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The End Of Homevas

Escape your home before the dark energy takes over!

£24/$27 pp
Group size
60-90 mins

Activity highlights

Defeat an evil force together with your teammates
Collaborate and communicate while fighting dark energy of Homevas escape

Event description

Home is all fun until the dark energies start absorbing all the positive vibes and try to take away your peace of mind. But you can stop them… by escaping the house.

Home is where your sweetest memories reside. But this is about to change when things slowly start to get weird. Things in your house seem to have been displaced. It also seems like this mysterious dark energy has found a way around new-age technology.
Will you be successful in defeating this evil force and ending your torment? Only time will tell.

Join forces with your colleagues as you embark on this journey against evil energy. Participants will need to trust each other, delegate tasks, and communicate effectively to find their way out of this misery. Teams that can efficiently work as one are more likely to succeed in winning the game.

Crafted with team building in mind, The End of HomeVas focuses on the following:
Innovative Thinking

The game focuses on all the necessary ingredients for successful team building, so why not bring your team together and end this HomeVas before it takes over your sanity! The End of HomeVas is excellent as an employee engagement activity or an office party any time of the year. So book now and watch your team shine!

Pricing and capacity

£24/$27 per person

Cancellation policy

After a booking has been made, Client rescheduling within 2 weeks or less of the event date is subject to a fee equal to 25% of the total fee.
After a booking has been made, Client rescheduling within 72 hours or less of the event date is subject to a fee equal to £150 or 50% of the total fee whichever is greater will be applied at the time of your re-booking. Your event must be rescheduled within 365 days of your original event date.

CANCELLATION, LOW-SHOW, AND NO-SHOW POLICY: No refunds will be issued for reduced event participant headcount turnout at an event (“Low-Show”), zero participant turnout at an event (“No-Show”), and/or event cancellation. If you provide notice at least 72 hours in advance of the event for a Low-Show, No-Show, or cancellation then credit towards a future event may be issued in accordance to the rescheduling policy above. Any credit issued will be in accordance with the rescheduling policy above and must be utilized within 365 days of your original event date.


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