. Figure out everything you need to run the activity and engage other employees in the process. It’s challenging to handle everything by yourself! You can also use the services of a remote team building company, which can take care of everything for you.

How do I book an event on Tagvenue Virtual?

You can enquire through the enquiry form on the page of your activity of choice or send us an email at We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the availability and pricing. If you decide to go ahead with the virtual event, simply provide us with your company billing details: address and VAT number (for non-UK customers only). We’ll give you a booking confirmation and an invoice, as well as a payment link! You can pay securely with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex); we accept CAD, GBP, USD, SGD, AUD, and EUR.

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