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Envision an ‘Elfy New You!

Revitalize personal/family life and come back with a game plan to level up

From £240
Group size
15-90 mins

Activity highlights

Additional rounds can be added for extra party fun
Pictures can be taken during and at the end of the event

Event description

Empowerment seminars designed to help participants make the most of their time off work by reviving their personal and family lives and returning with a strategy to step up their game.

Avoid becoming worn out— it’s time to recharge!
1. Shinny, the super elf will guide you to: Eliminate that never-ending to-do list and work from a position of selecting what is important to you rather than responding to what life throws at you through laughter, joy, and the spirit of Christmas.
2. Compile a personal arsenal of compassion so you can always feel content!
3. Define your motivational factors so you can alter your values and ingrained success principles to effortlessly advance toward your objectives.
4. Light up your body and mind to possess the same OUTRAGEOUS energy as Shinny possesses!

Do you regularly feel depleted of energy? Do you aspire to happiness rather than constant reaction and movement at the expense of advancement? Do you feel uncertain about where to even begin moving forward in light of how the world has altered?
It makes sense that the elves get exhausted after such a difficult year and a half. Shinny Upatree, Santa's Chief Happiness Officer, has been summoned to get the Toy Workshop psyched up and ready to rock as the New Year approaches.

Shinny will give you the tools to make lasting changes in all areas of your life, including relationships, time management, business and personal success, and even your mental and physical health, using his high-octane energy, witty repartee, contagious optimism, and game-changing skills of personal transformation.

1. The session lasts from 30 – 90 minutes with an additional paid option to keep the room open 15-30 minutes before and after the event.
2. Tiebreaker challenges and additional rounds can be added for extra party fun!
3. Branding can be added for an extra £30.

What's included

  • Link to the event
  • Brought to you by Alex Ranahan, winner of Leading Virtual Entertainment Provider in the UK

What you need

  • Laptop/Smartphone
  • Headphones

Pricing and capacity

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Groups up to 40
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Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy - Unless it's already been submitted as blank, then our cancellation policy is non-refundable within 48 hours of the event starting, or you can reschedule if within 7 days, or you can have a full refund if it's 8 days or more.

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