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The Multiverse Of Ramayana

Save Sita from evil Ravana and bring her back home to celebrate your victory!

£24/$27 pp
Group size
60-90 mins

Activity highlights

Rescue Sita and defeat Ravana while working within the team
Become Rama in the Multiverse and catch a break from routine

Event description

The festival of lights is the celebration of good over evil! Celebrated with sweets, fireworks, and merry-making, Diwali is a cultural festival that will bring your team together.

If you’re planning a diversity or a cultural activity, a virtual Diwali game might be just what you need to share cultural knowledge and happiness with your team. You’ve probably all heard about one of the most ancient epics in the world, if you haven’t, you will discover the story while playing the game. Follow the journey of Rama and learn all about his journey with your team.

Participants get to play Rama, the hero of Ramayana in the multiverse. They go on a quest to rescue Rama’s wife, Sita from the clutches of the evil king, Ravana of Lanka Island. In the multiverse, you reach the island country where you think Sita has been captured.

With the help of Rama’s brother, Lakshmana, and the divine god and companion of Rama, you go on a quest to rescue Sita and defeat Ravana.

Diwali is all about the importance of good in the world. Together with their teammates, participants will find their way to Sita and rescue her from Ravana. Teams will immerse themselves in an epic plot that will allow them to discover more about culture and diversity through gamification.

What's included

  • Professional game hosts
  • Game link (the only thing you need before the event)

What you need

  • PC or a laptop
  • Earphones / headphones
  • Reliable internet connection

Pricing and capacity

£24/$27 per person

Cancellation policy

After a booking has been made, Client rescheduling within 2 weeks or less of the event date is subject to a fee equal to 25% of the total fee.
After a booking has been made, Client rescheduling within 72 hours or less of the event date is subject to a fee equal to £150 or 50% of the total fee whichever is greater will be applied at the time of your re-booking. Your event must be rescheduled within 365 days of your original event date.

CANCELLATION, LOW-SHOW, AND NO-SHOW POLICY: No refunds will be issued for reduced event participant headcount turnout at an event (“Low-Show”), zero participant turnout at an event (“No-Show”), and/or event cancellation. If you provide notice at least 72 hours in advance of the event for a Low-Show, No-Show, or cancellation then credit towards a future event may be issued in accordance to the rescheduling policy above. Any credit issued will be in accordance with the rescheduling policy above and must be utilized within 365 days of your original event date.


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