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Tropical Escape

It's a beautiful island, but you don't want to be stuck there forever! Solve puzzles, crack codes, and escape ASAP! Good Luck!

£38/$50 pp
Group size

Activity highlights

Unforgettable team building experiences
Guaranteed blast for all
Crack the code and try to escape
Cool and engaging storyline

Event description

Your dream vacation just turned into a nightmare! Find your way out before you’re stuck on the island forever!

You’ve been dreaming of this summer vacation with your team for a while. You set foot on the island to find out......there’s no way out. The helicopter pilot decides to strand you on the island or maybe it was all part of a more elaborate plan. In any case, you have to get out of this breathtaking place before you run out of food and…coconut water!

Luckily, there seems to be a way out! With the help of your genius team, you are able to solve puzzles and work through the clues to make it to the getaway raft. Collaborate and brainstorm solutions to crack the code and start the engine.

How it works:
Our professional host will meet your team on an online platform to explain the rules of the game. Teams are then broken into smaller groups to compete against each other and see who can escape the fastest.
We recommend teams of about 8 participants. You are welcome to pe-assign players to each team.
Teams encounter videos, puzzles, clues, and problems that they solve together to finally escape!
In the end, the whole group comes back together and we announce the winner!

Virtually escape from the mundane with your coworkers. Tropical Escape is a fantastic option for a remote summer party or team building activity at any time of year!

What's included

  • Enthusiastic game host
  • All necessary links for the event
  • Dedicated moderators for each small team

What you need

  • PC or a laptop
  • Zoom (preferably in an app)
  • Webcam & headphones (optional)

Pricing and capacity

£38/$50 per person

Cancellation policy

We do not allow cancellations after booking. We are always happy to work with you if you need to reschedule your event, but please note a rescheduling fee may apply.

After a booking has been made, Client rescheduling within 2 weeks or less of the event date is subject to a fee equal to 25% of the total fee.
After a booking has been made, Client rescheduling within 72 hours or less of the event date is subject to a fee equal to £150 or 50% of the total fee whichever is greater will be applied at the time of your re-booking. Your event must be rescheduled within 365 days of your original event date.


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